Monty Python's flying Circus, hahaha, just kidding...

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Baby Ninja Number 4 is a boy! Now I'll have two big girls and two little boys and my heart is super duper happy about it, Doodle and Twitch are going to be as close as Pumpkin and Sunshine are.

Big happy beaming smiles, YAY!!!

Anyway, here are some photos to brighten your day. It's been a busy, baby loving filled few weeks around my house.

ITS A BOY, See Boy Parts 

Waiting with Grannie for the ultrasound

Sunshine Lost a tooth. 

Sunshine clowning at the fudge shop

Erin, Diva Sunshine,...and Pie

Sunshine on her special train trip day

Getting ready for field day

Daisy Girl Scout Mother/Daughter Tea

Me and My doodle

Pumpkin loves Doodle

So does Sunshine. Sibling Snuggles!!


Okay Jeeves, we get it, your the best

Okay, so I know that I occasionally complain about the dude-ness and man screw ups committed by my husband, but this weekend he was a prince.

Mother's day is a day, just like any other but he turned it into a weekend of awesome. I went to bed friday night and woke up to a totally clean house and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then Mutti took the kids and I went for a 90 minute prenatal massage and reflexology session. (ZOMG) Then I came home, picked up the family and we all went out for Saint Louis style pizza with my Mutti and the Grands.

Sunday we went to church, and then had a BBQ with my extended family on my mother's side and then came home and relaxed for the rest of the night. Preggo hormones reared their ugly heads last night to make me weepy and sad for reasons unknown but all in all it was a lovely weekend.

He went a little overboard with the gifts and laid out for me on table was a memory foam pillow, red roses, cardinals pajamas, a lovely card, chips, salsa, a new bath towel, and sour patch kids from my family...they know me so well.

I also received two hand painted mugs from my little girls and countless flowers, hugs, kisses and I love you's all weekend. It was so nice, and made me feel very pampered and loved.

Sometimes it's nice to be the momma.


Dude, where's my pregnancy?

which leads to Tuesday which means it will be 7 days until I find out how Twitch is doing and if we are welcoming home a boy or girl come September.

I'm still not feeling terribly connected to this pregnancy, not sure why but with a few exceptions (occasional sciatica  no beer and crazy-pants hormones) I don't really feel pregnant at all. Perhaps it is a body image thing, I feel fat, not really pregnant. Before your baby's growth starts pushing your uterus up and out of your pelvic area, it just displaces fat and the jiggle you used to be able to suck in on a good day becomes a wobbling daily reminder of how out of shape you are. I'm not feeling particularly attractive these days and I'm basically as tired as I've ever been in my life. I look sort of okay in the morning but as the day goes on, and my ability to hold in my sadly lacking abdominal muscles fails, I go from looking sorta pregnant to looking like a girl who can eat a whole cake by herself and ask for seconds.

I don't feel the baby move as much as I think I should, but I'm not sure if that is because I'm too busy, expecting too much or just being impatient. As I may have shared during the last 10-12 weeks of each baby growing cycle it looks like my infant is doing acrobatic wonders in my womb and I can feel it moving, kicking, and sometimes it feels like even the "pseudo breathing" is noticeable.

basically I'm discontented and bummed out and I need tequila but I can't have as much as I want and a little will not cut it. I'm thinking around November I'm going to throw a "Never Pregnant Ever Again" Party and drink tequila while eating unpasteurized cheese and smoking, just because I can.

Anyone want to help me with that???


Because...Oh My God!

Look, I know I've been sort of crappy with the posting lately, but to be fair, I am growing a human, working full time and raising three short people. The three short people will be the topic of my rant today.

Last night Erin and I got together, originally to have some outside time enjoying the weather but 10 mintues before that was supposed to happen, Missouri happened and the balmy breezy gorgeous day turned into a gray dreary afternoon. So after sewing Pumpkin's girl scout patches onto her vest, we opted for a trip to the craft store which then became dinner at a local "kids eat free' place.

An Aside: Kids eat free is every mothers wet dream. When you are at home and have nothing to feed your kids they are hungry enough to chew the paint off the walls, however when you take them out for dinner at a sit down joint they would rather wash fishy dishes then eat the obvious swill (read: actual good food) that has been placed in front of them. Cripes, when will I understand them?

I have been attempting to avoid spanking my children and trying not to yell. Yesterday tested that resolve, big time. While in the store they were whining and difficult and running away and arguing with each other, ad infinitum. Make a long story short, they were being super, duper bratty and I wanted to whack someone on the butt.

But we were hungry and I did not want to cook, so we went across the parking lot to O'Charley's and got steak dinner for us and kid food for them. Doodle Bug ate like a champ, a huge helping of mac and cheese and broccoli.The other two not so much. Pumpkin ate her food but when Erin and I suggested that she might earn a special treat if she were to try a bite of CHEESE COVERED BROCCOLI, she became the rudest child I've ever met. Sunshine ate two rolls and then refused to eat anything else and then started crawling around under the table and singing and trying to lay down in her chair.

I don't know when I lost control of my kids but last night the behavior was not what I expect from them. Erin and I decided that a point needed to be made, so we drove through the golden arches and for 2.16 we proved that when you are not polite you have to watch while other people get treats. We didn't want ice cream cones but we each ate one, making sure to mention how good they were and how glad we were that we had eaten our broccoli so we could have a treat. Then when we got home, I had them take a bath, clean their room and go to bed.

Fast forward to this morning, Pumpkin says to me that she doesn't want to go to school because she is going to have a bad day because last night I didn't let them watch TV or give them a treat. I said something to the effect of, "You earned that situation, I'm the mommy and its my job to teach you to be good, you change your behavior and I'll be able to change mine." she just glared at me.

Sometimes instead of spanking and crying, there is ice cream and clean bedroom.

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