A Word on Breastfeeding...

It's a little bit gross, and for us non-romantic types it's a bit strange. but I do it, because I love my son, and it's what is best for him. However recently it's been a little hellish because it is SO DAMNED HOT!!!!!!

For realz, I live in a mobile home. We have power, and an air conditioner but when it's become so hot that lawn furniture begins melting into your brown scraggely yard, the air conditioner is fighting a losing battle. It was 107 in Missouri yesterday (might as well have been walking on the surface of the sun) and each time Squirt would get hungry he would nurse for a few minutes, get sweaty and then get pissed. I ended up pumping and feeding him from a bottle so we wouldn't have to touch more than was necessary. It was 86 degrees in my house at 8pm last night.



Poor little guy, he's all hot and miserable and I'm all hot and miserable. I hope we make it through the summer, because the frustration of latching on, letting go, fussing, latching on, letting go, fussing some more and then screaming like someone is killing him slowly with a spoon is starting to get to me.



I feel like I'm trapped in a B horror movie, attack of the ants, they are freaking everywhere and they have started biting, little bastards. I have started spraying them with cleaner to watch them twitch and die slowly. (dead bugs -and- clean floor. Awwww-right.)

We've admitted defeat and called in reinforcements. We've got an exterminator coming out today and he's going to borax bomb the little bastards, I almost wish I wasn't at work, almost.

Alright, off to be productive, hi-ho, hi-ho....you know the rest.

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Julie said...

We too like in a mobile home however we put on a new roof, resided and new windows (took us 25 years to do it all) but I understand the heat. We don't normally have it as hot as it's been this year but I do remember breast feeding Mike and how hard it was (20 years ago), when it was so hot in here. I set up a fan in the darkest, coolest room and it seem to help with the heat but not perfectly. Keep going my dear, you know how much better and stronger he'll be with mama's milk.

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