Happy Birthday Jeeves!

Today is my awesome husbands 31st birthday. (dude is old, right?)

He's a good guy, probably one of the best I know. He is a good father and a caring husband. I'm not saying we never have issues, sometimes that man makes me mad enough to chew nails, but more often than not I'm in awe of the kindness, faith and remarkable love the man has for his family and friends.

He's not a manly-dude. He doesn't grill, or build things with power tools, or hunt. He reads, watches TV, plays basket ball occasionally and spends the majority of his free time being present in the lives of those love cares for. He, more than most people I know, understands the importance of making time for people. He believes that if you love someone you have to show them by giving them the most precious of your commodities; yourself, your time, your attention.

Happy Birthday Jeeves, I love you and I'm so blessed that you want to spend time with me.  

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