Photos and Pink Eye

Tell me if you see the images in the center of the flowers. 

This outline took about 50 minutes, the top of it, where it's red, hurt like a bitch!

Today I have tons to do and am recovering from a wicked case of Pink Eye, I'm pretty sure my head is going to either explode or fall off, shrivel up and roll away like a rotten apple. I hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was not awesome with being sick and having eye funk. 

Saturday I had the chance to sleep in, but couldn't so I bummed around until it was time to get dressed for Jeeve's cousin's wedding. It was a casual wedding, at the bride's father's home and they served fried chicken and party potatoes for dinner. I'd have had way more fun but my eye was creating yellow strings of gooey yuck that kept goobing out onto my face.

But on the bright side my awesome doctor came in to the office on a Sunday to check out my eye, and gave me a sample of the prescription so I didn't have to go to the pharmacy. My doc rocks, hardcore and he's adorbs, so double score for me. When I went in to have my headaches stuff looked at he was asking about stressors in my life (and I'm all like, you want that alphabetically or chronologically) and he says, well there medication that can help with that, but you seem to have a good attitude about it and I think meds will just make you depressed, so we'll try other things first. He remembered that I'm breastfeeding, and have thyroid concerns right now and asked about those things while I was sitting in his exam room ON A SUNDAY!!!! I just can't get over it, he's the best doc I've ever had.


Sarah G said...

Love the tat! Sorry about the pink eye!

Amanda said...

The tattoo is awesome -- and hooray for your doctor! Feel better soon.

Julie said...

I'll try this again, blogger ate my fist comment.
Get better, love the tattoo, I think the middle spells names or something like that but not sure, will look again.
Take care and have a blessed evening!

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