Whizzing through the day

Not hypothetically, actually.

I began the day at the lab where in addition to the blood draw, I had to provide a urine sample, god only knows why.

Then on to the OB where I got to pee in yet another cup.

and later, I'll be going to the endocrinologist who'll no doubt ask me to pee in a cup.

Today is the day that I peed in cups across the entire county.

aren't you jealous?

Also, this happens to be my 500th post on this blog. Missed celebrating that milestone by hey, what can I say, I got shit to do.



One of the things that I religiously teach and re-iterate to my munches is manners. Please, thank you, etc. One of the ways I do this when they are tiny is to teach important terms in sign language. More, Please, and Thank You are the first ones followed by eat, drink and help, all super easy.

It's the biggest deal when they start using the signs without prompting. Doodle was being super fussy last night and I asked him what he wanted. He put his tiny fingers together and did the sign for "More" which for him right now means he wants a drink of milk. I was so proud of him. He is 16 months old and is going to be a big brother in a couple of months. He is so sweet and such a boy. He makes me cry sometimes with how loving he is, giving hugs and then giant open mouth kisses that leave a bit soggy but feeling quite adored.

The past month has been trying for me, so I apologize for my lack of update. It's hot, I'm pregnant and I've been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Not that I have any symptoms, or have gained a significant amount of weight, only 12 pounds to date (totally normal) I have an appointment with the fetal medicine specialist today and hopefully I will discover that my GD is mild and I won't need any medical interventions.

I've been crafting away, as per usual, and have some pics to share. I hope everyone out there in blog land is feeling healthy and staying cool. Niether is the case in my life these days but I see relief in sight, this baby will come at exactly the right time for me to be home and happy for the whole month of October, which if you remember is my favorite time of year, gonna be awesome, I can tell.

Here's some photos from the last month.




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