8 Months

18 months ago I became pregnant, now my little guy is 8 months old and is infecting my with stupid giddy happiness everyday. I'm not sleeping, I'm often covered in a thin film of baby drool and I occasionally find pacifiers stuck in my bra after I've gotten to work. It's rough, but it's awesome.

Here's a few of the awesome's that have happened in the past 8 months.

-last week I was at a funeral and realized that it had been over 4 hours since I had last nursed the Stink and my left side bra cup was still unhooked. I had been walking around with bi-level boobs for an entire morning.

-I ran a 5K Mud Run 6 weeks post partum.

-I was pounding away on my computer and singing along with a Glee mix playlist when I realized I had been singing "I kissed a girl" quite loudly and my office door was wide open.

-I may or may not have actually gone to Walmart in all of the following, though not at the same time:
1.) Actual matching blue and white striped pajamas,
2.) a thin t shirt with no bra,
3.) mismatched shoes
4.) a black tank top and leggings (think chubby cat woman, sans ears)
5.) a garden gnome costume.

- I slathered baby Vicks on my own shoulder while Stink was sick to help ease the congestion of my little guy who had to have a bib on to keep from soaking everything and couldn't breathe.

- My oldest Munch went to school. YAY Pumpkin Girl!

- My girls learned "We Will Rock You" and were singing it in the bathtub with shampoo horns on their heads, I'd post pics if it wouldn't get flagged.

- I was at a wedding and was one of only three people there who was actually excited to hear the electric slide come on, also one of only three people out on the floor dancing along to it.

- I gave my then 6 month old a marshmallow to gnaw on and he stuck it to the side of his head like a drunken unicorn.

- I welcomed my brother's family into my home for two months.

- I actually made 4 recipes I pinned on pinterest.

- I started a Daisy Troop with pumpkin and five of her school mates.

- I raked leaves for the express purpose of letting my kids jump in them.

- I thanked god everyday for how amazing, awesome, fun and crazy my life is. A crazy life is a full one and that is never something I will lament having.  

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Julie said...

You life sounds awesome. I miss Mike and doing those things with him. Now life has other things we get to do instead.
Enjoy your young ones. Blessings!

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