Dude, For realz?

So, I hopped (well stumbled really) onto the scale this morning and found that in 2 days, 195 has turned into 192. A testament to the fact that I was hoarking down lots of junk and salt and candy. Two days and I lose 3 pounds. It's a good start, I think. The calorie count weight tracker seemed very pleased and I got a "atta girl" message after putting in the new total.

To celebrate I'm going to head over to the bread company (panera for you non-st louisans.) and splurge on a Thai chopped chicken salad, right at 600 cals for the whole salad and after a scant 160 calorie breakfast It'll fit right into the plan today. Plus; mmmmmmmmmm, fiber.

Tonight I'm making zucchini boats, filled with turkey sausage and tomatoes and covered with mozzerella. hopefully Pinterest is not lying and this is going to be yummy.


Amanda said...

Love, love, love Panera. Enjoy!!

Ryan.Perry said...

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