Just like Mommy

I must have spent a long time chasing after Mutti and wanting to do things just like her, but I don't remember it. I must have because It's what my little's are doing these days. They want to drink the same things I do, eat the same things I do, take showers instead of baths and then wrap their hair up in the towel the way I do. That being said check out the cute...
Sunshine has a bruise on her cheek and nose thanks to an unfortunate face plant on Sunday

Love these girls,
Maybe I should go on a carrot and broccoli diet, then they would follow suit...maybe...no?
Have a good weekend everybody.


A Word on Breastfeeding...

It's a little bit gross, and for us non-romantic types it's a bit strange. but I do it, because I love my son, and it's what is best for him. However recently it's been a little hellish because it is SO DAMNED HOT!!!!!!

For realz, I live in a mobile home. We have power, and an air conditioner but when it's become so hot that lawn furniture begins melting into your brown scraggely yard, the air conditioner is fighting a losing battle. It was 107 in Missouri yesterday (might as well have been walking on the surface of the sun) and each time Squirt would get hungry he would nurse for a few minutes, get sweaty and then get pissed. I ended up pumping and feeding him from a bottle so we wouldn't have to touch more than was necessary. It was 86 degrees in my house at 8pm last night.



Poor little guy, he's all hot and miserable and I'm all hot and miserable. I hope we make it through the summer, because the frustration of latching on, letting go, fussing, latching on, letting go, fussing some more and then screaming like someone is killing him slowly with a spoon is starting to get to me.



I feel like I'm trapped in a B horror movie, attack of the ants, they are freaking everywhere and they have started biting, little bastards. I have started spraying them with cleaner to watch them twitch and die slowly. (dead bugs -and- clean floor. Awwww-right.)

We've admitted defeat and called in reinforcements. We've got an exterminator coming out today and he's going to borax bomb the little bastards, I almost wish I wasn't at work, almost.

Alright, off to be productive, hi-ho, hi-ho....you know the rest.



You know that saying, when it rains, it pours.

Well it's true.

We are in the midst of a family crisis and strangely enough, I'm not eating my way through the problem. I always thought I was an emotional eater, but I'm beginning to realize that not every emotion inspires gluttony. Crisis, stress, and happiness are three that I've identified that do not make me eat. Loneliness, depression and boredom tend to draw oreos and doritos to me like I've become an x-man (or woman as it were)


Anyway it's Friday and this morning's weigh in was 191, good news, I hope I can keep up the good work over the weekend. I've found the structure of work is very helpful in controlling my urges to shovel...,well lard and salt, into my body. I've got no plans for the weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to get my house straightened, do a ninja dance on the ants that have invaded our master bathroom and sit on my big (shrinking) butt and crochet for the majority of the time. I'm planning a craft show with Erin and I've done 4 ear warmers so far, I need to get my butt in gear if I'm going to have enough stuff to stock a craft show booth. 


Dude, For realz?

So, I hopped (well stumbled really) onto the scale this morning and found that in 2 days, 195 has turned into 192. A testament to the fact that I was hoarking down lots of junk and salt and candy. Two days and I lose 3 pounds. It's a good start, I think. The calorie count weight tracker seemed very pleased and I got a "atta girl" message after putting in the new total.

To celebrate I'm going to head over to the bread company (panera for you non-st louisans.) and splurge on a Thai chopped chicken salad, right at 600 cals for the whole salad and after a scant 160 calorie breakfast It'll fit right into the plan today. Plus; mmmmmmmmmm, fiber.

Tonight I'm making zucchini boats, filled with turkey sausage and tomatoes and covered with mozzerella. hopefully Pinterest is not lying and this is going to be yummy.


Starting Over

Today is day one of Ninja Mommy Diet 2012.

So far I've gotten through to lunch time with no extra snacking. Greek yogurt in, lots of water and a plan for a sandwich full of veggies for lunch. I'll be the first to admit that I did have a final hurrah this weekend. I consumed and gorged until I felt like trash. But it's a new day and I've got this.

I'll try and get some photos loaded from the weekend, we had such a fun time at the farm, relaxing and playing in the creek. Amazingly there was a break in the heat this weekend, but it made for a chilly dip in the water, and I was too much of a pansy to get all the way in. Felix was in the water for the better part of Saturday, and then in spite of a good soaking we had a small campfire and made smores, I ate 3


Oh well, that's life.


Ninja meet Dragon

Dragon-ass that is.

I'm deep in a period of:
no-sleep, ugly hair
looking like a zombie,
too much shit going on in my life,
when the crap did it become the middle of the summer,
why don't my pants fit,
I need a drink,
I've got to stop eating pasta at 11 at night,
Why is my baby going to school in 4 weeks,
an addiction to meth might be nice
HOLY SHIT I weigh 195 pounds!!!!

Um, no.

This is just not working for me.
I'm slipping big time,
back into eating candy all the time,
shoveling fast food in my face, not sleeping,
not drinking enough water,
no working out and really, really looking bad.

Again, no.

So here's the deal folks, I'm going back to the plan.

-I hate fast food, I'm cutting it out of my diet completely
-No more energy drinks, period
-sleeping more
-drinking 100+ ounces of water a day.
-going to the gym 3x per week

I've got a goal people, an I want to be 175 by Halloween goal.
Then I'm going to have another goal, an I want to be 165 by Christmas goal.
I'm turning 30 next year and I will not be the fat, slouchy mom of three with a flabby rear end, no thank you.

Can I lose 30 pounds in 6 months, maybe?


Happy Birthday America!

I'm not going to wax sentimental about the 4th this year, cause I'm really not feeling it.
But happy anniversary america, thanks for the laughs.
Since it was this time of year, we did our family photos in a red/white/blue theme.

She loves to curtsy now. 

Happy Baby

Hey Jeeves, look what we made! 


Ninja Family, in front of our home, on a quilt I made,
the aww factor is pretty high in this one. 

Get the Mommy!!!!

We were going for something a bit more romantic here. 

I made those tu-tus. 

Ammo for when they hate each other later

that's my big girl, *sniff


I needed video of this hilarity in my driveway

If only that ugly 1972 trailer wasn't sitting behind them. 

pouty-face pumpkin

de bebe,


Best Laid Plans

So this is the month where I typically begin working on Halloween and then Christmas stuff. this year is no exception, I have lots in the works, and hopefully I'll get better about posting my handiwork as I go along.

This week is going to be a rough one. Add the heat to the fact that I have to clean my house, organize my office and get my work in order before friday and you've got a recipe for a really frazzled lady, hopefully we'll keep cool and get it all done.

I've been teaching/guiding a production developed by the folks I work with and our big show is this Saturday and then I'll be going to the farm next weekend, so before I know it, the end of July will be knocking and then I've got to think about Pumpkin's birthday party this first weekend of August.

Pumpkin will be starting school at the end of the summer and I'm in a small amount of denial about it, if I don't think about it, it might not have to happen, right, right?



Well, more soon, including some cool family pics probably tomorrow if I get the CD from the photographer. 

Lookit the ears, ZOMG I wanna bite em.  

GAH!!! So cute!!!

Too Much attitude for 4
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