Dirty Once Again

Saturday was the Muck Ruckus (which replaced the mud run) and I decided at the last minute to give my post baby body a break and do the 5k rather than 5 mile course. I don't regret that decision.

I had a partner this time around which made the event much more fun, and she's said that barring scheduling difficulties, she will be doing it again next year, (which made my day) and we've also both decided to do the 5 mile if it is an option next time.

The obstacles were safer, the route more scenic and event more appealing this year, in short I loved every minute of it. I only skipped one obstacle, and I failed one, but I at least attempted it, so I'm happy with that. My teammate is also interested in doing other events in the Saint Louis area, so I've found a running buddy, even if she is a way better runner than me, I better get my butt out there!

I'm also going to try again to have a bigger team next year, my little brother had to work last minute so could not be there and several others who sounded interested were unable to commit, I'm still hopeful about next year.

I came away from the Muck Ruckus with a few blisters and more than a few missing layers of skin in various places but most significantly on the middle finger of my right hand. My finger looks gross and I've been soaking it in peroxide about once a day to combat any weird noseeums I may have picked up in the trenches.

I've decided this event is going to kick off my summer of working out, getting out and toning my tush.

I'm going to level with you, Today I still weigh 185, and if I never lost another pound, I would not care. (truth) but I would like very much to tone up my tush, arms, back and tummy so weight loss is going to be a side effect of the efforts to accomplish that goal. So, back in saddle I go with walking, 30 day shred and hopefully some Zumba, Piyo and Drills thrown in for good measure. Operation Tone the Ninja is in effect as of today.

or maybe tomorrow, I'm still pretty sore


So Little To Do

and so much time to get it done.

wait, strike that, reverse it.

GAH! I am headed into the busiest period of my life. no foolin.

May12: Baby shower - make cake and presents happen
May 19: Muck Ruckus - pain, beer, mud and hamburgers
May 26: Bachelorette Party - being a bridesmaid has it's obligations
June 2: Wedding - I have no way to tabulate the amount of things I have left to do for this.
June 9- July 7: Teaching Saturday classes.
July 13-15: Farm weekend with Mutti, Felix and the rest of the family.
Two Week Break (But let's be honest, I'll find something I have to do)
Aug 3: Pumpkin's Birthday
Aug 10: Jeeves Birthday

Writing it out that way makes my brain hurt. Also, Pumpkin is going to start school in the fall, she is excited, I'm terrified. What if my happy quirky little girl gets hurt by some jerk kid and she stops being happy and becomes a withdrawn sad kid instead. I'm having premature mommy freak out.

This morning I avoided a breakfast sandwich and instead ate a cup of yogurt in my office for breakfast. I'm getting back to the habits that helped me lose before, things like portion control and saying no to junk. I had a realization, One doesn't become fat by eating three meals a day. You can certainly stay fat that way, depending on what you are choosing to eat, but if eating normal portions of most foods, and preparing meals that have nutritional value, one is not going to become super huge. It's the snacking and eating when you are not hungry, at least it is for me. I wanted chips last night, but chips are one of those trigger foods for me. As soon as I start eating them I develop gustatory amnesia, My stomach forgets that it has eaten and I begin a campaign to fill a void that isn't there. I feel hungry, but how could I be. I've inhaled more calories than bear preparing for hibernation.

I didn't eat after 8pm last night, dinner was late because lunch had been late. I didn't get to bed until after 1pm (Squirt was having a rough time) so I didn't eat for 5 hours before getting to bed, I think I remember reading somewhere that not eating before going to sleep is important. Sleeping is important, water is important, moving is important, food choice is important and when you achieve balance with all of those things, you start losing weight, I'm on the road to balance.

Random Fact: When a protein bar label says "crunchy," is it almost always a lie.


Felix to the Rescue!

My brother is hilarious and kind and a really good daddy to my super cute niece an nephew. Today, he is also my favorite guy in the world because he still plans on joining my team for the Muck Ruckus, so even if I the rest of the team isn't there, I'll have my little bro, keeping pace with me and helping haul my rear out of mud pits. This also means we'll have a huge welcome party at the finish line, Mutti, Jeeves, the Munches, Brit, Rhys, Livvie.

I'm going to go ahead with the after party at my house. We'll have a family BBQ and I'll make mud pie and mudslides. After trekking five miles through muck we will have earned it.


Last night was another night of no sleep, though it was Jeeves' fault not Squirts. Squirt was just fine, Jeeves didn't leave the house till after midnight and then came home at 6:30 and woke me up. So I got up and came in to work (gahhhh) anyway I'm sitting at my desk trying to get motivated and in walks Mutti, who says, "What's wrong with you, you look terrible." (thanks ma) Any notion that I might not look as bad as I feel, completely out the window. (sheesh)

So now I'm sleepy and self conscious.


I need a mulligan for this week


He Sleeps Again!

Last night was the first night since Sunday that Squirt went to sleep before 4am.

(Pause for applause)

We went to bed at midnight and didn't wake up to eat until after 7am, praise Jesus!

I feel much more sane and a little less like the mommy beast I was becoming. So tonight, to apologize to the munches for my bad attitude of late, we are going to play outside with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. It's their favorite thing ever and I'm looking forward to wearing them all out with tons of fresh air and running around. Squirt and I will be chilling on a blanket under our new outdoor umbrella and I should have a bunch of great photos tomorrow.

On the diet front I'm doing alright, keeping it right around 2200 calories (the required amount for my "nursing momma" status) and trying to include tons of water and fiber. Still sitting at 185, but all in all, that's not bad for having just had a baby. My clothes still don't fit well because of the post baby belly bloat. Oh well, I'll get there.

Muck Ruckus News: I may be team-less, again. One of the team members is newly pregnant, another may not be in town and a third cannot drive herself. I'm going to try to arrange car pooling but I may be going it alone again, a team of one. Had a I realized that I'd be flying solo I might have decided that it wasn't really worth it and waited to do it next year rather than pushing myself so soon after having had this baby.  Such is life, I'm going to push through and make my girls proud.

Someday I hope they'll say, "My Mom is so cool, she makes crafts, bakes, changes tires and does charity runs. She's a nifty lady with lots of skills and she loves me a lot" We'll see


April Baby Pics

Baby + Overalls = ZOMG that's cute!

He was telling me, "No more pictures, Mom"

Happy Little Man

Looks like he's dancing!

Hey! I'm lookin at you!

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