Do You Smell That?

No, you don't, my kitchen has been sadly neglected. It is clean, but no good smells have come out of it for quite a while and I am sad about this :0(

On the upside, I am making T-shirts! I am member of an online group that serves an inspirational purpose and we support each other in trying to bring back the sexy in our lives. One of the ladies has this saying; Peace, Love, and Water Bottles! and she puts it at the end of her posts. We all think its great, so I am putting it on a shirt. If they turn out well I will post some pics here and maybe consider making some for anyone who might be interested??? I have a lot in the works for this week, so we'll see how it goes.

I am also going to start making aprons, first for some of my fam and friends for holiday gifts and then some for me that are fun, and maybe I might sell a few. I have this great idea for an apron made with terrycloth on the bottom so wiping wet hands is easier and less soggy!

I had intentions of cooking last night, but daughterly duty called and I ended up taking my mom to the mechanic to get her van inspected so she can have it licensed. Then we went out for some food and back to her house so the munches could watch Mickey Mouse Club House.

So I had to cook in my mind, what I came up with is a fall treat that I will be putting to the test probably today. Creamy Black Bean soup. Made with black beans, turkey ham, veggies and yogurt it will be creamy and filling and only have 311 calories per serving!!! I think It sounds to die for. And I may add some pasta to bulk it up and that will be delicious too!

I am also working on squash latkas, pumpkin bread and a fall garden plan. I hate that I give myself so many projects, but I also can't stand being idle, I need to move.


Not So Wild Weekend

I spent the weekend at Patty Creek Farm, a bed and breakfast in Missouri that boasts the most beautiful views and a spring fed creek that babbles just enough the make you fall asleep. I went with my mom, her friend, a friend of mine and her mother. It was an oddly put together group of folks that worked out just fine, everyone had lots to talk about and the conversation was great. My hubs kept the babies and he did okay, they didn't eat well, or go to sleep on time, but, they are still alive and they were so happy to see me when I got home.

I spent the weekend with a book in one hand and a drink in the other, I napped, read, snacked, drank, sat by the fire, and ate. Boy, did I eat. We had country style breakfasts both days with eggs, meat, bread and fruit piled up on the table. I did not count my calories, and may not even try to go back and figure it out, I probably gained a pound or two but it was more than worth it, because I feel centered and calm like I haven't in months. I made fresh salsa, with and without peppers(just for you ma), and we burned through three bags of chips in two days. Dinner on Saturday was a real treat: burgers, fish, salad, carrots, potatoes, and then brownies... You get the idea.

I am not weighing in this week, for I feel it would result in defeat replacing my calm and peaceful happiness. I am battling hormones and water weight and will be in the gym every day this week. not because I have to, but because I want to. I am also getting back in the kitchen and will have something delicious for everyone by tomorrow.


What's the Plan?

Now that my wieght loss is becoming more noticable people are asking me how I am doing it. "What diet are you on" they keep saying...HCG? South Beach? Atkins? Jenny Craig? Wieght Watchers?...

I simply reply that I am not on a diet, I am just eating better and getting active. The responses I get are varied and often hilarious.

*(Incredulously) "and thats actually working???" - nope, I had just been wearing 14 extra layers of clothing all these years, theres your sign.

*(Impressed) "Good for you, You are doing it right" - no smart ass internal dialogue here, just thanks.

*(Scoffing) "you'd get much faster results if you did this diet. Yeah the first three days are hell but you get used to only eating 500 calories, bugs and saw dust." - Wow, I sort of think maybe you joined a cult instead of going on a diet.

*(Confused) "Where did hear about that diet?"- um, doctors have been saying this for years,

*(Defensive) "Well I work out sometimes, I just bought this new machine and I'm waiting for it to arrive." - thats great, is it an abdoer?

*(Deluded) "You should be more like me, I feel like I don't need to lose weight, I'm happy where I am" which is awesome, if you can see your toes...*whispers* she can't

So the plan...the plan is that I try to keep my calories under my BMR and do some sort of intentional exercise three times per week. I am active nearly everyday, as those of you with toddlers are aware, but I actually go to the gym three times a week and spend an hour there. My goal was to creat something sustainable. I worried over getting all gung-ho about working out every day and losing a bunch of wieght and then burning out halfway through. I needed this to be something that would fit into my life, not something temporary that couldn't go long term.

Nothing is off limits unless I decide that it will be, and if I don't stay under my BMR for a day it is not the end of the world, I don't have a time limit, I'm not in a race, I am accountable to me and thats enough. I get to eat delicous foods everyday that are the envy of most of the people in my office.

So far, I think this is a good plan.

I will be out of town this weekend, getting away for a day or two, so the blog will be kind of quiet, but thats cool I'll have farm storeis on monday and probably some exercise in the woods misadventure to relay.


Funk and Butt Busting

Yesterday did not begin well, but the second half proved much better. Before the ice cream trip mentioned in my previous post I went to the gym. I spent about 30 mintues on the elliptical machine doing a butt workout that felt like I was climbing a mountain. Today my tush is still sore but when I went home my whole attitude had changed. I felt good enough to clean my ktichen after the trip to the park and then made a new recipe, I'll post it below. I got sidetracked on the meatloaf, but its comming, I promise. Its on my recipe page if you are anxious.

This morning I got in to work kind of early and went for my thrusday weigh in, hoping and praying that scale would show some fruit from all my hard work. And guess what? it did!!! I am now 205, a new low, and only 5 pounds from my next incentive. Hopefully in two weeks you will see a post of me cooking away with my new food proccesor!!!

After my weigh in I went to see mom at her office, we work for the same company, ans she was thrilled. We are going out of town this weekend, she and I am one of my good friends are going to a sort of B&B-ish farm that is next to a spring fed creek where I intend to drink some wine and relax all wekend with no kids!

But I also intend on working out every day until next monday to keep up this kick start, maybe I'll feel so good by the end that I will want to keep exercising each day, rather than going back to only three times a week. At the end of the kick start I am either going to keep working out or lower my target calories, gotta keep this going so I can work on baby #3 at the first of the year!

Veggie Fritatas
NBA2 004

Makes 8 servings

Ingredients 1 1/2 cups egg beaters
2 cups zucchini, shredded
2 cups squash, shredded
1 1/2 cup green pepper
1/2 cup onion
1 cup Parmesan cheese, shredded

shred zucchini and squash with cheese grater.
Dice onion.
mix all ingredients
spoon into cup cake pan
bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until eggs are set.

serve three fritatas with sour cream or fat free plain yogurt.

Calories 109Calories from Fat 48
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 5.3g/8%
Saturated Fat 2.5g/13%
Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 11mg/4%
Sodium 281mg/12%
Total Carbohydrates 4.2g/1%
Dietary Fiber 1.0g/4%
Sugars 2.1g
Protein 11.4g
Vitamin A 8% • Vitamin C 40%
Calcium 18% • Iron 8%


Retitled: Reasons I love my diet today

While I try to re-start my weight loss I find that my energy is at an all time low. Yesterday post workout I went grocery shopping with the munches and then sat on my ass all evening because I just feel awful. My lack of motivation to clean my house cause some friction between hubs and me, so today I am tired and depressed. My negative sense of well being cause me to stop by the IGA bakery on the way to work today and purchase a blueberry scone, and then wolf it down in the car before I got to work.

The plan is to work out for an hour today, doing 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 of weights and stretching. I always feel better after wards, so maybe I'll bust the funk.

I am going to be making the eggplant, turkey meatloaf tonight for dinner, along with some homemade mashed potatoes, which should be pretty yummy. I'll post the pictures and recipe tomorrow. I also thought I would make a commitment to post a recipe each friday and give you a preview so you can know what coming.

This Friday: Texas style chili
Next Friday: Creamy black bean and bacon soup.

This afternoon I felt the need to re-post because my workout did indeed bust the funk and made me think how blessed I am.
I took my munches down to the historic main street in our town and we got cones from the ice cream shop and ate them in the shade, it was such a wonderful afternoon. Then we wandered down through the park that banks the river and the girls chased the ducks. I feel so much better and wanted to share some photos of me and the munches today.
NBA2 003
NBA2 002
NBA2 001
I love my diet because I don't feel guilty at all for sharing this treat and time with my babies, I love my diet because it lets me be a fun mommy.


New Plan

In other News, I feel as though I am in a rut, I have been 208 for a few weeks and so this week I have a plan to kick start my metabolism and get things moving again. Last week I had several days where I cam very close to going over my BMR calories, so this week I am cutting back alot and working out everyday. 1500 calories a day and at least 30 mins of exercise every day this week ought to kick start my wieght loss.

Also I am on the lookout for some new track pants. I have this great Eddie Izzard shirt that says "Cake or Death?" and I need some pants to wear with it. It seemed fitting for a workout shirt, so as soon as I find some pants I'll get a photo with the shirt and post it.


Wild Weekend

Did you ever have one of those weekends where you sit down on Sunday after dinner and think, damn, wasn't it just Friday morning???

We held Hannah's birthday party at a park this Sunday It was a midday lunch barbecue thing. We had a great turnout however the Missouri river and public restrooms combined to create an odd scent wafting through the party every five minutes or so, ick!

I probably consumed 800 calories in soda alone, I however, justified this by the amount I must have burned from just sweating, jumping green jesu it was hot!!!. Additionally it was really too hot to eat, i had half a brat, half a piece of cake, and some broccoli salad. I think next year we may have a pool party, 5 is a good age for a pool party, right?

On the diet front I have not yet weighed myself today, although i should, because I am slightly concerned that in spite of my excellent deficit on Friday and Saturday the sodium and sugar will have caused me to retain water. I want to see a big number change the next time I weigh myself, so I think I am going to flood my system with water, take an aqua ban and get my butt moving for three days and weigh in on Thursday.

Today, however, my workout will be lackluster at best, I feel like I am sleepwalking. Maybe I'll sleep instead of eating dinner... think that will work?


Munches and the Munchies

The Munches
b&w girls
I have spoken before about my Munches, my daughters, Hannah and Reagan. The Munches is a shortened form of munchkins, and it suits them. SO I figured i would share a bit about them and how they inspire, irritate, overwhelm and complete me as a person. (Warning, vast amounts of sappy-ness is forthcoming, be cautious you might slip and fall in the gooey love talk)

My Hannah.
1 116
Hannah is 4, she was my first baby. I spent two weeks not sleeping after she was born because I was sure she was going to stop breathing. She is crafty and sweet and has a "mommy's sad" radar and know to come give me hugs whenever I am feeling down. She also tells me how pretty I am which at least for the ten minutes following the statement makes her my favorite. When she was younger she had the most amazing way of pronouncing words that really defies spelling, some of my favorites were: Croc-e-di-dile (crocodile), puangin (penguin), and gerff (giraffe). She enjoys the wind and will ask me to roll down the windows anytime we are in the car, then she giggles like mad for the whole trip. She loves to make me laugh and when she succeeds she talks about it for hours, even calls the hubs to let him know, "I make mommy laugh"

My Reagan.
1 113
Reagan is 2, she is also probably the smartest 2 year old I have ever known. She is conversational, and can tell me the plot and story lines of her favorite kid shows. It's kind of amazing. Reagan is loud, and from the minute her head popped out of "the oven" she was a snorter, she snorts when she laughs, when she's upset, when she sleeps... She is like a little imp, and when she gets in trouble she comes over a drops a kiss on whatever body part is closest to her and says, " I wub you mommy" sometimes it saves her, sometimes. She's always on the go but when she wants some love she will hold up her hands and say "Kun ear mommy, kun ear" (come here mommy, come here.)
1 037

The Munchies
Let me start off by saying that in another life I must have been a sponge, I retain enough water to fill a swimming pool anytime salt even happens to be in the same room as me. Adding to this moisture problem is the fact that nothing satisfies my munchies like salty, crispy, snacks; pretzels, corn chips, funyuns, nuts, seeds...*drool*
A somewhat odd side effect of this tendency toward water retention is the fact that when I drink I don't get hangovers, I don't dehydrate. I gotta say, this is pretty cool, I like not having hangovers, I have seen what they do to others, and its not pretty.
I need to find a way to combat the 9 pm munchies, and fast, it's starting to make me crazy...okay crazier. I believe it started when i was preggo, because that was when the sickness would hit and I would have a snack to calm my stomach, then while nursing 9 pm was a common feeding time and I would have a snack too, the habit is just too ingrained. I gotta work this out, I think it might be sabotaging my big scale numbers, i was losing 2 pounds a week and that has started slowing down, need to get re-committed and keep the freaking Doritos out of the house.


My Favorite Topic, Food

I have to confess that the last week has not been a proud one for me with regard to eating. While I have been cooking the most amazing foods, I have also been drinking a little and snacking more than usual. It was a decision I made, I don't blame it on anyone but me.

Today, however is a new day, a better day and a Delicious day. I created a meal last night that is inspiring in its flavor and calories content. I made Turkey Vegetable Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, covered with crimini mushroom gravy...

Yes, I used a package of brown gravy, but only because it was late and the Munches were hungry. I also added extra water and some light sour cream to increase the flavor, holy crap *drool* . I worked it out and the gravy was less than 50 calories for a half cup, amazing!

The recipe for the turkey can be found here, however I have had a new thought about making it in the future and think that it will benefit from some eggplant so I will make it again next week and post the picture and new recipe then.

The littlest Munch loved it and ate a whole plate, however the older one refused to eat and went to bed hungry. She kept asking for cereal or peanut butter but she needs veggies!!! So I offered her the choice of apples, grapes or dinner and she refused them all. I hope that the experts are right and if she is hungry she will eat what is provided. It concerns me.

Oh well, with fall coming and cooler weather on the way I am excited about the idea of being able to cook delicious stews and soups and chili, how I love chili, and with my new healthy flair it ought to be exciting! That black bean soup i mentioned earlier is still in the works, I am trying some things out to make sure its amazing before I post it. Also on the horizon is a chicken and dumpling recipe that has only 500 calories per serving, and the serving is a giant bowl!!!



Invariably as one begins to lose weight there are comments made by those around you. Personally I can't really wait and have to tell my closest everyday folks each time a new pound comes off. But, there are some people who I don't feel the need to gush at. When these people mention that they can tell I've lost weight my typical reaction is one of ecstasy! It's SOOOOOOOO cool when others can finally see what you are doing!!!

However when someone you see only rarely, and whom you do not really know at all mentions that you have lost weight how would you respond? I ask because this occur ed last weekend. The step mother of my cousins husband (roommates, third cousins, florists, great uncle...lol) Anyway she says to me, "Wow, Nellie you have really lost some weight! look how skinny you are!"

Okay so there are a few issues with this;
1. I am NOT skinny, 208 does not constitute skinny in any part of the world.
2. How fat was I before that this woman who has not seen me in a YEAR AND A HALF feels the need to comment on it.

So instead of feeling giddy, I got all down on myself for the fatty I once was and completly let the fact that she had probably heard from my cousin that I was dieting and was trying to be supportive, slip past. I can't really figure how we can want compliments so badly yet second guess them when they happen along.


Bikey Death and Anniversaries

Last saturday, being the one year anniversary of a not so awesome event in my life (getting fired from a job), I bought a bottle of wine to celebrate where I was then and how far I have come now. I'll admit, I drank the whole bottle and, in spite of the caloric blow it delivered, it was lovely. What started the night off was the fact that I was carded at the grocery store, something that almost never happens. I almost kissed the cashier!!! Then I bought this great shirt from the junior section of Walmart, and it fit, with room to spare!!! Then I went home and the hubs took care of my munches so I could read a trashy novel and drink my bottle of wine, heavenly...
1 004

I am purchasing a bike, as I believe I mentioned in a previous post, and my new change count is 27.00 even, which is kind of hard to believe. I found a picture of the bike and wanted to share it. The online price says 99.00 which is a full 20 less than the price in the store, if it's temporarily on sale I may have to just go ahead and buy it. But if its on sale that means I only have to come up with 72.00 plus tax instead of the full 99.00, nothing to thumb your nose at. I decided to purchase this bike because I need something with coasting brakes. I live in a very hilly nieghborhood which is good for my thighs, but equates to death if my old hand brakes fail on my vintage Cruiser. Plus, I'm not gonna lie, I really want to be as cool as Ms. Bitch Cakes.
Bike from Walmart


Not Even That Good

An ode to former eating habits and present triumphs.

I have to admit that I was a fast food junkie, at least 5 times a week found me in the drive through with some grease filled paper wrapped nonsense being shoved at me through the neon-lit hole in the wall (and lets not even mention that fact that I knew the day shift at Jack In The Box by name...wow that's the first time I admitted that out loud.) However now that almost three months have passed I have come to a few realizations about fast food.

1. I don't even really like it that much, with the exception of fries I could never eat another fast food item and be just fine.

2. It makes me feel awful. Added to the shame of chowing down on crap I also get stomach aches, headaches, indigestion, and other 'unmentionable' tummy issues ( you know what I am talking about)

3. It is made with some form of behavior altering chemical...okay maybe not, but when i have to eat it because there are no other options, I always find myself craving it again...its like those damn potato chips... a damn vicious fat filled cycle.

4. My children have gotten way to used to fast food, my oldest asks to get burgers and chicken nuggets. I believe we are going to have to do some intense diet altering on my daughters in the near future.

On the flip side the new way of eating I have adopted (which is not nearly as ambitious as some, for instance I don't want to give up sugar so I will not do it) has created some new habits and must haves the bear mentioning.

1. I must have garlic and onions in my house at all times. They are like water and air to my dieting self, I need the intense and great flavors they produce.

2. A good knife makes me happier than a milk shake. I love to cook and being able to do it easily with flair makes me giddy.

3. Slim fast is a good thing. I will never be on the "slim fast diet" but I have one nearly every day for breakfast (because I cannot physically force myself to eat solid food before 10 am) in lieu of something less healthy.

4. Butter is still Okay!!! I measure my servings and use it for cooking, it adds flavor and depth without extra chemical stuff, and makes the small Texan inside of me happy.

5. Frozen grapes are a gift from god!

Last night when Hungry rolled over and nudged me with a suggestive eye raised and said, "how bout a burger, hot stuff?" I shot him down and had some tomatoes with balsamic glaze and sprinkles of feta cheese. Most delicous and only 150 calories!!!


How can I burn calories while lounging?

My hubby brought a stationary recumbent bike home for himself and encouraged me to feel free to use it as well. I was hesitant. I adjusted the seat, sat down and pedaled for about 10 minutes without breaking a sweat. I know they say any activity is better than no activity but there was no resistance in the pedals, it felt like I wasn't doing anything. So I grabbed my 5 pound hand weights and did enough lunges, squats and tricep moves to feel some serious burn. I kind of feel like the 10 minutes on the bike were sort of useless, I'll stick with my heart pounding sweaty cardio that doesn't leave me so unsatisfied...

I woke up today with about 7 pounds of crap in my sinuses and feeling generally like I've been hit by a truck. It's funny how I can be going along, feeling okay and then, WHAM! sick. I read recently about how to stay active when you are sick, and thought, there just no freaking way, why would any person want to do that??? Well I guess I am going to find out. I need some cardio, badly, so today after getting the necessities taken care of at work I am going to hit the gym for at least 30 minutes of butt-busting on the elliptical machine. Who knows maybe it will clear my sinuses and then I can go take a nap.

I did make the salmon dish for the hubs, turned out delicious, so I am going to make it again tonight and take photos so I can have a new recipe post tomorrow. I am also going to be working on a black bean soup recipe, something with lots of heat to get my nose running and feed my soul at the same time.


Stay Puffed

Today I feel rather like that marshmallow dude from the ghost busters movie. And since its going to be 103 degrees outside I might just melt. I went out with the hubs for his birthday last night and had four drinks, which was not bad we were out for around 6 hours so that's less than a drink an hour, but today I feel dried out and swollen. I am chugging water and have planned an ambitious workout for this afternoon that I hope will kill the bloat and the funk that I seem to have slipped into.

For the first time in months work has overwhelmed me. It's not more than I can do it just requires a level of concentration that my overly tired ADD brain just can't handle. I am looking forward to getting health insurance because I am worried that my thyroid is getting whacked again. I am overheated and tired, which could just as easily be a result of living in a heatwave but I am worried and don't want to go long without treatment. Can't post much more today, feeling like even putting together coherent sentences is too taxing. If i didn't have a meeting at 3:30 this afternoon I would go home and nap for the rest of the day.



"Change" My World

So with my workout on sunday and eating like a rabbit for two days I am now down to 208! I packed a great lunch and snack today and have been on the move all day, plus its like living on the surface of the sun outside so I know I am burning some serious calories everytime I do anything outdoors (which is happening much more than I would like today). Since I am now really dedicated to working off these pounds, I am starting a new mission.

Operation: "Change" my World!
I only use cash to make everyday purchases and so I amass a large amount of coins. I am going to save these coins and cash them in at the end of October to purchase another bycicle. I am going to use the new one at home and bring my current cycle to work to use to ride around campus, which is really big. Plus I can do laps for cardio!

My husband is turning 29 today so I am making him a new dish. He loves salmon so I am going to make some whole wheat pasta with fresh veg and tossed with garlic infused evoo, and serve it with grilled salmon with a lemon cream sauce. I think it will be amazing, we shall see, if it works out I will post the recipe.

My next incentive: 200 pounds
5 001


Hard to Feel Bad...

When you look this good.
1 158

Haha, I went to workout today and got a little goofy after "flash dancing" my hubby's old shirt to wear while jogging. A freind of mine did this to a shirt she wore to my house yesterday and it inspired me. See, I hate t-shirts, I hate the way they fit, or don't fit, however you want to phrase it; but this was better.

My previously non-awesome internal movie went to a new edition where Mrs.Sexy Awesomeness, glistening from her latest workout, shops at the local fresh produce stand. Maybe I don't look as great as I could but, this is still way better than it has been in the past.


Just Plain Tired!

It's been a long couple of days, and I'll admit, my adherence to my eating plan has not been the greatest. I am feeling bloated from salt and just plain tired from running around. So instead of my typical wit and tedious long-windedness, I'll share some photos of things that have happened recently and a few recipes I worked out.

First the food.
Click here for French Toast
5 013

Click here for Curried Chicken and Squash
5 018
Typically I serve it it over rice, but pasta works too.

Next: The fun!
I had the hubs take a better photo of me on my bicycle today, it's better, cause, you know, it's not dark.
5 005

Hubs and I went out for my cousin's 21st birthday. I cropped him out because he did not like the photo of himself, but I thought he looked pretty cute.
5 015-1

More to follow on a day when my brain hurts less. Including some pictures of me in my next round of goal clothing. Size 14 here I come!!!


The Need for Justification

I am entering new "life change" territory, aka the part of a diet I have never made it to before. I am very comfortable with my new way of eating, feeding my body good foods, watching portions etc. Granted I slip,(licking my lips while remembering the pie...) but I don't make a slip a landslide. I get back on track and alter my habits the following day to ease the blow to my waist line.

That said why, when giving my self a treat, lunch out, a baked goodie, a beer for god sake, do I feel the need to tell the people around me my philosphy about dieting and how yes this really does fit into my plan.

They don't care, and I'm pretty sure they are not judging me, but in my heart I feel as though they are. Internal movie time...

"Overwight girl slowly enjoys a cookie, licking crumbs off her lips and chewing slowly as if it is the most exquisite ambrosia, meanwhile freinds and family silently mock and shake their heads saying to themselves over the crunching of fattys cookie consumption, "doesn't she know thats how she got where she is" Despite the fact that OWG did an hour long workout today she feels the wieght of guilt settling in her stomach along with the cookie which now tastes like defeat..."

Why do I think this way??? I have gone very far in this journey and am commited to it so I can't wrap my head around the reason that I can't own up to my decision and realize that I am a grown woman who is finally in control of my food and enjoy the damn cookie,...or pie.

In FTW news this week, in spite of the pie I have lost another pound. 209 is my new low, thats 23 pounds down and 59 to go!

I'm going out to the theatre with my Mom tonight to see Footloose the musical, so I did my hair, and I'm feeling pretty cute today, and I'll probably eat a cookie :0)
1 145


Anyone else feel a Queen song coming on?

Yesterday while perusing the local Craigslist postings I found something I never thought I would find. A vintage style cruiser with three speeds. It's green and needs some TLC but it's ride-able and for 25 dollars it became mine. I have been wanting a bicycle for months now, and after reading about successes of others with getting healthy by cycling I wanted to give it a go. DSCF2002[1]

I took a ride around my neighborhood, which is like those stories your grandparents tell you..."uphill, both ways"...except there was no snow, it was 103 degrees. I rode for about a half hour and then went home to recover from the stroke, :0)

I have set a new goal for myself and it is to be in shape enough to ride my bicycle to work by next spring. My best friend is employed by some tree huggers so I sometimes get these urges to do something planet wise, and it turns out that this is both planet and body wise, so we'll give it a go.

Now I need to find some good websites to get advice for working on bikes, this one has some rust, needs oiling, the seat is too high, and I want to paint the wheel guards white and get a new white seat for it. I am going to make some tassels for the handle bars with shamrocks and green ribbons that I just happen to have lying around. I am also going to get a basket and a rack for the rear of the bike so I can carry things. This makes me anxious for the years ahead when my munches will be able to ride with me, I can only imagine how much fun we will have.

Me, post ride, still red faced


Typical Foods on a Workout day

On days when I am planning on hitting the gym I usually plan my foods rather carefully. I want to maintain a good deficit without starving my body post workout. I usually start with my daily diet latte, and then I add some fruit and cottage cheese, which brings my breakfast up to about 400 cals. Then I have a big salad and a protien bar for lunch, this tends to be around 500 cals, 200 for the bar and 300 for the salad (I don't like diet dressing so I go for less of the real thing and enjoy it more, my new favorite is a sweet vinegar and olive oil mix that will take the bitter out of fresh spinach its a gift from god, and only 70 cals for 2 tbsp.)

My Workout Day Salad Today
1 144
1 Cup romaine
1 cup spinach
2/3 cup cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup feta cheese
2 tbsp dressing
I grab a handful of nuts or seeds right before the workout and try to drink at least 24 ounces of water during the course of the workout. I do an hour of activity and then on my way home I have some more fruit, frozen grapes are great at cooling me off and they make the ride home lots of fun.

For dinners on workout nights I usually cook something fresh, since I have all that energy after working out... no really, I do. I usually tackle some huge chore after working out to take advantage of the energy boost, which usually makes my deficit even higher :P I try to add lots of protien in with some good carbs, like chicken and brown rice, or whole wheat pasta.

On workout days my deficit which is usually right around 600 goes up between 1000-1200. I don't do this intentionally but I refuse to eat when I'm not hungry, and I think it has been working so far.

Me Post Workout, goofing off in my kitchen
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Does it count as off track if you are doing it intentionally, with a definite end in sight?

I went out of town this weekend and ate horribly, but as I said, it was intentional. I decided I have been diligent since May 17th and I deserved a weekend away from it. Well I came home and tracked And I still didn't go over by much, I guess my stomache has shrunk. But what I did eat was mostly delicious garbage.

Mother Nature has paid me a visit, so I'm up about three pounds, most of which Im sure is water weight, but I have been working out, even though it 102 degrees outside. I'm bloated and bitchy but still giggling thanks to the newest FHP (feminine hygiene product) commercials. I totally visualize my cycle as that annoying woman in the suit holding the little gift box. And anytime I need a chuckle I remember that commercial making fun of all the other FHP commercials, "Sometimes I just feel the need to spin in a circle..." hehehehehehehe.

Ahem, I went to a family reunion type thing with my mothers side of the family and we had a blast, mostly because there was pie. Oh sweet heavens there was pie, it was pear pie made with port and spices and the crust had BUTTER in it with Gruyere cheese...great, now I'm drooling. I seriously ate half a pie, and I don't even feel that bad about it.

I found that while stuffing copious quantities of junk, goldfish crackers, pie, bratwurst, eggs, pie, bacon, hasbrowns, pie, biscuits, gravy, did I mention pie? I felt awful, I felt like my energy level bottomed out and my whole body went into sloth mode.

Lesson of the day: Good food makes me feel good. simple math, even I should be able to manage this.

In Related news, my older Munch turned four yesterday, Happy Birthday Hannah Banana!
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