What a Difference a Day Makes

Friday rolled around and I took the day off work. I have to pull a few hours tomorrow, but thats cool, no biggie. I hung out with my kids all day. We worked on csotumes and went grocery shopping and basically had a great mommy and babies day. And now in the post zumba glow, I feel better.

I feel better than I have all week to tell you the truth. In spite of the fact that it is now 9:30 pm and I'm about to start cleaning up my house, I feel pretty great. Booger is sleeping, so its quiet and I only have a few more things to do to be completely ready for Sunday.

My Rocky Horror plans had to be postponed, our tickets fell through at the last minute and being Halloween weekend they are sold out. Bummer! But we bought tickets for next week and they are at the will-call desk. So I get an extra week (and post-halloween 75% off sales) to work on my get-up. Groovy.

I went to Zumba as the Boy Wonder, Robin of the batman series. This came about after watching Raising Hope (which is hilarious) and seeing the main love interest be a sexy robin to her Bf's batman. I am in the process of convincing Jeeves that it will scar me forever if he does not decide to be batman with me at some point, maybe tomorrow night we could bar-hop instead of going to RHPS??? Who knows, but he has to be batman, he just has to. I know, I'll just tell him it will lead to some awesome, erm, reading...He'd be in that costume so damned fast. I am an evil Genius, Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Alright off my ass and off to clean, see you all soon, and hope to be back on blogging track next week.

Oh, and as a hottie
1. 14 pants: still fit
2. Post a recipe: um, no...sorry
3. 3 hours of exercise: I've done about and hour point five, so far, but the week isn't over, so we'll see.


The Stagnation

Okay, so this has been a very off week for me. My posts are not consistent, I am having hard time putting together sentences and I am just plain frazzled. I have been out "in the field" at work and unable to lurk on my blogs. I miss you all and I am feeling some differences in the blogging, it seems the tone and frequency of the posting has changed. seasonal depression maybe??

I am frazzled at my own doing, I am something of a procrastinator (say it ain't so, right?) and I have allowed a few things at work to build until I really have no idea how to crawl out from under them. I'm plugging along but it is sometimes so mind numbing, just...ugh!

I am making an appointment tomorrow with my endocrinologist, as my hair loss and chronic fatigue have got me concerned that my Grave's Disease is flaring up again.

Also I am stuck, I have been unable to work out the way I had planned this week, and it's making me feel like my ass is full of pudding. I have to go to Zumba on Friday and I am going to force myself into the gym tomorrow at some point, I have to salvage this week.

Also, I have committed vile sins against the clean plate club guidelines and poured out an entire 12 pack of soda, down the sink, I couldn't give it away (no one would take it, trust me I asked)and I couldn't leave it in the fridge anymore, I am going through a rough patch and if it's there, I will drink it.

Cripes! What a day.
Oh! I forgot, I promised to show you the " Wall'o'Fat Clothes"
NBA2 028


Let's Do


Holy Crap!
Halloween means rocky horror for the ninja and her mates. I am working on my costume this evening while watching the glee revival of my favorite movie. Best. Night. Ev-ar.

Any other RHPS fans out there in blogger-land. I need an opinion. I want to do a version of columbia, but don't want to spend a lot of cash, so do I have to follow the color scheme or is doing the basics and looking wild the whole idea?
In other news, I weighed in today and am still at 198, so stay tuned for Ninja in Onderland photos, I have plan that will be both hilarious and artistic, you just wait. Gotta love staying under 200 even after sodas.


Bye-bye, fat clothes.

I am working late hours this week thanks in part to an assignment from the newest head honcho and also partly to help Jeeves out. He works midnights and has some sort of viral mutant head squeezing illness and I figured he'd make it through the week better if he got to sleep after work rather than before. What that translates into is getting to sleep until 8:30am, it was like heaven. Then I woke up and piled all of my too fat clothes up, took a photo of them and piled them into the guzzler and took them to the goodwill. It was a very productive morning. I am officially no longer a fat clothes hoarder.

I carved pumpkins with the Mutti and the Munches last night, and once I get my camera to stop being a whiny pita (pain in the a##), I'll post some photos. Pumpkin kept telling Mutti she wanted her pumpkin to have "hot eyes" which made no sense so we thought it would be funny to do a sexy pumpkin with "hot eyes" This irritated my pumpkin and she grabbed a book of pumpkin designs and pointed to one with flaming "hot" eyes, we understood our mistake quickly. Then she had me rolling on the floor because we were up late watching an old movie, and I used the DVR to fast forward a bit. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, you are making this difficult." I seriously couldn't breathe.
NBA2 008
Then this happened! One seriously angry Booger
I have a confession, since this is all about accountability, I had two regular sodas yesterday. Then I couldn't sit down for like 6 hours, everytime I would try to relax my body would get so jumpy I had to just get right back up again. I havn't logged my calories yet, but will soon, I'm fairly certain I went over, by alot yesterday, but in the grand scheme of things, going over calories two or three times in 6 months, really isn't that bad. Besides I hada  good time and I deserve to have a pass day once in a while.

So it's Monday, and here's what makes me smile.
1. I made an enormous pot of chili yesterday and now I get to eat Chili leftovers all week for lunch, yum.
2. We had our first good fall storm last night. I put on my flannel jammies and drank sugar free cocoa in my kitchen watching the lightning.
3. I am finishing up my costume and will soon have dino-ninja-family photos to share with blog-land, yay!
Your Turn, Tell Me something good!



Introduction: This post is in-cohesive.

-I have had a short story posted at the Peanut Gallery today, so if you have a minute please go check it out. Be warned, it a little warm and fuzzy, but it's about the days after pumpkin was born, so I'm allowed to be mushy.

-The butt kicking I had planned in the gym yesterday did not happen, but I kept my calories way down, so the impact should be small, hopefully I will be able to kick my butt in gear for zumba tonight.

-It's casual friday today and I am wearing my size 14 jeans at work. Yay!

-I made a chili-ish type of dish for dinner last night, it had black beans, ham, red peppers, tomatoes, cumin, chili powder, garlic, onions and othe ryummies in it. Tasted different, not really like chili but good enough to eat and low cal enough to be saved and frozen for lunches next week.

- Happy birthday to Drazil, a bit late.

-Thanks to Jeeves who let me veg and read all evening yesterday, then snuggled with me for a bit before letting me go to sleep. It's so great to have someone who enables your occasional sloth. I love that guy...


Whats the password?

New Enlgand Clam Chowder

AKA, what I had for lunch today. Select Harvest Clam Chowder, at 220 calories for a whole can it was an excellent lunch choice, and quite tasty. I'm feeling a little blah today, not bad, not good, just...eh? Hopefully some butt kicking in the gym this afternoon and a wash of accomplishemnt when laundry, dinner and dishes are tackled this evening will lend to feeling less squiffy.

I am going to be a guest poster on the Peanut Gallery Speaks tomorrow. It's pretty exciting, and a story I love sharing.

In the spirit of my eh-ness I leave you with the hilarious photo of me, along with another from our weekend excursion to the pumpkin patch. I felt like I was riding in a freaking clown car, but it made Booger pretty happy.
NBA2 321

NBA2 335


Losing Face

Last night rocked so hard my face literally fell off, and so when I went to work today I looked pretty rough. My stomach and I are not on speaking terms today thanks to an enormous gyro and 2 (yep count em, 2) beers. They had Sam Adams Oktoberfest on tap, soooo goooooood! My ears are still ringing... Which is actually kind of disturbing, new experience and not one I'm happy about. Ear plugs definitely in order for the next concert I attend.
NBA2 393
The venue was a standing room only thing so about 4 hours into the evening my awesomely cute terribly uncomfortable shoe choice began to wear on me. Jeeves and I stepped outside to sit on the patio and give my tootisies a rest and when I stood up again I felt like someone had been beating my feet with a bat. So as I limped back into the concert hall I found myself in the spotlight. One guy in particular...
guy: " Hey whats the matter?"
Me: " Oh, my feet hurt, ha ha ha" (trying to make light of it, because really it's not a big deal)
Guy: "Why, whats the matter." (stepping away from the wall to come closer and offering me his hand even though Jeeves already has the other one and is doing a fine job of helping me.)
Me, " Nothing out of the ordinary..." (walking away wondering why limping invites conversations)

During a typical week today would be a workout day, however with the standing, dancing, rocking and drinking that occurred yesterday, combined with the fact that I don't like to vomit, I'm gonna skip it today I'll catch up tomorrow and Friday. But I'm pretty sure the dancing yesterday, about 2 hours of it, counts as exercise. I definitely broke a sweat .

What do you think?
Copy of oct 09 018NBA2 332

Do you think 225 pound ninja in October 2009 (orange shirt) looks much different from 198 pound ninja in October 2010(purple shirt)?


Out of the Frying Pan

Tonight Jeeves and I are headed out to a concert with my BIL and SIL. We are going to see Skillet, a rock band with some christian tendencies. They rock pretty hard and so will we. We went to see them back in April at Agape Fest in Illinois, which was a christian rock festival. I am anxious to see them in a different kind of venue: smaller place, more rock folks and with a non-christian opening act, Papa Roach. I fear I may embarrass Jeeves, poor guy, he;s not very, um, effusive. I really get into music, to the point of having folks stop their cars to gape at me while I dance down the road when doing my neighborhood walk workouts.

Beside the night out I am also pretty pumped because I'm going to look kinda hot, not that I'm conceited or anything. I am just excited to put on my smallest pair of size 14 pants and have them zip with no problems. You may recall last week it was a bit of a time to get them to zip. I bought these in July and they would not zip, barely came up over my hips. Well, 2 pounds later here I am wearing the smallest pair of pants I own and not sucking in at all. (I put them on from time to time to see the non-scale impact of my new lifestyle, and when I went to button them I had this bizarre fluttering feeling in my stomach, weird huh?)
(excuse the awful shirt, I really have no excuses)
I'm not wearing these pants tonight, because they don't really say "rockstar," but they do say, "HEY! look at the girl who made it to a goal a full month ahead of her timeline!!!!" Mini celebration: bought myself a pair of pretty rockin shoes.


Quick Post

I just walked three and half miles in about an hour, I am stinky and sweaty and feel amazing!!!!

That's really all, I just felt like sharing and facebook isn't nearly as awesome as you guys!

Ninja Smooches!!!

Frohe Montag!

That's Happy Monday in German.
Today on Mrs. Ninja's neighborhood: Tell Me Something Good!
1. Dulce De Leche Skinny Cow Ice Cream Single (Z.O.M.G!!!!)

Lets pretend for a moment that I don't dream about ice cream on a weekly basis and wish there was a way I could eat it for days at a time. This stuff is amazingly good. The serving size is perfect and at 150 calories it easily works into the calorie restrictions I have set for myself. Today this, a ginormous peach and a salad were my lunch, yum!

2.Monday Morning Weigh in result: 198!!!!
Yep that 8 ounces shy of 200 last week morphed into 2 pounds under 200 this week, Hot Damn! Feeling pretty great about life today and got a 3 mile hike planned this afternoon. I could call it a walk because its around the neighborhood but my neighborhood consists of a series of 45 degree hills so it really is like hiking and I can do it in right at an hour so it burns some calories.

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday as planned and the only one who cooperated with pictures was my niece. My monsters munches were petulant and irritating, making the whole affair a nightmare for me. I love this season and hope someday that they will let us take photos of them without wigging out and being horrid. But then Booger fell asleep and Pumpkin got some chocolate milk from her grannie and dinner went much more peacefully, and deliciously. nothing like fried chicken and saucy noodles to make the world look better.



It's been an "ack!" sort of day. Caloric-ally I was not disciplined but it was intentional, and the damage minimal; additionally I have not stopped running since about 7:30 this morning so I am fairly certain whatever excessive cals I took I probably also expended somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 million.I feel like that dude spinning all the plates on the sticks

My eye keep drifting crossed because I am so freaking sleepy, but as long as the munches are awake and I can't sleep; if I get some laundry moved along and half of the work I brought home for the weekend done tonight, tomorrow will be so much better. 

I need to get to work but find myself unfortunately un-motivated to move from the nice leather swiveling office chair, it's so comfy here, bathed in the soft glow of the computer screen. Alright, I'm gonna shake it off and get some shit done :0)


A Hot Stinky Mess

My Hot 100 Update.
1. Size 14 pants, hells to the yeah, baby!
2. 3 Hours of workout: Check,
3. Post a recipe, not yet, but will later tonight, my zucchini pancakes.

Okay I am a -bad- housekeeper, I have clutter, I have lots of stuff, one room in my house looks something like a scene from hoarders and often my laundry gets re-run more times than not becuase I forget it and it ends up smelling less than fresh. Apparently this happened today with my workout clothes because mid-zumba I started feeling less than fresh myself. I used my shirt to wipe my face and thought, "Yikes! I smell like a gym sock!?!? GROSS!!!" awk-ward

Zumba was great today but then very little in the world doesn't get better with the addition of apple pucker, yep, drunken Zumba, thanks to the folks who came along with me to class tonight. They were late so my jolly rancher flavored booze didn't happen until post workout but we had a great time and planned an all out-middle-school-style slumber party for next month, Sweet!


Stealth Veggies

For some time I have been lamenting the fact that my Munches don't dig the veggies. They won't even try them yet, they sit on the plate and sometimes turn into weapons at the dinner table. Fed up and feeling like the poor nutrition of my girls was going to land me in Bad Mommy Jail I did something a little desperate last night. I pureed a zucchini and mixed it with whole wheat flour, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, eggs, and baking powder to create pancakes that were not only really, really good, but also packed about a third of a cup of veggie per pancake. Each of the girls ate two of my new invention and I slept well last night, secure in the knowledge that the girls were digesting something good for them.

I have never been a huge fan of tricking kids, I like to be honest and forward with them, but in the face of scurvy I caved and hid some veggies. It turned out okay, because I ate one too, and it's a recipe I am going to make again. So rather than a doctored dish to trick the munches it becomes a healthy addition to our family-meal-go-round (that revolving selection of meals that everyone makes weekly in their home because everyone eats and like them)

What kinds of stealth veggies do you use if any?


I'm late...but I brought more beer!!!

While lurking around on the bloggosphere today I found several mentions of the Exposed Movement. I did some research and found that this was a great thing. I went back and forth for a bit but, in the end I was inspired and decided to have a go at it. I know I'm about a year late to the party, better late then never though, right?
Here's me, Exposed
NBA2 007
I hope no one is horrified by this, because it felt pretty good.

In unrelated news, I had a Pumpkin Pie milkshake today, it was pretty great, but the calories were not, so I had a salad for dinner, totally worth it. 



Quick Post.

I went to the gym today and have about 500 calories to play with at the end of the day( and my deficit will still be around 800)  today so I am going to play with fresh homemade salsa and chips, I have been drinking water since noon anticipating this and feel that as celebration is in order, this is the correct course of action.

Quick Poll: Am I overeating if i stay under my calorie intake?

Weekend Update

So here's how it went down.

Friday night I went to Zumba with Navy Pier(yeah, that's not her real name), one of my closest friends. We danced and I got more sweaty than usual. I asked Linda If I could post her picture and she said yes so here is me and her after the class. See what I mean, she has fierce shoulders! So jealous!!! She's great and we had such a good time last class, she let us pick our favorite dances to do so I got to do the evil clown dance, I don't know what it's actually called but I think if I had fangs and was wearing a clown costume, this would be the dance I did to scare the kids, ha!
1 195
Saturday morning I got up at a quarter to freaking 6 in the morning and drove to my office to retrieve some materials for my class only to realize I didn't have my keys, shat! so after about 15 minutes of seeing if I could break in to my office I went to the community college and re-created an entire presentation on cultural aspects of Germany in about a half hour, wanted to cry :0( But once class started and I got to talk about the place I call home, everything got better. It was cathartic, like talking about a lost friend. and then there was nutella, mmmmmmmmm, nutella, nom, nom, nom...sorry, what was I talking about?

Anyway, after class I went home and napped off and on with Jeeves and the munches until it was time to go to my family reunion of sorts. Rather than buy a separate gift for each person in the family My grandparents take us all out for dinner once a year in October, which, until last year, was the month that no birthdays fell in, But last October I became an aunt to the adorable and sweet Livvie. So we continue to do the dinner in October because it's a good time to do it. Dinner was great, we had a banquet room and the kids basically just ran in circles, they all fell asleep in the car on the ride home.

Sunday morning we did church and Pumpkin did Sunday school solo, so proud of my big girl. Then Mutti, Jeeves and I took the munches out to a local steam engine mini train  depot where we got to ride on these tiny trains on a track that ran along a river. Such a great afternoon, then I had some steak for lunch, holy mother of god it was delicious! I haven't had steak in 6 months, no joke. I am still drooling thinking about it.
1 206

1 221

Also pretty cool is my feature for Tell Me Something Good.
1. I weighed in this morning at 199.8, yep, that's right, under 200.
2. My biggest pair of size 14 pants fit well enough to wear in public!!! Hot 100, here I come!
3. I burned about 700 calories doing laundry yesterday, I counted every minute I spent shuffling clothes, folding and putting things away, hot damn!

All right, tell me something good you guys...


200 Pounds of Hot Ninja Awesome.

I have reached my goal of 200 pounds. Now I can use my food processor!!! I weighed myself this morning and the scale was very kind to me! I am going to Zumba tonight and have another wacky crazy event filled weekend planned, so lets all keep our fingers crossed that I get to 199 sometime next week. I know that a pound a week is normal and I am sustaining that loss really well, some weeks I don't lose but I haven't started gaining anything back, but I am feeling impatient.

Thanksgiving is looming and I need to do something about the size 14 jean goal. I gave myself until the end of the year, but if I got there before thanksgiving I would have to do a happy dance. I put on the tightest pair or 14's I own last night and they still will only fasten if I do that lay on the bed and pull the zipper with pliers thing, yeah I actually did that. :0( <-- sad face.

The munches slept better last night, thank god! So I got a few hours of rest myself. Also I found my Afrin and solved that whole one nostril problem, yay! I am going to take my fellow blogger's advice and do the saline nose spray tonight, I don't like how jittery the Afrin makes me feel.

Hot 100 Update
1. Size 14 jeans: see above, but I'm closer
2. New Recipe: Yes but without a photo, on Nellie's Cook Book
3. Work out 3 hours: Yep, I made it this week, did one hour on Mon, Thurs, plus zumba tonight.


One Freaking Nostril!!!

I made it to the gym, spent 45 minutes there, and came out sweating, tired, jittery and still only breathing through one nostril! The constant failed attempts to breathe have my eyes watering, my chest smarting and I'm starting to fee like a fish out of water, or like that elephant in the animated Robin Hood Disney Movie (he raises his trunk to trumpet and someone squashes his trunk resulting in a Sort of ERRRRRR- MURPH!)

Whoa! I can breathe out of both nostrils! Oxygen! Holy Crap! Heaven!

Oh...Wait...there it goes again, dammmit!!!

Un. Fair.

Okay, can someone tell me if there is anything to my supposition that being sick you burn more calories than when you are not. Right,  because in addition to breathing, digesting, plotting world domination and thinking about who the next person getting kicked off of survivor is going to be, your body also must fight the sickness....So more calories burned, yes???please *sob*

S. H. I. T.

Joke: Man gets on an elevator with a cute young woman and they hit their floor buttons.
Wanting to break the silence she looks over meaningfully and says, "T-G-I-F!" and smiles.
He glowers at her and says "S-H-I-T."
Thinking him very rude she turns around and says, "For your information, T-G-I-F means Thank God its Friday!"
He sighs and says, "I know what T-G-I-f means, S-H-I-T means, Sorry Honey, it's Thursday"

It's day three of the great  cold epidemic and last night I slept, again, sitting straight up holding Pumpkin so she could breathe. If I needed a nap yesterday, today I need a full 8 and some wine, and maybe some chocolate.
I watched a few episodes of favorite shows last night, Glee, Fringe, Ghost Adventures and Hoarders.  After Hoarders, at oh 11:30 pm I felt the need to clean, so I straightened my closet, did 2 loads of laundry and added to the wall'o'fat clothes, I now have 7 (diaper) boxes full of fat clothes that either do not fit or no longer look good on me. Today on my way to work, to celebrate this achievement, I bought myself two new cardigans and a pair of corduroys from the Goodwill. 9 bucks baby! I love the Goodwill! I also got the munches each a set of jean overalls for our trip to the train next weekend. Pumpkin loves trains and I think the pictures will be magical if they look the part with little red shirts and jean overalls, so cute!
I have a trip to the gym planned today in spite of the fact that I am operating with one nostril and feel like someone has shoved 6 pounds of pudding into my skull. I am also queasy which is not un-common for me but is disconcerting because hitting the elliptical for a half hour on a queasy stomach is like asking for "an incident"


Jeeves is Cool!

I got home last night and found Jeeves sitting at the computer with a huge smile on his face. Thinking he was watching something..erm..."controversial" I decided I would give him a minute. But when he saw me he motioned for me to come into the office and was very excited to show me that he had purchased the Cookingitoff.com domain name. Now If I ever have a reason to have a website apart from my humble blog here, I own Cookingitoff.com!!!

So yeah, he doesn't suck.

Maybe I should develop a cook book and sell it (like no one has ever done that before), or try to market some of my crafty-ness. Anyway that's kind of fun, right?

Its I Wish Wednesday, so my wishes are as follows.
1. I wish my babies were not sick. I spent last night sitting straight up in bed with the feverish sweating coughing pumpkin plastered across my body trying to keep her upright so she could breathe and sleep at the same time. Booger, who is less sick, settled across my legs and made it impossible for me to move much. Needless to say I need a nap.
2. I wish I could shake off these last 2 pounds and get under 200 pounds. it's becoming a bit irritating to be so close and not get to my latest goal.
3. I wish I had enough money to do something really cool for Jeeves for Christmas this year. The dude is like a present genius and always manages to come up with things that are thoughtful and unexpected. One of these days I am going to knock his socks off with a gift, but it's harder for me, I am not a grand gesture kind of girl.


Jessie's Girl

Anybody else really wish they could be Jessie's girl. I sort of like the idea that my hotness could inspire music and make someone jealous of the dude who gets to take me home. Yeah, I realize it's shallow, and I'm sort of okay with that. I also realize it's a reach, I'm a mom and the only people (aside from jeeves) who have ever hit on me have creeped me out to the nth degree.

Moving right along, is anyone else really tickled by the letter combinations that the random word generator comes up with to ensure that real people are posting on blogs??? It seems like the last couple of weeks, whoever is inside the hamster ball there at the word generator place has been watching crazy cartoon alien porn because all of the words just look naughty. They are not naughty but they sure make you look twice...

I have developed a new soup, Its a sweet potato soup with shrimp and crab and liberal doses of butter and old bay seasoning. I made it for dinner and it was amazing, less than 300 cals for a giant bowl too, I think that may be my hot 100 recipe for the week, if I can get the stupid camera to work, damn thing.


Happy Monday

The zumba worked in conjunction with a well earned nap yesterday and in spite of the cold looming in the horizon I feel pretty alright today. I have plans to spend an hour in the gym this afternoon, and then I'm going to tackle my kitchen when I get home, I'll be so glad when my Saturday classes are over, they just seem to eat up my sanity and my weekends.

I got home from Church yesterday and after puttering around the house Jeeves told me to take a nap, so i went and got in bed and relaxed, pretty soon both munches were snuggled up next to me and we all snoozed for about two hours.  Nothing quite as relaxing as being draped with sleeping toddlers, they get all warm and you just wanna keep them there forever. I could go into the sensory reasons why it feels so nice to snuggle babies, but I'll just call it love instead and move on. Woke up feeling slightly more congested than before i went to sleep but overall, way better, Jeeves is a pretty good guy.

Whats Good!
1. The Zone Perfect Cinnamon Roll Nutrition Bar. Its like the diet gods have answered my prayers and given me something that remotely resembles a typical breakfast food in the form of a health food, Woot!
2. Naps on Sundays, hell yeah!
3. Chilly fall mornings, I got to break out my favorite turquoise sweater and snuggle with a great cup of coffee today, It's going to be a great week!

Okay guys, your turn, Tell Me Something Good.


Hot Ninja Update: 1

So I joined the hot 100, and one of the rules is that you have to post each week and talk about where you are with your goals.

1. Size 14 pants: no, not yet. But I've got time.

2 Workout 3 hours per week: Well, I did 2.5 hours from last monday till now, so if I fit in an hour today I'll be one track, last week was a bit aquiffy for me, so I didn't make it to the gym as I would have liked.

3. Recipe Post: Well, not yet, but going to do it today. The munches and I came down with a cold So I think I am going to create some form of soup today, probably a corn chowder with chicken and cauliflower. I love soups with tons of veggies, filling and healthy!

In really not so hot news, I watched a kid barf up like two gallons of crud in church today, she was just sitting there and then she got this really panicked look on her face, she grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulled it out in front of her and seriously just heaved up her entire stomach, into her outstretched shirt. It was terrifying and yet I couldn't look away. I gotta give the kid credit for quick thinking, I don't know that i would have been able to work that out the way she did. Poor Kid, but hey, interesting Sunday??? Now I am going to start a load of laundry and lay down for a nap, ain't Sundays great?


Tastes Like Teen Spirit

1 066
While reading my buddy Randy's Blog, over at The Low-Band Width Diet, I engaged in some conversation about Ramen Noodles. Randy eats them alot, and posts his pornographic pasta all over the blog, which makes me a little green,
with envy,
 1 061
Love me some Ramen.
However the skinny Ninja inside of me does not allow them because for one package I burn through 380 of my 1700 calories for a day!!! The salty slurpy goodness is good but it's not that good. Since the age of 2 ramen had been a staple in my house, I ate it at least 4 times a week for roughly , erm, 25 years.
1 067
Anyway, during our back and forth I mentioned my 4th grade tendency to consume the ramen sans cooking, raw, with the seasoning packet sprinkled over the top. Yeah, gross right? Not as much as you'd think, really! So Randy, the raw-ramen virgin suggested an exercise in new experience for him and a return to my roots by way of a challenge, eat raw ramen and blog about it.
So I ate it, and now I'm blogging about it.
1 069
Crunchy, salty, blast from the past?....Yes
But, It wasn't the ambrosia I remembered. Ramen, dry or cooked, always felt like a warm hug, like climbing into mom's lap after a heartbreak, like that snowman Campbell soup commercial, I was the frozen kid and the Ramen would cure the cold awful crap. 
1 070
(Don't you just love the slouch here?) The staple of my childhood has lost it's place in my life. I should have added Ramen to my don't list, as in I don't consume hateful enriched noodles from hell anymore. It's so liberating to shed a bad habit and not feel the sting quite as sharply. I also realized that the super salty broth probably added to the sponge-like tendency for my body to hold on to water, so double score!
So Randy, my man, thanks for the memories, and the knowledge of yet another I don't.
I like this game, lets play again.
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