Mommy's socks or Rainbow bright boots?

You be the judge. When I arrived home from work today I did my typical thing, shucking work clothes and finding the most torn up old jemmies I can to veg in for the rest of the night. After removing my white trouser socks I was not surprised when my 21 month old took off with them, I was however very surprised when she put them on and began running through the house with them pulled up to her knees. It looked like she was wearing rainbow bright boots! I say running but we have laminate flooring so the running was a mixture of sliding and falling, adding to the visual. Plus she was happy as anything, grinning and smiling like she had just won the freakin lottery.


Jager Bombs and Birthdays

Last night my oh so thoughtful husband organized a group of my peps to go to the local comedy club and witness the hilarious horror that is open mike night. After the mirth ran dry we hightailed it next door to a blues club where karaoke was in full swing. Ordinarily I spare those around me the discomfort of listening to me sing, but since the jager-bombs were only 3 dollars I had a little liquid courage helping me get up there, well, that and an awesome sister in law helping me harmonize. We sang some Carol King, crooned a little Wynona Judd and got crazy as our brother did some Bon Jovi. Woot!

As a mature person I usually do not allow myself to consume past the point of inebriation but yesterday I had a DD and again, Jager was only 3 dollars.... I cannot remember a time when I drank as much as I did last night. I arrived home in the frosty rain and my loving husband helped my foolish self down some water and a sandwich before tucking me into bed. He's so awesome and I had such a good time!!!

And today, as I stare 27 in the face I feel pretty good. This should be an awesome year. I plan on getting a lot of crafting done and spending a lot of time hanging with my babies, When I was sneaking off to work this morning I stopped to watch them sleeping. They had cuddled up next to one another and were snoozing like little angels, all those blonde curls and cute rosy cheeks!!! I kissed them until they almost woke up before leaving the house and singing at the top of my lungs all the way to work, because in spite of the mass quantities I ingested yesterday I feel like I am on top of the world today!!!


You're so Happy?

We put up our christmas tree on the 14th of November 2009, yes I realize that's kinda crazy but it was my first christmas in my new home and I wanted my tree up as soon as possible.

My husband has a few converstions about saving the tree from the toddlers and thought we had developed a pretty good plan. Our den has two entrances so we put a bookshelf for toys in one of the doorways, essentially creating a block to keep the kiddos from using that door. We put the tree in the den on the opposite side of the bookshelf and then put a couch and chair caddycorner from one another to block access to the bottom of the tree. We figured this would save our tiny, cheap tree and keep us from having to buy a new one this year.

Well the plan sort of backfired, during a tug fight my oldest daughter fell into the bookshelf and cause it crush the tree while I was at work. It bent the tree in half and forced half of the branches to point to the floor. Upon arriving home, I performed tree triage and created a charlie-brown-esque tree to get us through this year. I was a bit perturbed when the tree incident happened, and I guess my husband must have told my daughter, "Mommy is going to be mad!" because when I arrived home she hid from me, thinking I was going to be angry. When I called her, she came out and said, "Mommy, im so sorry I broke this christmas" and she gestured to the tree. I told her it was okay and that Mommy was not mad. She looked slightly bewilderd and said, "you're so Happy?" and I assured her, "yes baby, Mommy is so Happy."

Well yesterday while taking down the decorations I removed all the ornaments and tossed the tree out in the yard to be included with the trash pickup today. Hannah looked out the window and said, "Look! Mommy broke the christmas and she's So happy!"



Both of my babies are feeling quite ill today. My three year old has wiped her face on her sleeve so many times that she has chapped cheeks. She looks so pitiful and I have changed her clothing six times today. My 21 month old just runs around sneezing on everything. Babies are so Gross!

When I am sick I tend to lay in bed and die until it goes away, I do not demand to be waited on, I don't crawl all over people, I don't cry for hours, I just sleep till it's over. Why can't my children do the same?
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