Okay, okay, okay.....jeees!


So, I'm busy, like can't figure out where to begin and what comes next busy.

Here's the thing.

No one warned me about how much school puts a huge crimp in your schedule.

-Early dinner? - nope, pumpkin's not home yet.
-Late dinner? - nope, pumpkin's got to get to bed.
-All night movie watching? (sleep be damned!) - nope, pumpkin has to sleep.
-Midnight trip to Denny's? - nope, school tomorrow
-Take a day off work to get family photo's done - sorry, the oldest is missing.
-Oooo, Hey Jeeves, I'm home early and the baby is asleep, wanna fool around? - nope, bus will be here in 5 minutes (okay I could probably work that one out, but you get the idea.)

Plus, she's still kinda young, so we have to meet her at the bus stop, so one of us has to be  there by 4:25 in case it gets there early, and one of us has to go and be with her when she gets on the bus, sweet jumping june-bugs, this is a pain in the butt.

On the upside, I'm not sleeping in anymore...

wait that's not an upside.



(Note to school: I'm selling two things this year and neither of them is an entertainment book, school pride t-shirt, really inconvenient grocery shopping opportunities or Dave and Buster play points. kaythanxbye.)

In related news: Since when do Daisy Girl Scouts sell cookies? I remember daisies being a weekly play date with people in cute blue tunics, (cause back in the day we wore our uniforms to meetings, Juliette Low is probably plotting zombie-hood based on the current state of things)

GAH!!! I'm just all sorts of irritated and ill -tempered. Luckily Thriller just came on the radio and apparently  there are Candy Corn Oreos in the world today. things might just be looking up, must investigate.


Ana Lyman said...

haha, I know the feeling...Isaac has half day afternoon kindergarten. Oh. Holy. Flying. Bat. Crap.

Phinneas cannot nap because we have to be school by 11:55 (11:25 on Fridays), and we have to be there to pick him up at 2:45 (1:45 on Fridays), so that just takes all early afternoon naps away. Later afternoon naps mean the College Kid (Phinneas) will be up until midnight. And they both wake up at the butt crack of dawn--seriously, 2 little kids awake at 6:15am??! What the poop???

Sleep is overrated, right??

Pass the coffee.

I'll be sending you caffeine vibes!!

Amanda said...

Yeah, welcome to Life-as-Dictated-by-the-Local-School-Board. I'm well into my sentence, but I've still got a good 8-9 years left.

No time off for good behavior, even. Sigh.

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