Pumpkin Patch Part Deux: The Daisy Invasion

Last saturday Pumpkin's Daisy troop had a plan to go to a nearby pumpkin patch and have a few hours of fun. Of the 6 registered girls, only three made it out to the patch and so we had a small but energetic group of younguns. 

With a Pony

The Troop

jumping in corn bins

More Jumping

Belly Flop: Kernal Style

full metal trike, quite heavy and hard to pedal. 

"Why won't this thing turn"

Country Girls Dream: Pink Tractor.

Horse Tire Swing

Pony Express

Sunshine and C1

Pumpkin and C2

Not from the Pumpkin Patch, but aren't we cute?

So, anyway a good time was had by all and now I have to find a way of decorating 6 tiny un-carvable pumpkins, paints or something I suppose. We still have one pumpkin patch trip in the planned future, as I have yet to get Squirt out and stick him in with the gourds for the traditional picture I have of all my kiddos during their first Halloween season. I made him a little pumpkin hat and if I have time I'll do one for my kids as well, we'll just have to see how the time plays out over the next week. 

Have I mentioned how much I love fall?

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