Missouri Walmart = Inner Peace?

I physically need to window shop.

I realized this over the weekend when I was stuck indoors and unable to get out until about 9:30 Tuesday morning. It was rough few days. Then yesterday before I went home I stopped by the store to buy formula and some running shoes and found myself aimlessly walking through the store, unwilling to leave because being up and walking and not looking at the same 6 rooms was a lovely break from the winter sequestration that had been my reality.

I felt so much better after 45 minutes of movement that I nearly cried when i finally got back out to the car. I didn't buy much but the feeling of being alone, not at home, not at work and moving around was so calming, so apparently wandering around Walmart is part of my Zen.

Who knew.


Parental Irony: Volume 1

So as I was nursing my 3 month old this morning when he woke up about 30 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, I had some thoughts and feelings; I figured I'd share.

Why is it, when I have no place to be and can sleep in, my almost 2 year old wakes up at the crack of dawn whining for a cu-cu-cu-cu-cu-cu-cu ( for those of you not in the know, that means he wants a drink)

Why is it when they don't have school, my girls will go to bed when i tell them and fall asleep in 10 minutes but when class is in session I basically have to threaten to bust the WiiU with a hammer to get them to shut their faces and close their eyes. (I'm in the next room and i still hear you TALKING!!!!!, that's it, where's the tool box!!)

Why is when I don't get to sleep until late, and have to be up early, my infant decides to be hungry every hour, on the hour. OR even more irritating, wake up and be all hungry/happy awake an hour before I needed to get up to start the day? (cripes kid, don't you realize how much your existence depends on my sanity?)

Why is it when we are late for school my daughter suddenly are so hungry their legs won't work and we miss the bus, yet on the weekends when I have a little more time to play short order cook they want to eat granola bars and pop tarts? (Mornings like this I feel like Goldie Hawn in Overboard, "I said MOVE!!!")

Why is it that my son feels the need to whack me in the head as a way to wake me up? I pretended to be asleep the other day to see if the was his last resort but no he goes from awake alone to beating me in order to meet his morning meal and beverage needs. (dude, enough already)

Why is it that when it's gorgeous outside the kids want to be inside watching TV but when it's 15 below they're all stir crazy and begging to be released outdoors. (sure kid, go ahead, I'll come collect your frozen body in 10 minutes when you've become a kid-sicle)

I was stuck in my house from Friday afternoon until Tuesday morning. I did every stitch of laundry in my house and then started cooking. Needless to say the diet got a tad derailed in the midst of the cookie,cake,soup,pasta and bread that happened in my house over the last four days. Esh.

However, now that I have the funds and the ability to leave the house, I'm headed to the gym this afternoon to get my membership going and start training for the marathon relay in April. I bought myself a t-shirt to decorate and have new shoe and legging plans for later this week provided the weather permits a non-essential shopping trip.


New Year, Same Old Me

I don't mind being the same old me, after all there are a few people who like that girl. She is sarcastic, a good cook and a constant wreck, which i guess means she is pretty real.

This week I am clearing out my cabinets, working on getting the house in order and setting up a craft area for my girls where they can store the massive haul of mess making supplies they received this holiday season.

Jammer is starting to sleep mostly through the night, and I've decided that 4 ounces of formula before bed is an acceptable concession to the breastfeeding especially if it equals six hours of solid sleep.

Doodle drew on my wall with a blue crayon yesterday and while i was scrubbing it off I realized we desperately need to paint our walls, spring 2014 project? Maybe, we'll see.

Sunshine is counting the days till she gets to go back to school, she loves being there and I am going to encourage that for as long as I can.

Pumpkin has finally stopped pulling out her own eyelashes and so sometime in February I will be taking her to the build a bear store to make a new friend. We finally found things that motivate her. Build a bear and the WiiU, go figure.

I'm back to logging food and dismayed at how out of practice I have gotten at making good decisions on the fly. Soup lunches are on the docket for the remainder of the winter, that and skinny lattes should get me through to April and hopefully a successful run in my leg of the marathon.

Alright, I've got crap to do, hope you all had fun Tuesday, avoided hangovers Wednesday and are starting your new off with some good times.
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