Look, the thing is...

Life has been and shall continue to be busy.

I'm still plugging away on the diet front, not losing but also not gaining and not working as hard at it as I could be. That is due in large part to the fact that I over-estimated my ability to be wonder woman.
(stop the presses, right?)

I apparently need some more time to adjust to not sleeping more than 6 hours at a stretch, keeping up with two big girls and one very little boy, crafting like mad, starting a photo prop business, going back to work, cooking meals, taking showers (occasionally) throwing parties, being a bridesmaid, preparing for the Muck Ruckus, Making baked goods,  and generally attempting to keep my house from devolving into insanity.

It's been rough.

Add to this mix the fact that I have been sick since the last time I posted on the blog here, and you've got a perfect storm of no time for blogging.

I have intentions of working this out and getting myself back into the blog swing, it might take me a few more weeks, hope everyone is doing well out there in blog land.

My Camera is acting bitchy, so I'll have smiling baby photos in my next post.


Seeing Life in Black and White

Last night, while Sunshine was in time out, I looked at her like this
and in my mind, I saw this.
She's such a pretty little girl.


*weary sigh*

The last 24 hours have been awesome.

Last night I went to Walmart to have my battery replaced because I had purchased it less than a year ago and it was already going out on me. So I get it replaced with all three kids in tow and then I was headed to McDonald's for dinner and play time with Mutti and my Brother's kids. As I was pulling into the parking lot of McDonald's my car lost all power, it stopped going forward, the lights started flickering, a strange noise was being emitted from the engine and then it died.


So I was very fortunate that a young man was sitting in his car and helped me push the van into a parking spot. We opened the hood, to the dulcet tones of my infant screaming his head off and found that the battery had not been properly anchored in it's spot, so when i turned it slid over and the positive cable coming off the battery was being ground to a pulp by the belt that runs right next to it.

more awesome.

Luckily this kid had some tools, electrical tape and a bungee cord to get the thing jertle-flirted together so I could get home. This morning it wouldn't start again and I ended up being late to work and having to take the car back up to Walmart where the automotive manager said that she had to take some photos of the engine, pull some video (don't know what that's about) and then find out if they were going to handle it in house or if it had to be dealt with through the insurance company (theirs, not mine)

Anyway, we finally get home last night and in spite of the fact that I was in bed, I didn't get to sleep until well after 2AM because my little bundle of boy was having "uncomfortable time" and was up fussing and wanting to eat for hours. I ended up crying right along with him for part of the time, although I was a bit more quiet about it.

I'm so tired and stressed today that my left eye will not stop twitching.

I feel like a damned lunatic.


Something's amiss

I have not gotten into bed before 1 am in over a week. Amazingly, this is not the fault of the tiny person now controlling my house, but a product of my own inability to get into bed. I stay up and fold laundry, watch TV and prowl on the computer.

So, I've decided to take some action here to save my sanity and from here on out I'm going to bed at 11pm, every night. I need to sleep more, I need to establish a routine for my kids and if I'm going to lose weight I need to make this a priority.

I'm on track today with fluid intake and food. It's nice being back at work, it's quiet here. I can listen to the radio, type things, file stuff, pee without company, and drink a diet soda without my daughters circling like vultures asking 7 million questions, "can i have a drink, i want to play outside, reaggie hit me, that's my game, i'm hungry, hannah wont play with me..."Ack!

Hopefully this week goes well, Jeeves reports that the munches are doing well and Squirt is taking the bottle with few problems. I'm planning on hitting the gym at least once this week and taking the munches out for a walk at least once as well. Walks seem to help them dispense of excess energy, which is a good thing.


The First Day

Of the rest of my diet.

hehe, I thought that was rather inspired.

Anyway, there are no more chips, ice cream or cookies in my house and if I have my way (which lets face it, I do the shopping, so I usually do get my way) we will not be buying anymore. I'm going shopping this weekend with a list of meals and needed items and not straying from the list unless a new protein bar flavor tempts me. I have to continue eating 2200 calories, but I'm going to make sure they count. I've been keeping right around that number anyway, but the choices have not been awesome ones. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, you don't gain weight if you are eating what you burn but let me tell you, eating 2200 calories of good food does not result in constipation and general grossness. Eating 2200 calories with sour patch kids and reeces eggs, does.

ICK! Anyway, onward and upward. (or downward as it were)

Where did the time go? When I had Squirt in March, 5 weeks seemed forever, now I wonder where the time has gone, it's a little mind numbing. I sort of feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie, and later I'll discover that I've been transported to an alternate universe or something. Speaking of Sci-fi; is anyone else out there one tenth as excited for the Avengers movie as I am? for realz, I am going to have a spaz attack at the theater, I just know it.

So, I'll be back to Monday weigh ins and I'll be using the elliptical and neighborhood walks to get myself ready for the Muck-Ruckus on May 19th. I'm also planning to re-visit the fire-cracker run on the 4th on July and I'm going to find something to do in June as well. I need to add to my t-shirt collection and prove to myself that having my little man did not destroy the wanna-be runner in my heart.I also need to work on my core, cause the flab, dear god the flab. Esh, I need to find a cheap rowing machine on Craigslist and get my abs back in motion,stat.

Back, muffin top, Back "whoop-ish" <-- that's my whip noise...what?...I know, shut up.


Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho

So I'm headed back to the grind next week. I've been cleared to go back to work and I have to say I'm ready. If I was a stay at home mom I'd weigh 700 pounds. I've done very little aside from the occasional walk for the last 4 weeks and I'm feeling a little sluggish.

I've always said it was easier for me to diet at work, because I can have a lot of control over what I eat and when, if I'm sitting at my desk. So it's back to slimfast lattes, progresso light soups and spinach tomato salads for the remainder of the summer and hopefully by October I will be somewhere south of 170. I don't think 15 pounds in a few months is that difficult a goal. I bet I can do it.

I'm also going back to tracking calories via Calorie count. It worked before to help me see when i was slipping so I bet it will get me back on track again. I'm exploring some non-hormone birth control options because any time I mess with my hormones I get fat and wiggy so I'm trying my best to avoid that, but while breastfeeding there is little need for it, as nature keeps you from ovulating while you are breastfeeding.

I have signed up for the MS Society Muck Ruckus in Saint Louis and am now fundraising for it, I have to raise a minimum of 100.00 dollars by May 19th, so if anyone is interested in donating to my insanity I'll be pasting a button connected to the even and donation page on the sidebar in the next few days. For those of you who might not remember, you can read about the experience last year, here, here and here.

So things are moving along, I'm getting on with life and settling in to my new role as the mommy of a boy, (who smiled at me this morning, which made me cry.) I'm clearing out the junk food from my house this week and next week, much to Jeeves dismay, we'll be back to healthy foods and good choices. Watch out Munches zucchini pancakes are coming back!


You are my Sunshine

4 years ago today I was unaware of how much sweeter my life was about to become. I didn't know that a dancing, singing, snorting little girl was on her way to bring sunshine into my life every day.
Happy Birthday Sunshine Girl!

Reagan Louise is now my middle child, but she spent so long as the "baby" that I doubt she'll ever have middle child syndrome. She loves to eat hot dogs, pop tarts, peanut butter and jelly (with strawberry jelly) and pancakes. She loves strawberry shortcake and the littlest pet shop, and loves to sleep with her "honey bear" (a crocheted bear) and "Annie" (a raggedy ann doll)

She loves to sing and talk and often will simply hum because silence is not an option for her. She is snuggly, even at four and often will grab a blanket and ask if she can come "snuggle wiff you"

She has boundless energy, unless she has been asked to pick up toys, and she loves to play outside; especially on swings which she recently mastered doing on her own.

She had a big birthday with friends and family on saturday and after waffling on a theme and games, we decided on a rainbow party with outside fun. She said it was the best birthday ever, so I guess it was a hit. 


Shame on me

Wow, I've been a slacker, sorry folks.

My cousin called me out for not having posted in a while, so I figured it was time to pen an update.

We've had a busy couple of days around here culminating in a trip north a few hours to visit with my grandparents and introduce my grandfather to my new little guy. I've spent the last week eating poorly and being a basic loser-slacker face when it comes to exercise as well.

Plans for next week include a trip to get released to go back to work, getting back to the gym and getting back into a diet routine that works to nourish me enough to make food for my baby and also create enough of a deficit to allow for some further weight loss. I have to take advantage of my breastfeeding status and the fact that my current calorie burn is about 500 calories a day higher than normal.

I've got some more pictures of Squirt and we will be having Easter and Sunshine's birthday this weekend so even more photos will be getting out to you folks soon as I can find time to sit down and load them. Hope everyone has a great Easter and I'll see you all on Monday.

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