Reasons I love my Mother #3,829

Last night I showed up at her house with potatoes and sausage and she made me breakfast. I had scrambled eggs and hash-browns and biscuits and gravy. I'm a bit of a breakfast snob and no one will ever make it as good as my Mom, except maybe my grandmother, who taught her how to do it. So it's like my soul food.

What made it even more awesome is that I was visiting with my niece and nephew, my mom, my munches, and my grandparents. So many of my favorite people all in one place at one time. I was in a really, really happy place, both in my tummy and in my heart.

This morning my Sunshine girl has a slight cough and I woke up with her laying next to me in bed, hacking every once in a while which would wake her up just enough to prompt her to wrap her arms around me even tighter. ( so sweet!) Pumpkin was laying in bed with us as well, which doesn't work as well as it did when they were babies. I didn't want to leave them, but I had work to take care of first thing this morning so I gave Sunshine some medicine and left instructions with Jeeves for when they get up.

This promises to be another busy weekend, but full of family and fun things, so also a good weekend. I hope everyone out in blog land has a great weekend.


Thor, Night Owls, and Soda

Last night I vegged, (epically vegged) and watched Thor. I love comic book movies and the fact that I got to see about 15 seconds of shirtless Thor (drool) made the entire movie worth it. I thought the movie was very short, and it didn't have a really involved story, but the fact that it was short meant the story moved well, not a lot of waiting around. Did I mention Thor shirtless, yeah I already said that.
For Realz...
Then the munches and I ended up staying up until after 1, again. This is like the third night this week. I can't afford for us all to get this far off schedule, it's gotta stop. The thing that majorly sucks about it is when your internal clock thinks 6 am is when you are supposed to be awake. I've decided that tonight we are going to bed at a normal time. I'm going to get them out to a park or something so they can run and play until they are sleepy, then warm bath, lavender baby wash and ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................

Lastly, It's "the holiday season" so the next three months you will be able to find Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash in the stores. Buy it and put it in your face, a lot. I'll probably drink about a case a week for the next few months because it's yummy, it has no caffeine, and it's diet. (Score!)
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