Come to the Water

Yesterday we baptized our little guy and had a luncheon with the family and friends who came to the baptism. It was a lovely day that got even better when we arrived home and Jeeves sent me to bed for an hour and a half because I "looked like I could use a nap"

Sunshine and Pumpkin are loving the new addition and they are having a blast posing for pictures, fetching diapers and rocking him in his car seat when he is upset that he is strapped in and we are not in a moving vehicle. Whenever he begins crying they are very concerned and start shouting, "Mommy, the baby needs you!"

It turns out that Squirt is a very apt name for this little dude and I think it will stick around for awhile. He seems to think that any time a clean diaper is strapped on to his butt, that it's time to create new poo. I almost always end up changing him twice a sitting because as I'm wiping his tiny cute tush he starts going more.

For those of you with boys; Yes, I have been peed on. but he's peed on himself far more often including once the other day where he totally soaked his own sock because of his incredible aim and the fact that as soon as he started going, instead of covering him up I started laughing so hard that I just let him keep hosing his own foot. (no joke I was rolling on the floor and he was calmly looking around like, "what's up, hey; quick question, why is my foot wet?")

I'm down to 184 now, with only 14 pounds to go before I get to my first goal. I am able to start easing into exercise this week, and as soon as Jeeves gets home today the kids and I are going to attempt a 1.5 mile walk around the neighborhood. It'll do us all good to have some activity, the girls have been going a little stir crazy the past week. It's a beautiful day outside and we'd be foolish to ignore it.

I'm also heading to the store this afternoon. In the mad prep for Squirt I forgot baby towels and in one of the cards we received yesterday there was some cash, so I'm going to use it buy a three pack of towels and some burp cloths, cause this gluttonous child will eat until he cannot possibly hold on to all the milk in his belly and then hurl a portion of it back up on me (yuck) so I need some spew catchers. 

I've been asked if he's a laid back baby, and I say yes. But, I'm not sure if he's laid back or I am. I remember being frantic and crazed with the girls and I find very little raises my pulse this time around. He cries and I know from doing it with the girls and also from my line of work, that crying is communication. While I may not be able to stop him crying, it's not personal and he's not trying to punish me; so it's easier to deal with. Plus he's such a content and amazing little man that I feel blessed every minute I get to spend with him.
You can't see all of her face but this expression hasn't left her face in two weeks


So, What did I miss?

Hello my blog friends. It's been awhile since I posted anything but photos but as you can imagine, I've been a bit preoccupied. After bringing Squirt home we've settled in quite nicely and I've even been able to sleep rather well a few nights.

I've decided to co-sleep with my little guy, and have moved a full sized bed into the nursery where he and I can get our snuggle on each night. He still naps and starts out each night in his bassinet, but after the first wake up and feeding, he nestles in next to me and we sleep for 3-4 hours at a time. I typically wake up before he starts crying because he is so close to me and after a quick feeding and diaper change it's right back off to dream land.

I've been enjoying the frozen stuff I made prior to giving birth and not having to cook very much. Mutti has been here nearly every day and has been making sure that I eat and take naps when I'm looking a bit run down. it's been lovely.

I'm back to reading and I'll be back to commenting as well as giving you all the run down as I prepare to re-enter the land of workouts, and attempt to get myself in shape for the Muck Ruckus wich has replaced the mud run and is scheduled for May 19th. Two months to get myself back in sufficient shape to complete an event that actually made me more sore than childbirth did. I was sitting normally in about a day with childbirth, every muscle in my body hurt for about a week after the mud run last year.


One Week In

I promise to write a real post with actual things to read soon, I've just been very, very busy for the past week. I hope everyone is doing well, weight this morning, 189.
165 -here I come.


Welcome To Our Life, Little Man

I will eventually get around to telling the birth story but suffice it to say that it hurt, a lot, and I opted for the epidural too late meaning that I got it but it didn't help much.

He's here now, and I am feeling wonderful and sleepy. We're working out nursing and getting ready to settle down for our first night at home. I figured everyone would want to see some photos, so I'll post a few below. Thanks to Erin for posting one in the comments of the previous post so everyone could get a look.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for and supporting me the last few weeks/months. I'm glad to be moving forward with the next portion of my life as a Mommy, a Runner and a Healthy Cook.

Enjoy some Photos.
Checking in to the Hospital
Before the Munches got here, Mommy, Daddy and Danny.
Mutti with her Grandbabies
A New Munch
Ninja Family New Addition
Pumpkin getting a good look and a snuggle
Having a heart to heart about timing.
Grannie and Squirt
Yep, I'm here....So, now what?


He's here! Daniel William Moellering was born at 7:23pm on 3-11-12. He weighs 8lbs, 5ozs and is 20 inches long. Everyone is healthy and happy, more later. :)


Food in....baby out

Not yet, but soon I hope. I've been spotting for over 24 hours now and the baby is moving a lot.

So, yesterday I ate

1 half cup of chicken fried rice.
1 cup of pineapple
1 slice of sausage pizza
2 breadsticks.
1 Twix bar (1 package,2 bars)

And about a gallon of water, diet soda and crystal light. I tasted none of it and I passed up about 14 places in the mall with yummy things because I didn't want to waste the chewing on things I could not taste. I wonder if temporary sense of taste removal could be a valid dieting technique.

Go on a drug for 6 months that takes away your sense of smell and taste and I bet you'd lose weight like nobodies business. For me; smell, taste and mouth feel all combine to give the satisfaction of eating something I enjoy. If I couldn't have those things I probably wouldn't eat until my stomach started letting me know verbally that I needed food and as long as cold beverages were an option, I would probably go liquid for most of the time.

Anyway, random ramblings for the day and now off to wake the fam for church and then hopefully a birth, keep your fingers crossed. BTW I'm officially on maternity leave now so pray with me that this kid come soon because I only get 4 paid weeks and the rest I'm on my own.


Still Waiting

Things I've tried to get things rolling:

- pineapple
- walking
- spicy food - Chinese
- spicy food - Mexican
- glass of wine
- bouncing on exercise ball.
- visualization.
- pleading
- crying
- bribery

Things that have worked: none of them.



So, here's my question

If I set a goal for myself to have a baby and stay under 200 pounds, does it count as meeting the goal if I am currently 200 pounds and sometime in the next week will likely be losing about 15 of those 200 in very quick fashion?

I can't decide if I should count this as a win or a fail. Thoughts?

Also, I need to brag about my munches, who have been so sweet to me while I've been so uncomfortable the past week. Yesterday when I was coughing so hard it hurt, my Sunshine girl came and rubbed my back "to help you feel better, cause that's how Mommy makes me feel better when I'm sick" She only did it for like a 43 seconds, but it was the most precious thing I'd ever experienced. And when the painful sneezing and almost pant-wetting led to a sobbing loony Ninja on the Toilet, Pumpkin went and got Jeeves, telling him, "Mommy's sad and she needs you"


Now, Hang on just a cotton pickin' minute...

Being this pregnant and also having a cold is simply out of the question.

It is hard to sleep anyway, (what with the crazy Miami Ink/babysitter from hell dreams and sciatica pain)...but now I've been up coughing as well and, because of my current bladder situation, trying to limp/hop/run/crawl to the bathroom every five minutes to avoid wetting my pants during the coughing fits and sneezing.

Methinks this in nonsense and I quit.

Did you hear me, Squirt?

I'm not even giving notice, consider this job abandonment, I no longer wish to be a pregnant lady.

The pay sucks anyway.

If you haven't vacated the premises by this evening, the gloves are off.

I'm just saying.


GAH!!! Just Come Out Already

ZOMG! I'm so done, everything is ready, except Squirt...apparently.

I've spent the weekend thinking every painful contraction is the big one, and then being horribly disappointed when it goes away and is not followed by another. I went walking around Wal-mart today hoping the exercise combined with a *shudder* membrane sweep would result in labor, we'll see.

God is teaching me patience, I get it, I don't like it, but I get it. 

Week 39: Mission Accomplished

Okay, So. Everything, and I do mean everything on my pre-baby have to do list is done. Including the cooking.

Last night I had Erin over and she kept me company while I completed the nesting process amid sciatica twinges and contractions. I prepared Texas Hash, Spaghetti, Breakfast casserole, Meat loaf, Cheesy Rice Casserole, and I put a huge roast in the crock pot which I am going to shred and add to some gravy and serve over baked potatoes. I have ingredients for two other crock pot meals in my pantry and fridge and have been promised a tray of lasagna from a dear friend. I think we are good for food.

The Munches big sister shirts are done, they have 2 sets of them. The first I made ended up being destroyed by the washing machine (damn sharpie markers.) So the new ones have monkeys on them and say Big Sister and Middle Sister, accordingly.

The baby is about 20 inches long and weighs a little over 7 pounds. He's done cooking, we are just waiting for the timer to go off. I'm so distracted and done with this week, this post is a day late and I'm not even going to write anymore.


2 and 50%

I am dilated  to 2 and 50% effaced. The baby has dropped even further and the during the exam today the doctor said she could feel his head. My blood pressure was up today, though not dangerously so, just at the higher end of "normal." (I usually sit at 117/65, and today it was 128/80) The doc scheduled another appointment for Monday morning but closed our appointment today with, "I probably see you this weekend."

I'm both jumping for joy and filled with abject terror. how is it that I can still be afraid of this process after having done it three times?Easy, pain sucks; and even though I know this pain is temporary, it is still a very intense few hours of pretty sucky awfulness.

Anyway, I don't know when this is going to happen but I've got the text posting working on my phone and so I'll post after he arrives, hopefully with a picture. Any of my readers who use the google reader thing, I may monkey around with text posting pictures to see if I'll be able to share pictures with the news, so I apologize in advance for any wired, short posts with odd photos of myself.
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