Adding to the Flock

So, this weekend my brother and his family came to stay with us at Le Casa De Ninja. We are going to be housemates for a couple of months while they are between habitation stations. It's going pretty well so far, and yesterday we had the chance to have a big dinner care of Felix. He made some pan fried chicken, spaetzel, and veggies with mushroom gravy, it was super yummy. Sort of like a jagerschnitzel but made with chicken rather than pork. It brought me back to my childhood in Germany and made me smile down memory lane.

I also completed about 10 loads of laundry last night, in between trying to combine the two households, get organized, find new places for some things that never really had places in the first place, gak! Tonight I'll be folding and stowing that laundry and trying to gather the last of the errant things and either finding a place or placing them in the goodwill pile so we can get the house to a tolerable level of chaos.

We now have 4 adults, 3 little girls and 2 little boys living under one roof, it's going to be quite the adjustment. Fun, Crazy and really loud is the prognosis for the next few months, hopefully I'll be busy enough that I'll be able to avoid chowing down on junk. I've moved my craft stuff into Squirts closet and I really intend on getting lots of christmas crafting done in the next few months. But first I need to get our Halloween costumes worked out. Here come the Ninja Gnomes.

Fo realz.

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