Excuse Me, Do You Pin?

Up to this point I have been a pinner with no follow through. Pinterest for me was sort of like a really expensive jewelry store, very cool to look at, never happening in my life.

If I don't start making these things happen in my life, I will be just another person who has great ideas, notions and plans, but never accomplishes anything.

So I made a sock monkey hat.

Then I had Pumpkin hold up a sign on her first day of school, and will continue to do that, like forever. 

Then last night, I made a recipe I found on Pinterest.

Lemon Cool Whip Cookies.  (I can't link it because my puter is being wonky, but google it, trust me)
Anyway you take a box of cake mix (lemon in my case) mix in a regular sized tub of cool whip and 2 eggs, drop balls of the mixture in powdered sugar and bake. The result is a light, cakey delicious snack that I'd love to share a picture of, but they are all gone. (My sister in law had gone to bed and woke up to eat one, that's how good they are) I will make more and post about the process.

All in all, I like this development in my life. It's good to try the cool things and even if they don't work out, it's cool cause I tried something new.

Tuesday night was my weekly Yarn night, I make food and my house available for all the fantastic ladies I love to come eat visit and make crafts. I call it the Yarn Party because the majority of the crafting is crochet and knitting, so yarn. If you remember, before Squirt was born I made a large crocheted rainbow blanket for my middle child, she's going to end up taking this thing to college with her, she loves it. I am now working on a large blue blanket for Pumpkin that I'm doing in shades of blue in a zig-zag pattern, At the end I'm going to put a tan border and several crocheted fish/sea creature embellishments and she will have an ocean blanket. It sometimes takes me awhile to complete big projects so this might end sometime next year, but I'm plugging away at it, so maybe sooner.

I woke up this morning with a small case of mastitus so I'm going to get a round of antibiotics to help clear it up. It's an infected milk duct in my breast, no biggie but the best thing to help it is nursing and it hurts like ten hells to let Squirt nurse, figures.

oh, OH and I chopped off all my hair, no joke look
I didn't do much with it this morning, but I love it!


Ana Lyman said...

I love pinterest. It has some awesome things in it, and I like the crafting ideas and recipes.

And your hair, woman...AWESOME!! That do looks amazing on you!!

Please post pictures of the blanket when you can :D

Erin said...

I actually do a fair amount of the stuff I pin, especially craft stuff. Recipes, however, tend to sit there unless they're desserts. We should make the apple nachos though.

And I'm really excited for you to make the ocean blanket.

And I want to see your hair in person.

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