Full of Awesome

Hello World,

I have returned from the land of "I just had a baby", after taking a slight detour into "I'm so freaking pregnant" I sat for a bit in "Aww lookit the baby!!!" crossed through the desert of "How many days left of maternity leave" and come out in the real world just in time to realize that I HAVE 4 CHILDREN!!!!!

Sweet green jumping jesus, mothering four children is not for wimps. It's work.

And not like my day job, where I sit at a desk and drink coffee and type things and go to lunch.

It's hard work.

I'm Hungry
She hit me
I'm to tired to go to school
but I don't want cheerios
"so help me if you don't put your fracking shoes on"
we missed the bus
my boobs are leaking at a work lunch meeting
Pointing at cheerios and screaming
"Mommy, Doodle fell of the couch"
But I hate meatloaf
I know you have an infant stuck to your boob but I need a snuggle right now.
I'm hungry
i'm thirsty
I hate Walmart
Why don't we ever do anything fun
"Why is there cereal stuck to my hair"
Why are you so bossy
Mommy, I know that 2+2 equals 4
Can you read this?
Why can't we got to chuck e cheese for dinner
Babe, did you cook anything?
I'm Hungry
Where are my work pants
Snort, sneeze, sniffle, sneeze...........ewww
Why don't you have a diaper on?
Mommy, I want to go to the city and go in the sewer to meet the ninja turtles
Why can't we have a dog
HOLY GOD who gave the toddler a marker!?!?!
No, you cannot walk to grannie's house. 
dah! dah! dah! dah! dah! dah!

from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm every, single day.

It's work.

But I'm still pretty happy about it, even if it's hard. I love every hard, wonderful, awful, breathtaking, infuriating, amazing minute of my incredibly blessed life.

And Baby Pictures...
Doodle and Jammer
Samuel James 8lbs,8oz

Ninja Mommy and Jammer

Sweet Baby

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