Waddling Away

So, yesterday was Pumpkin's first day of Kindergarten. I expected to be a basket case but it all happened so fast that I didn't have time to freak out.

And she did so well. She's such a sweet smart girl!

We got up early to allow for "wake up" time and try to get her to eat something before leaving the house, didn't happen. She refused to eat anything and only drank about 3 ounces of the giant "your such a big girl you deserve way more than usual" chocolate milk. (you are going to regret that decision later kiddo)

Then she got dressed and was bouncing around like a little kangaroo ready to go 20 minutes before the bus came. We all packed up and headed outside to take some pictures.
It's says she wants to be a "mommy" Ready: awwwwwww
It was sunny, so lots of crazy eyes. 
Then it was time to head to the bus stop. Another Mom was there and asked what grade Pumpkin was in, I said kindergarten and she said, "Oh I sobbed like a crazy person last year on (whatever his name was)'s first day. The big yellow bus came around the corner and my little champ climbed up and grabbed a seat near the front, she waved and the bus took off. I only let about 2 tears out. It was okay, really.
When's the bus coming Mom?
There goes my baby!
We ended up going up to the school because Pumpkin didn't have her first week of school badge that tells the bus monitor her name, class, and bus number. I grabbed and quickly filled out a badge and hotfooted it down to her classroom where she was already putting her Disney princess lunchbox in the bin, hanging up her book bag and taking her seat. I snapped a quick picture and gave her a hug and she told me, "Mommy it's time for you to go now." (sad face) so I went. Sheesh.
Her Purple Group Shirt. 
Then Sunshine, Squirt and I went out with Jeeves for breakfast, went by my office to visit and then out to a few stores to do some shopping. (shopping is a loose term, I bought ice cream sandwiches, mamba candy and pens) The ice cream and candy were for the munches, the pens were for me. (hi, my name is Ninja and I have been addicted to office supplies since early 1999.)

Then Pumpkin's pick up time rolled around and I waited at the bus stop for my big girl to come home.
and I waited
and I waited.

Dude!, the bus was like 45 minutes late. but then it was there and my big girl was home, Yay!
Hey kid? Where's your book bag?
She was too interested in a snack and a drink to talk with me about school, but eventually we got a brief rundown of the day. She now knows her teacher's name and today she hopped up on that bus again with her sun-butter sandwich and gave a quick wave before being whisked off to school again.

She was surprised that she had to go to school again, welcome to the big wide world baby girl!


Ana Lyman said...

Oh my goodness!! My baby goes to Kindergarten this year too. I am...anxious. Tom Sawyer is a lot like Pumpkin--happy and smart. I am glad her first day went well, and I hope these next years go wonderfully for her as she learns and grows (and that it goes slowly for you and me!)

Erin said...

I love that she was surprised she had to go back. :). Cute pics!

Amanda said...

She is darling :) Wait until all of yours are in school... and then the youngest hits double-digits! That's happening to me in December. I am verklempt.

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