New Directions/New Intentions


So, I'm gonna keep blogging. I miss the contact and friendships I find out here in blog land. So along with my new name I've got some new ideas for how this blog thing is going to continue.

First, I've agreed to "jog," and I use the term loosely, a half marathon on April 7th. My original goal was to do a full marathon this year, however I had a baby, a crisis of fitness and a pretty rough case of lard ass for the last year (ugh) So, new goals (can you hear the excitement?) I'm still deciding how I'm going to work marathon training into the life that also contains family, job, church and crafts. I'll let you know what I decide and part of my blogging for the next few months will be updates on training. I don't yet know if this will replace, or add to, my annual mud run plans, I'm still trying to decide that one too. (I'm pretty indecisive right now)

Second, Crafty awesomeness. I'm going to attempt to do a weekly feature on the blog about something crafty that I've done. I have several ideas floating around. It could be a tutorial, but I tend to think it'll be more show and tell and then if anyone is interested in the specifics I'll post them after a requests comes through. I need to begin earning some sort of revenue from the things I create and I'll be posting information about that as well.

Third, and probably secondary to the jogging-half marathon deal, I'm going to try to re-lose the weight I have put on over the last year. I had the totally valid excuse of pro-creation for awhile, but I'm starting to feel old and fat, it's not a good feeling. I'll hopefully have little trouble shedding the pounds since a three day a week minimum of training is on the docket for at least the next 12 weeks. (esh, that's a lot of gym time)

Fourth, I'm going to attempt to create a bible study. I have been feeling guided toward helping others learn through and about faith. I have some writing skills and a deep love for the word of god. It seems right to me. So I'll probably ask for some opinions about my musings. Hopefully you guys will have some critical opinions for me.

I'm going to be doing non-blogging things as well, including continuing to manage my daughter's girl scout troop, and becoming a organization maven in my house of crazy.

So basically this blog will not have A focus aside from following the days as the craziness unfolds, hope you all enjoy being along for the ride.


Proverbs 3:5

Proverbs 3:5 - Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

While I was eating lunch and perusing the internet last Friday I happened upon early coverage of the shooting. I immediately started praying, for the children, for the parents, for the teachers, for the siblings, for the family of the shooter and for myself. I have spent the last three days in a half daze state, doing little more than hugging my babies and crying. 

I wanted more than anything to drive to Pumpkin's school, withdraw her from the roster and never let her leave the house again, but then I remembered a few things that kept me at work and gave me some hope. 

First: One of the lessons I've learned from my mother is; if trouble is looking for you, it's going to find you no matter where you hide, and you can't be afraid to live your life. 

Second: (and this one came from a movie) I want to be able to explain things like this to my babies in a way that helps them to deal with the heartbreak that things like this cause. Then I remembered a quote from the movie, "Where the Heart Is" Novalee Nation: You tell them we've all got meanness in us, but we've got goodness too. And the only thing worth living for is the good. And that's why we've got to make sure we pass it on. 

Third: And maybe most important, I reminded myself not to be fooled into being angry at my heavenly father over this event. The tears I shed are trivial compared to the hurt he must feel at the suffering of his children. 

The thing that everyone focuses on is the "Why", and in reality we may never know, which is hard to swallow. Take it a step further, even if there was a letter telling his reasons, would that make it any easier to cope? Would those mothers and fathers sleep easier knowing the reason this person felt the need to wreak havoc on such tender victims? Probably not. 

So I prayed, am praying, will continue to pray. 

Heavenly Father:
Please be with us during this time of sadness  Help those affected to find strength, courage and peace. Help those of us, who are struggling to understand, to put our trust in you. Help us to find peace in our minds and continue to see the wonder of your love in our lives. Help us to remember to be thankful, forgiving and kind. 
In your sons name, 


Topic: Weightloss: The thing is....

I don't have much to write about it. I weigh 194,
and I'm not sleeping enough to get that number much lower,
and I'm unwilling to go on bitching about it.
I'm living the life of a mommy, doing her best, and it is what it is.

I feel like I've said everything already, like it's silly to re-type
the old promises to myself and the old ideas about weight loss.

And to be totally honest, blogging was never about accountability for me,
I could very easily lie on here, and no one would know the difference.

but, blogging is fun and I enjoy the idea that I am sending good things out into the universe.

The problem is that now, without weight loss as a focus,
I feel fractured, like my blog has no purpose or audience.

I'm trying, but I don't know what to do here, should I keep writing or hang it up?

Anyone else have an opinion?


Tales from the land of amoxicillan and tylenol

The Munches are sick, like for real sick and I feel like a jerk because the other night Pumpkin comes in all weepy and sniffly at like 2;30 in the morning and says her ear hurts. Well the sniffly and weepy wakes up her brother who has developed an inability to sleep in a horizontal position without screaming like someone is ripping off his toes with pliers. So amid the screams I give her my patent mommy response to booboos of unknown origin.

"Go get a cold thing" (these are chilled gel packs that help with bump and bruises and we keep them in a basket in the fridge.) I managed to get the tiny one back to sleep by sitting up propped by pillows and "ssssshhhhhh"ing in his ear for a while, until I dozed back off.

FYI: (and I know this from experience) when you put cold on an infected ear, it hurts like a bitch. So, then an hour later Pumpkin comes back still weepy and now quite soggy from crying and snotting all over herself. (is there anything more creepy than being woken up by a child in the middle of the night, they think they are being nice by whispering but you wake up with them standing over you like a scene from a horror movie and you immediately look for the exit and grab for the knife under your mattress, amiright?....maybe it's just me.)

"mommy that cold thing didn't help much"

*cue shrieking infant

*cue Joan Crawford moment

So I dragged my ass out of bed and got the hot sock, (a sock that I filled with flax seeds) nuked it in the microwave for a minute  gave Pumpkin some tylenol and a drink and tucked her back into bed with the warm sock and smell of flax to lull her to sleep. (all of this to the tune of shrieking baby in b flat major)

So I called the pediatrician and asked for an appointment for sanity, the nurse seemed confused; then I might have mumbled something about prolonged colds, painful ears that kids don't use anyway and horizontal intolerance. She gave me an appointment for a day later, (great one more night of awesome.)

So before bed we gave everyone a dose of Tylenol and another of benadryl for good measure, nuked the hot sock and tucked everyone in with hope for good things. I don't remember much of what happened, the fatigue induced fog has hazed my recollection but when the alarm went off to get up and go to the doctor I was sitting straight up on the loveseat with Pumpkin's head in my lap and Squirt and I strapped into the moby wrap sweating enough to necessitate a bath before leaving the house.

Sunshine slept blissfully unaware and woke up ready for pop-tarts.

I wanted to punch her.


When things were working

I'm slowly gaining weight.

It is and is not significant. It's not because it's coming on slow and I'm not having binges where I sit and eat frosting out of a can or anything. It is significant because I'm watching myself get to where I was the last time I decided to lose weight.

The tired, eat whatever you can to stay awake, survival mode of taking care of three kids while working a full time job is really starting to show.

So I've decided to go back to the things that worked.

What worked before was eating easy lo-calorie meals most of the time. skinny lattes for breakfast, soup that's under 300 calories for lunch and egg beater omelets for dinner.

What worked before was cooking veggie stuffed meals 2-3 times a week and having leftovers that would sit in the fridge and guilt me into avoiding the drive through because I didn't want to waste the food at home.

What worked before was movement, exercise and not wanting to waste that effort with shovels full of garbage.

What worked before was tracking, keeping meticulous notes of what I ate each day, so I could know when I went overboard one day and be able to course correct the next.

So the holidays are a true test for me. If I can lose over the next month, I will be on the right road. so, here's the plan.Today water and multivitamin habits start up again. For the next week, tracking only. No other changes. Then the week after, calorie cutting and tracking. The following week adding in 2 or more days a week of at least 30 minutes of movement. I've had a few monthly bills increase so for the time being I've had to freeze my gym membership and I'll be heading back to the place that saw the start of my earlier success, the work gym. it's free and has an elliptical and weight bench, everything I need to get started again. The only thing I don't really have control over right now is sleeping; I'm working on it.


Letting Go

 I'm letting go of about 4 bags of clothing. I'm on the fence about a bridesmaid's dress I wore to my brother's wedding four years ago. It's too big, but it's beautiful. I may never have another reason to wear it but I love it and so it stays in my closet. I drag it out every once in a while and put it on, wishing I had a reason to alter it and wear it again.

I'm letting go of the notion that a mother of three with a full time job can, in fact, hand make gifts for every person she knows. I have pared down my gift list this year. The munches and I are going to do a bit of baking and candy making for gifts, I have a very achievable list of craft gift items. I've said it before and I'll say it again, people, we have too much crap. I don't want a present, I want you to be present. If I matter to you, spend some time with me, and in return I will do the same.

I'm letting go of the tendency toward procrastination. It's killing me. I need to get crap done; because, as I sat at my desk this morning, caught up on work, finishing the things that needed to get done today, I was filled with contemplation and peace. I feel good, I feel smart and I think I need to make this feeling continue. It seems that using a calendar helps me, when i check things off I feel good. I'm going to explore using one in both my personal and professional life. Today I will be going home to a clean house and I have no plans this evening, so I'm going to make sure the house stays clean and begin work on a Christmas project for my daughters. Their stuff will be done first this year. I'm putting my kids first.

I'm letting go of my frustration with my daughters, they don't deserve it. They are learning, I'm supposed to be teaching them. What I'm doing isn't working, the whining and not listening is getting a bit excessive, so we are going to find something that does work, I don't know yet what that is, but I'm going to figure it out.

It's the end of a very busy year, and I have some stuff to get in order before next January 20th.
Happy Monday all!


8 Months

18 months ago I became pregnant, now my little guy is 8 months old and is infecting my with stupid giddy happiness everyday. I'm not sleeping, I'm often covered in a thin film of baby drool and I occasionally find pacifiers stuck in my bra after I've gotten to work. It's rough, but it's awesome.

Here's a few of the awesome's that have happened in the past 8 months.

-last week I was at a funeral and realized that it had been over 4 hours since I had last nursed the Stink and my left side bra cup was still unhooked. I had been walking around with bi-level boobs for an entire morning.

-I ran a 5K Mud Run 6 weeks post partum.

-I was pounding away on my computer and singing along with a Glee mix playlist when I realized I had been singing "I kissed a girl" quite loudly and my office door was wide open.

-I may or may not have actually gone to Walmart in all of the following, though not at the same time:
1.) Actual matching blue and white striped pajamas,
2.) a thin t shirt with no bra,
3.) mismatched shoes
4.) a black tank top and leggings (think chubby cat woman, sans ears)
5.) a garden gnome costume.

- I slathered baby Vicks on my own shoulder while Stink was sick to help ease the congestion of my little guy who had to have a bib on to keep from soaking everything and couldn't breathe.

- My oldest Munch went to school. YAY Pumpkin Girl!

- My girls learned "We Will Rock You" and were singing it in the bathtub with shampoo horns on their heads, I'd post pics if it wouldn't get flagged.

- I was at a wedding and was one of only three people there who was actually excited to hear the electric slide come on, also one of only three people out on the floor dancing along to it.

- I gave my then 6 month old a marshmallow to gnaw on and he stuck it to the side of his head like a drunken unicorn.

- I welcomed my brother's family into my home for two months.

- I actually made 4 recipes I pinned on pinterest.

- I started a Daisy Troop with pumpkin and five of her school mates.

- I raked leaves for the express purpose of letting my kids jump in them.

- I thanked god everyday for how amazing, awesome, fun and crazy my life is. A crazy life is a full one and that is never something I will lament having.  


Still Around

Doing a lot of this, I'll be back to blogging soon, I hope.


Pumpkin Patch Part Deux: The Daisy Invasion

Last saturday Pumpkin's Daisy troop had a plan to go to a nearby pumpkin patch and have a few hours of fun. Of the 6 registered girls, only three made it out to the patch and so we had a small but energetic group of younguns. 

With a Pony

The Troop

jumping in corn bins

More Jumping

Belly Flop: Kernal Style

full metal trike, quite heavy and hard to pedal. 

"Why won't this thing turn"

Country Girls Dream: Pink Tractor.

Horse Tire Swing

Pony Express

Sunshine and C1

Pumpkin and C2

Not from the Pumpkin Patch, but aren't we cute?

So, anyway a good time was had by all and now I have to find a way of decorating 6 tiny un-carvable pumpkins, paints or something I suppose. We still have one pumpkin patch trip in the planned future, as I have yet to get Squirt out and stick him in with the gourds for the traditional picture I have of all my kiddos during their first Halloween season. I made him a little pumpkin hat and if I have time I'll do one for my kids as well, we'll just have to see how the time plays out over the next week. 

Have I mentioned how much I love fall?


Pumpkin Patch Part 1

Today Pumpkin went to the Pumpkin Patch with her kindergarten class. She got to make her way through an inflatable "haunted maze", play on an ancient fire truck and pick out a pumpkin to take home. I dropped her off at school and waited in the parking lot to follow the buses because the school told us chaperons that we had to manage our own transportation to the site.

I was under prepared for how chilly it became and ended up wrapping my awesome pashmina scarf around my head to shield my numb ears from the wind. Pumpkin had a good time and in spite of the drizzly rainy dark skies she ran around and played the whole time. The teacher asked if I had ever worked in education because I sounded like I had been a teacher at some point. Must have been a combination of being a camp volunteer and working in the field I'm in for so long.

Anyway here are a few shots of Pumpkin, her class and myself from our first trip to the home of the great pumpkin this year.

They kept yelling, "look it's an eye!!!"

do you see the eye?

you can't buy these for another week. 

Pumpkin freezing her tushie off. 

She say's, "Mommy I'm all bones!"

Pumpkin and the pumpkins. 

self portrait, with corn, not too shabby. 


Photos and Pink Eye

Tell me if you see the images in the center of the flowers. 

This outline took about 50 minutes, the top of it, where it's red, hurt like a bitch!

Today I have tons to do and am recovering from a wicked case of Pink Eye, I'm pretty sure my head is going to either explode or fall off, shrivel up and roll away like a rotten apple. I hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was not awesome with being sick and having eye funk. 

Saturday I had the chance to sleep in, but couldn't so I bummed around until it was time to get dressed for Jeeve's cousin's wedding. It was a casual wedding, at the bride's father's home and they served fried chicken and party potatoes for dinner. I'd have had way more fun but my eye was creating yellow strings of gooey yuck that kept goobing out onto my face.

But on the bright side my awesome doctor came in to the office on a Sunday to check out my eye, and gave me a sample of the prescription so I didn't have to go to the pharmacy. My doc rocks, hardcore and he's adorbs, so double score for me. When I went in to have my headaches stuff looked at he was asking about stressors in my life (and I'm all like, you want that alphabetically or chronologically) and he says, well there medication that can help with that, but you seem to have a good attitude about it and I think meds will just make you depressed, so we'll try other things first. He remembered that I'm breastfeeding, and have thyroid concerns right now and asked about those things while I was sitting in his exam room ON A SUNDAY!!!! I just can't get over it, he's the best doc I've ever had.


This and Tat

Not a misspelling.

This afternoon, I am going to have my second tattoo placed on my upper right hip. It's a lotus flower design that I came up with and I can't wait to show you all.

I am going to be working on Halloween costumes this weekend and while my initial plan was to be a "dude" gnome, I have re-evaluated and am now going to rock the skirt and apron instead.I have many of the raw pieces I need and hope to acquire the rest via Goodwill. Halloween on a budget, can't be bad.

I am having trouble with concentration today and will be amazed if anything actually gets done.

I think I'm gonna throw up...



It's finally October.

I LOVE October, I love the seasonal beers, I love the weather, I love the holiday, I love the candy, I love the pumpkin patches, I love the foods, I love it all. YAY October. I can't even explain it, but I woke up this morning and realizing it was "fall" just took a huge weight off my shoulders.

With 9 people living in one house, starting a daisy girl scout troop, teaching weekend classes and squirt avoiding sleep like it is a clown juggling severed heads, I've been a little stressed so hopefully the cool breeze, cooler brew and a few afternoons of slightly chilly relaxing in the yard will balm my frazzled nerves and allow me some much needed zen time.

In other zen news, my bedroom is probably the cleanest it has ever been. I spent the majority of the day in there yesterday folding laundry, organizing the closet and finding better storage for the multitudes of blankets and pillows that have been amassed over the last 3 years. I also got down and cleaned up a bunch of carpet stains and then vacuumed the crap out of the rug, thanks to my brother and his new awesome cleaning supply windfall.

It's looking good in there and I have hooked up a TV with a dvd player we had laying around so now I can watch movies while folding laundry. I'm not hooking up cable in there because I don't want to start keeping myself awake watching the news (right, we all know I'd be watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.)

Anyway, I have a busy month, 3 trips to the pumpkin patch, 2 weddings, 2 birthday parties, and 1 Trunk or Treat night. It can't get much better. OH! wait, yes it can, we are getting a second car in two weeks...

happy sighs...


Okay, okay, okay.....jeees!


So, I'm busy, like can't figure out where to begin and what comes next busy.

Here's the thing.

No one warned me about how much school puts a huge crimp in your schedule.

-Early dinner? - nope, pumpkin's not home yet.
-Late dinner? - nope, pumpkin's got to get to bed.
-All night movie watching? (sleep be damned!) - nope, pumpkin has to sleep.
-Midnight trip to Denny's? - nope, school tomorrow
-Take a day off work to get family photo's done - sorry, the oldest is missing.
-Oooo, Hey Jeeves, I'm home early and the baby is asleep, wanna fool around? - nope, bus will be here in 5 minutes (okay I could probably work that one out, but you get the idea.)

Plus, she's still kinda young, so we have to meet her at the bus stop, so one of us has to be  there by 4:25 in case it gets there early, and one of us has to go and be with her when she gets on the bus, sweet jumping june-bugs, this is a pain in the butt.

On the upside, I'm not sleeping in anymore...

wait that's not an upside.



(Note to school: I'm selling two things this year and neither of them is an entertainment book, school pride t-shirt, really inconvenient grocery shopping opportunities or Dave and Buster play points. kaythanxbye.)

In related news: Since when do Daisy Girl Scouts sell cookies? I remember daisies being a weekly play date with people in cute blue tunics, (cause back in the day we wore our uniforms to meetings, Juliette Low is probably plotting zombie-hood based on the current state of things)

GAH!!! I'm just all sorts of irritated and ill -tempered. Luckily Thriller just came on the radio and apparently  there are Candy Corn Oreos in the world today. things might just be looking up, must investigate.


That's Hot...well not really.

So, if cool means awesome, and awesome means pretty great, the fact that I have to miss Trunk or Treat to attend a wedding for two people I don't like and don't believe give two sheets about me is, hot?


Aside: How is it that hot and cool are opposites except when used to describe things that don't have anything to do with temperature and then they sort of mean the same thing?

Anyway, a friends (and I use the tern loosely) is getting married on a Friday night to a girl who at best is unkind to her future husband and at worst is the worse possible stereotypical bit of lunatic crazy face I've ever come across. After dating for a few years in what can only be described as an exercise in mental health issues and forcing the guy to basically sever all contact with any friends aside from her own, they are getting married in a Catholic ceremony (neither one of them attends church).

Now, I don't care if the spineless wonder wants to marry she-crazy but I am now being forced to sit through a service that means basically nothing to either of them and then expected to come to a reception where I will know 3 people including the two being married.

I'd rather be dressed as a yard gnome handing candy to cute kids from my church out of a wishing well made from cardboard while people tell me how cute my kids are.

So, now I'm hoping Sunshine's school will have a Trunk or Treat, or something fun and fall related.

This blows.


Road Trip!

I got back from vacation and am now fully back in the swing of things.

Ready to start weaning squirt and get these last 20 pounds removed from my body. Having to keep putting 2000+ calories into an almost 30 year old, post baby body was not conducive to losing pounds. But, I am no longer pumping at work and since Squirt has been taking bottles while I was away this should be a rather smooth transition. I've made it the 6 months and since he's teething I'm ready. Plus he's starting on pureed baby food and loving every bit of that. He really likes the applesauce and bananas, but I have to mix them together because straight bananas bind him up something awful.

We drove down to Branson, Missouri for our vacation and had a blast seeing shows, eating too much food and relaxing in our gorgeous little cottage in the Stormy Point Village. It looked like who-ville, so cute!
Who-Ville, it looked even cuter at night. 
Our cottage had two bedrooms with king sized beds and a fully stocked kitchen so we shopped at the grocery store and ate in a lot.
Now I want to do a nautical thing in my kitchen, dratted home improvements. 
Our house was also directly across from the clubhouse and pool so the girls and I went swimming a lot.
the roof to the left of the yellow umbrella was ours. 
We saw an acrobat show, rode the ducks,
Not our duck photo, but you get the idea. 
played black light mini golf, saw a vocal impressionist, a magic show, went through a mirror maze and then went to the Dixie Stampede.
30 dollars for a meal my kids didn't even touch, awesome. 
On the way down we stopped for ice cream and on the home home we stopped at Lamberts and ate until we nearly exploded. Hot beef sandwich with coleslaw and two rolls that I caught when the waiter tossed them at me
I'm going back here, maybe when I turn 30, it's a 2 hours drive. 
My Food. 
It was a blast and was my first real vacation since I got married and went on my honeymoon.
 8 years is too long man.

But I'm back and I'm busy, this week I'm holding my very first girl scout meeting and teaching my second class of 5 for this semester of LEADD classes. I'm teaching a fun course on the united states with funny laws, state facts, landmarks and famous faces. Getting ready for the holidays and keeping my head above water should leave little time for snacking and hopefully when the Merry Day rolls around I'll be done with my projects and super skinny. I hope to get my photos from vacation this week and I'll be able to show you.



Felix fixed the dryer. The part came in the mail, we put it on and it didn't work. So unwilling to wait another week for another part I found a dryer part supply place in town, sent Jeeves to go get another new part and that evening relished the clean smell of freshly laundered sheets. mmmmmmmm, it's done wonders. Also I have made pretty good strides in getting the laundry put away, I've got two loads at home right now that if I get them put away tonight, I'll officially be "caught up" with the laundry. I have one hamper, it is half full. When it fills I will do two loads of wash and be caught up, that's the new plan.

In other news: the verdict from the Endo is a good one. He is not putting me on meds, and is doing blood work now and in 4 months to determine if I have "postpartum thyroiditus" which causes a few big swings but typically settles down at about 12 months after the baby comes. I'm sort of wondering if that was the issue last time, because the timeline of this surge is pretty dead on to what happened before. I'm not symptomatic and my thyroid gland is not enlarged so I'm not looking at any time of permanent removal right now. (Yay, because both options for that suck like crazy, either take poison and don't touch people for a week or have someone hack into your neck and try not to nick your jugular. awesome)

Pumpkin is doing very well in Kindergarten and is learning at the speed of light. She went in with no letter knowledge and now knows almost all of the uppers, lowers and sounds. She so smart but may need some additional help with staying on task as she gets older. When working on letters and sounds at home we have a hard time keeping her focused. She wants to have a drink, talk to her brother, kick her feet, go potty, watch TV, etc, etc, etc...I get that she's been doing a lot of paying attention and sitting still all day but it's a little frustrating when I'm trying to fit homework into the schedule of the evenings activities. (dude, when did Kindergarten stop consisting of storytime, snack time, nap time and duck, duck goose?)

Did anyone else wake up this morning completely surprised that it's already the end of freaking august. Time is supposed to march, not sprint, what the french!

Stay Thirsty My Friends


Daily Living Skills: Laundry Therapy

Here's the thing. I hate housework. I really do, hate it,
can't stand it, don't wanna do it, not gonna do it.

Problem is, I also hate having a messy house.

When things start to go squiffy and the clutter begins to heap, my blood pressure goes up a little. I get really snitchy and can't seem to find a way to get less well, awful. (see above for the reason I can't fix my own problems, I realize the hypocrisy, don't judge me)

Thank God for Jeeves
Dude. cleans. house. fo realz
He is my shining armor clad knight armed with a swiffermop and dust rag. I love that guy.
Anyway, he doesn't do dishes or laundry.
Okay, I got that, I don't have to like it, but I'll do it.

Okay the point of this little cleaning rant, my dryer broke last week. I was at work and got a call from Jeeves saying the house was on fire. He was being dramatic, the dryer was smoking and there was a burning plastic smell permeating the house. So we put the dryer out of commission. I was unable to do laundry all weekend, and one of my munches had a few, um, potty incidents. Nothing big IF YOU HAVE A WORKING DRYER.(can you see that this is not having a positive impact on my emotional well being?)

Yesterday, Felix and I pulled the dryer away from the wall and he climbed behind it to discover that a bit of linty-fuzz had made the cord start melting into the wall which caused a short or something and resulted in a fried high limit thermostat. (look it's all very technical but the chap on the Tube of you's says he can show us how to fix it) Ug! At least it's fixable, however the part has to be shipped, I can't just buy one at the local sears.

So, no dryer for about another week. After a remarkably irritating conversation with the customer service lady (and 32 dollars for a part the size of a kumquat) I decided that the piles of laundry simply could not wait until next week, just couldn't do it. I was starting to feel meth-level twitchy

So I packed up my munches, and the endless baskets or dirty clothes, and drove to Mutti's house where the de-yuckifying appliances are still in working order. I did laundry and folded and played with my sneezy and leaking baby until almost 11pm and went home feeling far less psycho and a little better smelling. (bliss)

Also, yes, de-yuckifying is a word, because I just said so.

In related news: I'm going back to finish the laundry tonight, for serious, I have about 4 more loads to complete because after I got home and began putting things away I discovered more stuff lying around the house. Dear God how can one family create this much laundry....



A Graves Problem

After a rage-er of a headache last week I went to my primary to ensure I didn't have a tumor growing teeth in my brain. He said it was most likely a tension headache and gave me a heavy duty pain med for when the over the counter isn't working and had me do some blood work. (joy)

After a stint at the lab where a charmingly short Russian man called me sweetheart 87 times I waited with much anticipation to find that my cholesterol was up, i had diabetes and was going to have my left baby toe amputated (expected the worst and you'll be surprised, right?) Got a call back today, I'm perfectly healthy, the CBC, Metabolic and Lipid levels, all fine, but...

and it's a big but,

My TSH is down, to 0.035. It works backward, when your TSH is down is means your thyroid is over functioning and probably your T3 and T4 numbers will be elevated. My level is only slightly lower than the low side of normal, and triggered a need to find a new endocrinologist. (double joy.)

My last Endo was not kind. I was a basket case with a toddler and instead of being supportive and comforting she was brusque and a little dismissive. It rubbed me the wrong way. She would also not tell me my lab results until I came in for an office visit (great, let me freak out for awhile)

My diagnosis came about 4 months before I found out that Sunshine was on her way and during the course of the pregnancy, my numbers leveled out and everything settled down, (remission!)

I'm terrified of this particular issue in my health history. Why? because your thyroid is directly related to weight loss and having one that doesn't function properly can sink any efforts you are making, it's like an evil wizard is casting spells on your food, you eat carrots; he gives them the caloric equivalent of cupcakes, (not cool, magic man!)

And let me tell you the awesome part, stress, childbirth and family history can cause flare ups, right? ding,ding,ding...guess whose had all three (hint: it's me). This is alarmingly similar to my life the last time a flare up occurred. Baby comes, change in living situations, stress at job....BAM!

 Thyroid Crapsville, Population: Me.

Over active thyroid can lead to tremendous weight-loss, (a light at the end of shit tunnel) but not if you also have increased appetite. It ramps up your metabolism and you can get scary skinny in no time. However super skinny tends to come with bulging eyes, creepy goiter and congestive heart failure, not ideal. Not just an unconscious desire for snacks but a real, hunger pain type of need to eat complete with light headed-ness and hunger headaches. (wait, headaches, awesome I totes need more of those)

So, I have another appointment next week and hopefully I'll get the good news that my T3 and T4 are not elevated and we just need to be diligent and watch the numbers swing back to normal. I don't want to take medications for this, I have a hard time remembering to put socks on most mornings, don't give me something else to forget.

I hope everyone out there has a good weekend and maybe next week I'll be in a better mood. Right now I'm tired but I can't sleep, my left boob hurts and I'm so stressed that I'm finding it hard to un-clench my teeth enough to speak civilly to people.(in related news, teeth clenching leads to jaw pain, neck stiffness and oh! headaches!) The vacation we have planned at the end of the month can't come soon enough.


Excuse Me, Do You Pin?

Up to this point I have been a pinner with no follow through. Pinterest for me was sort of like a really expensive jewelry store, very cool to look at, never happening in my life.

If I don't start making these things happen in my life, I will be just another person who has great ideas, notions and plans, but never accomplishes anything.

So I made a sock monkey hat.

Then I had Pumpkin hold up a sign on her first day of school, and will continue to do that, like forever. 

Then last night, I made a recipe I found on Pinterest.

Lemon Cool Whip Cookies.  (I can't link it because my puter is being wonky, but google it, trust me)
Anyway you take a box of cake mix (lemon in my case) mix in a regular sized tub of cool whip and 2 eggs, drop balls of the mixture in powdered sugar and bake. The result is a light, cakey delicious snack that I'd love to share a picture of, but they are all gone. (My sister in law had gone to bed and woke up to eat one, that's how good they are) I will make more and post about the process.

All in all, I like this development in my life. It's good to try the cool things and even if they don't work out, it's cool cause I tried something new.

Tuesday night was my weekly Yarn night, I make food and my house available for all the fantastic ladies I love to come eat visit and make crafts. I call it the Yarn Party because the majority of the crafting is crochet and knitting, so yarn. If you remember, before Squirt was born I made a large crocheted rainbow blanket for my middle child, she's going to end up taking this thing to college with her, she loves it. I am now working on a large blue blanket for Pumpkin that I'm doing in shades of blue in a zig-zag pattern, At the end I'm going to put a tan border and several crocheted fish/sea creature embellishments and she will have an ocean blanket. It sometimes takes me awhile to complete big projects so this might end sometime next year, but I'm plugging away at it, so maybe sooner.

I woke up this morning with a small case of mastitus so I'm going to get a round of antibiotics to help clear it up. It's an infected milk duct in my breast, no biggie but the best thing to help it is nursing and it hurts like ten hells to let Squirt nurse, figures.

oh, OH and I chopped off all my hair, no joke look
I didn't do much with it this morning, but I love it!


Adding to the Flock

So, this weekend my brother and his family came to stay with us at Le Casa De Ninja. We are going to be housemates for a couple of months while they are between habitation stations. It's going pretty well so far, and yesterday we had the chance to have a big dinner care of Felix. He made some pan fried chicken, spaetzel, and veggies with mushroom gravy, it was super yummy. Sort of like a jagerschnitzel but made with chicken rather than pork. It brought me back to my childhood in Germany and made me smile down memory lane.

I also completed about 10 loads of laundry last night, in between trying to combine the two households, get organized, find new places for some things that never really had places in the first place, gak! Tonight I'll be folding and stowing that laundry and trying to gather the last of the errant things and either finding a place or placing them in the goodwill pile so we can get the house to a tolerable level of chaos.

We now have 4 adults, 3 little girls and 2 little boys living under one roof, it's going to be quite the adjustment. Fun, Crazy and really loud is the prognosis for the next few months, hopefully I'll be busy enough that I'll be able to avoid chowing down on junk. I've moved my craft stuff into Squirts closet and I really intend on getting lots of christmas crafting done in the next few months. But first I need to get our Halloween costumes worked out. Here come the Ninja Gnomes.

Fo realz.


Happy Birthday Jeeves!

Today is my awesome husbands 31st birthday. (dude is old, right?)

He's a good guy, probably one of the best I know. He is a good father and a caring husband. I'm not saying we never have issues, sometimes that man makes me mad enough to chew nails, but more often than not I'm in awe of the kindness, faith and remarkable love the man has for his family and friends.

He's not a manly-dude. He doesn't grill, or build things with power tools, or hunt. He reads, watches TV, plays basket ball occasionally and spends the majority of his free time being present in the lives of those love cares for. He, more than most people I know, understands the importance of making time for people. He believes that if you love someone you have to show them by giving them the most precious of your commodities; yourself, your time, your attention.

Happy Birthday Jeeves, I love you and I'm so blessed that you want to spend time with me.  


Waddling Away

So, yesterday was Pumpkin's first day of Kindergarten. I expected to be a basket case but it all happened so fast that I didn't have time to freak out.

And she did so well. She's such a sweet smart girl!

We got up early to allow for "wake up" time and try to get her to eat something before leaving the house, didn't happen. She refused to eat anything and only drank about 3 ounces of the giant "your such a big girl you deserve way more than usual" chocolate milk. (you are going to regret that decision later kiddo)

Then she got dressed and was bouncing around like a little kangaroo ready to go 20 minutes before the bus came. We all packed up and headed outside to take some pictures.
It's says she wants to be a "mommy" Ready: awwwwwww
It was sunny, so lots of crazy eyes. 
Then it was time to head to the bus stop. Another Mom was there and asked what grade Pumpkin was in, I said kindergarten and she said, "Oh I sobbed like a crazy person last year on (whatever his name was)'s first day. The big yellow bus came around the corner and my little champ climbed up and grabbed a seat near the front, she waved and the bus took off. I only let about 2 tears out. It was okay, really.
When's the bus coming Mom?
There goes my baby!
We ended up going up to the school because Pumpkin didn't have her first week of school badge that tells the bus monitor her name, class, and bus number. I grabbed and quickly filled out a badge and hotfooted it down to her classroom where she was already putting her Disney princess lunchbox in the bin, hanging up her book bag and taking her seat. I snapped a quick picture and gave her a hug and she told me, "Mommy it's time for you to go now." (sad face) so I went. Sheesh.
Her Purple Group Shirt. 
Then Sunshine, Squirt and I went out with Jeeves for breakfast, went by my office to visit and then out to a few stores to do some shopping. (shopping is a loose term, I bought ice cream sandwiches, mamba candy and pens) The ice cream and candy were for the munches, the pens were for me. (hi, my name is Ninja and I have been addicted to office supplies since early 1999.)

Then Pumpkin's pick up time rolled around and I waited at the bus stop for my big girl to come home.
and I waited
and I waited.

Dude!, the bus was like 45 minutes late. but then it was there and my big girl was home, Yay!
Hey kid? Where's your book bag?
She was too interested in a snack and a drink to talk with me about school, but eventually we got a brief rundown of the day. She now knows her teacher's name and today she hopped up on that bus again with her sun-butter sandwich and gave a quick wave before being whisked off to school again.

She was surprised that she had to go to school again, welcome to the big wide world baby girl!


Just like Mommy

I must have spent a long time chasing after Mutti and wanting to do things just like her, but I don't remember it. I must have because It's what my little's are doing these days. They want to drink the same things I do, eat the same things I do, take showers instead of baths and then wrap their hair up in the towel the way I do. That being said check out the cute...
Sunshine has a bruise on her cheek and nose thanks to an unfortunate face plant on Sunday

Love these girls,
Maybe I should go on a carrot and broccoli diet, then they would follow suit...maybe...no?
Have a good weekend everybody.


A Word on Breastfeeding...

It's a little bit gross, and for us non-romantic types it's a bit strange. but I do it, because I love my son, and it's what is best for him. However recently it's been a little hellish because it is SO DAMNED HOT!!!!!!

For realz, I live in a mobile home. We have power, and an air conditioner but when it's become so hot that lawn furniture begins melting into your brown scraggely yard, the air conditioner is fighting a losing battle. It was 107 in Missouri yesterday (might as well have been walking on the surface of the sun) and each time Squirt would get hungry he would nurse for a few minutes, get sweaty and then get pissed. I ended up pumping and feeding him from a bottle so we wouldn't have to touch more than was necessary. It was 86 degrees in my house at 8pm last night.



Poor little guy, he's all hot and miserable and I'm all hot and miserable. I hope we make it through the summer, because the frustration of latching on, letting go, fussing, latching on, letting go, fussing some more and then screaming like someone is killing him slowly with a spoon is starting to get to me.



I feel like I'm trapped in a B horror movie, attack of the ants, they are freaking everywhere and they have started biting, little bastards. I have started spraying them with cleaner to watch them twitch and die slowly. (dead bugs -and- clean floor. Awwww-right.)

We've admitted defeat and called in reinforcements. We've got an exterminator coming out today and he's going to borax bomb the little bastards, I almost wish I wasn't at work, almost.

Alright, off to be productive, hi-ho, hi-ho....you know the rest.



You know that saying, when it rains, it pours.

Well it's true.

We are in the midst of a family crisis and strangely enough, I'm not eating my way through the problem. I always thought I was an emotional eater, but I'm beginning to realize that not every emotion inspires gluttony. Crisis, stress, and happiness are three that I've identified that do not make me eat. Loneliness, depression and boredom tend to draw oreos and doritos to me like I've become an x-man (or woman as it were)


Anyway it's Friday and this morning's weigh in was 191, good news, I hope I can keep up the good work over the weekend. I've found the structure of work is very helpful in controlling my urges to shovel...,well lard and salt, into my body. I've got no plans for the weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to get my house straightened, do a ninja dance on the ants that have invaded our master bathroom and sit on my big (shrinking) butt and crochet for the majority of the time. I'm planning a craft show with Erin and I've done 4 ear warmers so far, I need to get my butt in gear if I'm going to have enough stuff to stock a craft show booth. 


Dude, For realz?

So, I hopped (well stumbled really) onto the scale this morning and found that in 2 days, 195 has turned into 192. A testament to the fact that I was hoarking down lots of junk and salt and candy. Two days and I lose 3 pounds. It's a good start, I think. The calorie count weight tracker seemed very pleased and I got a "atta girl" message after putting in the new total.

To celebrate I'm going to head over to the bread company (panera for you non-st louisans.) and splurge on a Thai chopped chicken salad, right at 600 cals for the whole salad and after a scant 160 calorie breakfast It'll fit right into the plan today. Plus; mmmmmmmmmm, fiber.

Tonight I'm making zucchini boats, filled with turkey sausage and tomatoes and covered with mozzerella. hopefully Pinterest is not lying and this is going to be yummy.


Starting Over

Today is day one of Ninja Mommy Diet 2012.

So far I've gotten through to lunch time with no extra snacking. Greek yogurt in, lots of water and a plan for a sandwich full of veggies for lunch. I'll be the first to admit that I did have a final hurrah this weekend. I consumed and gorged until I felt like trash. But it's a new day and I've got this.

I'll try and get some photos loaded from the weekend, we had such a fun time at the farm, relaxing and playing in the creek. Amazingly there was a break in the heat this weekend, but it made for a chilly dip in the water, and I was too much of a pansy to get all the way in. Felix was in the water for the better part of Saturday, and then in spite of a good soaking we had a small campfire and made smores, I ate 3


Oh well, that's life.


Ninja meet Dragon

Dragon-ass that is.

I'm deep in a period of:
no-sleep, ugly hair
looking like a zombie,
too much shit going on in my life,
when the crap did it become the middle of the summer,
why don't my pants fit,
I need a drink,
I've got to stop eating pasta at 11 at night,
Why is my baby going to school in 4 weeks,
an addiction to meth might be nice
HOLY SHIT I weigh 195 pounds!!!!

Um, no.

This is just not working for me.
I'm slipping big time,
back into eating candy all the time,
shoveling fast food in my face, not sleeping,
not drinking enough water,
no working out and really, really looking bad.

Again, no.

So here's the deal folks, I'm going back to the plan.

-I hate fast food, I'm cutting it out of my diet completely
-No more energy drinks, period
-sleeping more
-drinking 100+ ounces of water a day.
-going to the gym 3x per week

I've got a goal people, an I want to be 175 by Halloween goal.
Then I'm going to have another goal, an I want to be 165 by Christmas goal.
I'm turning 30 next year and I will not be the fat, slouchy mom of three with a flabby rear end, no thank you.

Can I lose 30 pounds in 6 months, maybe?


Happy Birthday America!

I'm not going to wax sentimental about the 4th this year, cause I'm really not feeling it.
But happy anniversary america, thanks for the laughs.
Since it was this time of year, we did our family photos in a red/white/blue theme.

She loves to curtsy now. 

Happy Baby

Hey Jeeves, look what we made! 


Ninja Family, in front of our home, on a quilt I made,
the aww factor is pretty high in this one. 

Get the Mommy!!!!

We were going for something a bit more romantic here. 

I made those tu-tus. 

Ammo for when they hate each other later

that's my big girl, *sniff


I needed video of this hilarity in my driveway

If only that ugly 1972 trailer wasn't sitting behind them. 

pouty-face pumpkin

de bebe,

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