Mean, Mean Workout Machine

When I added workouts to me new life plan I thought I would A.) HATE them, all through school I despised gym glass. I have no hand eye coordination and all the sports they made us play just showcased my incredible badness. B.) Give up and decide that exercise was just not my cup of tea. However, some surprising things have come about in the last four weeks.
1.) I am sleeping better, more restful sleep, not as tired during the day...
2.) I want to exercise, when I go three or four day without exercising I start to feel rotten.
3.) I feel better in my skin, my balance has improved and my body does not seem as sluggish.
4.) My clothes seem to fit better, even when the pound difference is not that significant.

My tri-weekly workouts generally consist of 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, which has a glute program that is literally kicking my butt! 15 minutes of weights, I use 10 pound hand weights, bands and a weight machine with a leg press(which is like heaven) and then i finish up with about 10 minutes of streching and yoga poses which help me relax and get my heart rate back down. Additionally, doing the Yoga at the gym is much more relaxing than doing it at home, its loud at my house!


WTF??? and FTW!!!

Today's WTF??? News:
Yesterday I put on pair of work pants that fit me at the beginning of last year but have not been able to zip since last Christmas. They zipped up and were even a bit loose. Which was good until, over the course of the day, they began to grow!!! The size 18 pants became as loose on me as if I had been wearing a pair of 22's.
The crotch of the pants was hanging to my knees and I actually had to hold the band of the pants to keep them from falling down! It was horrifying, I felt like such a lunatic running errands while holding up my pants! So I decided that trip to the goodwill was in order. Which brings us to...

Today's FTW!!! news:
I tried on several pairs of size 16 pants at the resale shops and most of them were either too big, or just unattractive. I also grabbed a cute pair of Gap size 14 khakis, just to see, and they nearly zipped! I had to buy them, they have become my goal for the end of the summer, I want to be in a comfortable size 14 by the end of September.
I did find two pairs of brown and one pair of black pants that will do well for work, I needed something that looks professional but didn't want to spend lots of money(because I don't plan on wearing them for that long!!!)
NBA 002
Me in one of the new outfits
Did you ever notice that a size 16 at the Goodwill often fits like a 14 does in the store? Its a phenomenon I have often puzzled over.



I put on a pair of size 14 jeans this morning and while they were not really "comfortable" they zipped, and I could sit in them, I am thinking that 4-5 pounds from now they will fit well and I will have a skinny jean party!

Until then, as a reward for this massively awesome change(getting to 210) I am going shopping later. I am going to purchase some more tools for making the delicious body healthy foods that are allowing me to change my life and feel good about myself.
My shopping trip will result in a mandolin slicer, mortar and pestle and really good knife, maybe one that comes with sharpener...

My incentive plan is rather ambitious, these are all things I really want and they are worth the extra effort of working out and waiting, besides maybe I'll be able to find good sales on some of these things...

220-Workout clothes
210-Kitchen gadgets
200-Food processor
180-Going off Birth control (We want another munchkin)
170-Stand Mixer
160-Glider Rocking Chair
150-New wedding rings

You will notice there is a page called incentives here on my blog, I will be posting photos of the incentives as I earn them, and any new ones that come up along the way.


210, yes that's right, 210

Today my weight is 210, which means I have lost 22 pounds since may 17th. I am starting to think I am going to make it to my goal. My personal goal being to get to 180 by January 1st, 2011. The BMI meter and "experts" say I should be shooting for 140, but honestly if I get and stay anywhere around 160 at some point, I will be ecstatically happy.

While weighing in today a coworker told me that she thought I was around 160??? Is it even possible to look so much thinner than you are? I wonder if she was just being nice?

While watching weight loss shows I have seen people who weigh the same as me look way worse than I ever did. I never felt as bad as they say they do, I always felt flexible, strong and pretty okay...

I guess you might say I'm a little more dense than most, which is good and bad. Good because I can look better than than the scale suggests I ought to and Bad, because I will not see results as quickly, at least in the mirror.

I sort of wonder if I have a lot of muscle, if so, it will make this whole endeavor much easier, after all muscle burns fat more quickly and makes your body healthy.

Me, 7-26-2010
1 071


9 Weeks In, 19 pounds down

Today I am feeling rather emotional. It's been a hard week, lots of hormonal roller-coastering and leaking(crying, which I hate doing) There are some days when all I can do is sit on my couch and think of how much I would like to eat nachos, cupcakes, pasta, basically anything bad for me. I resist, because I know that my body is just looking for a way to ease stress. My daughters must have some form of esp because they always seem to know when I am feeling down, they come and ask for hugs and tell me they love me, those babies are amazing!

I'm feeling kind of dried out, so I am going to increase my fluids to feel more hydrated. Plus, water makes your body work, right?

Ready for a before and after??? It's amazing, really.

Me, February 13th, 2010
February 2010

Me, July 14th, 2010
July 2010
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