A Graves Problem

After a rage-er of a headache last week I went to my primary to ensure I didn't have a tumor growing teeth in my brain. He said it was most likely a tension headache and gave me a heavy duty pain med for when the over the counter isn't working and had me do some blood work. (joy)

After a stint at the lab where a charmingly short Russian man called me sweetheart 87 times I waited with much anticipation to find that my cholesterol was up, i had diabetes and was going to have my left baby toe amputated (expected the worst and you'll be surprised, right?) Got a call back today, I'm perfectly healthy, the CBC, Metabolic and Lipid levels, all fine, but...

and it's a big but,

My TSH is down, to 0.035. It works backward, when your TSH is down is means your thyroid is over functioning and probably your T3 and T4 numbers will be elevated. My level is only slightly lower than the low side of normal, and triggered a need to find a new endocrinologist. (double joy.)

My last Endo was not kind. I was a basket case with a toddler and instead of being supportive and comforting she was brusque and a little dismissive. It rubbed me the wrong way. She would also not tell me my lab results until I came in for an office visit (great, let me freak out for awhile)

My diagnosis came about 4 months before I found out that Sunshine was on her way and during the course of the pregnancy, my numbers leveled out and everything settled down, (remission!)

I'm terrified of this particular issue in my health history. Why? because your thyroid is directly related to weight loss and having one that doesn't function properly can sink any efforts you are making, it's like an evil wizard is casting spells on your food, you eat carrots; he gives them the caloric equivalent of cupcakes, (not cool, magic man!)

And let me tell you the awesome part, stress, childbirth and family history can cause flare ups, right? ding,ding,ding...guess whose had all three (hint: it's me). This is alarmingly similar to my life the last time a flare up occurred. Baby comes, change in living situations, stress at job....BAM!

 Thyroid Crapsville, Population: Me.

Over active thyroid can lead to tremendous weight-loss, (a light at the end of shit tunnel) but not if you also have increased appetite. It ramps up your metabolism and you can get scary skinny in no time. However super skinny tends to come with bulging eyes, creepy goiter and congestive heart failure, not ideal. Not just an unconscious desire for snacks but a real, hunger pain type of need to eat complete with light headed-ness and hunger headaches. (wait, headaches, awesome I totes need more of those)

So, I have another appointment next week and hopefully I'll get the good news that my T3 and T4 are not elevated and we just need to be diligent and watch the numbers swing back to normal. I don't want to take medications for this, I have a hard time remembering to put socks on most mornings, don't give me something else to forget.

I hope everyone out there has a good weekend and maybe next week I'll be in a better mood. Right now I'm tired but I can't sleep, my left boob hurts and I'm so stressed that I'm finding it hard to un-clench my teeth enough to speak civilly to people.(in related news, teeth clenching leads to jaw pain, neck stiffness and oh! headaches!) The vacation we have planned at the end of the month can't come soon enough.

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Obaid & Emily said...

Have you researched the effect of some veggies on thyroid function? I just saw something on-line about this yesterday. I'm proud of you for pulling on the grown-up pants and visiting the doctor regularly--I don't go unless something is falling off!

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