Road Trip!

I got back from vacation and am now fully back in the swing of things.

Ready to start weaning squirt and get these last 20 pounds removed from my body. Having to keep putting 2000+ calories into an almost 30 year old, post baby body was not conducive to losing pounds. But, I am no longer pumping at work and since Squirt has been taking bottles while I was away this should be a rather smooth transition. I've made it the 6 months and since he's teething I'm ready. Plus he's starting on pureed baby food and loving every bit of that. He really likes the applesauce and bananas, but I have to mix them together because straight bananas bind him up something awful.

We drove down to Branson, Missouri for our vacation and had a blast seeing shows, eating too much food and relaxing in our gorgeous little cottage in the Stormy Point Village. It looked like who-ville, so cute!
Who-Ville, it looked even cuter at night. 
Our cottage had two bedrooms with king sized beds and a fully stocked kitchen so we shopped at the grocery store and ate in a lot.
Now I want to do a nautical thing in my kitchen, dratted home improvements. 
Our house was also directly across from the clubhouse and pool so the girls and I went swimming a lot.
the roof to the left of the yellow umbrella was ours. 
We saw an acrobat show, rode the ducks,
Not our duck photo, but you get the idea. 
played black light mini golf, saw a vocal impressionist, a magic show, went through a mirror maze and then went to the Dixie Stampede.
30 dollars for a meal my kids didn't even touch, awesome. 
On the way down we stopped for ice cream and on the home home we stopped at Lamberts and ate until we nearly exploded. Hot beef sandwich with coleslaw and two rolls that I caught when the waiter tossed them at me
I'm going back here, maybe when I turn 30, it's a 2 hours drive. 
My Food. 
It was a blast and was my first real vacation since I got married and went on my honeymoon.
 8 years is too long man.

But I'm back and I'm busy, this week I'm holding my very first girl scout meeting and teaching my second class of 5 for this semester of LEADD classes. I'm teaching a fun course on the united states with funny laws, state facts, landmarks and famous faces. Getting ready for the holidays and keeping my head above water should leave little time for snacking and hopefully when the Merry Day rolls around I'll be done with my projects and super skinny. I hope to get my photos from vacation this week and I'll be able to show you.

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safire said...

You were long overdue for a vacation! So glad you enjoyed it! Love the photos!

Welcome back and good luck with everything!

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