I'd like to see your license and registration...

I'm totes digging my new sunglasses which are a gift from a friend in fabulosity. (yeah, that's not a word, I know.)

Also I dyed my hair red and put in some blond highlights, I feel kind of bad-ass.

Which made me want to be more Bad ass and so begins the quest to complete the body modifications I have had in my mind for some time, a nose piercing and a few tattoos. More on that later.

Good Morning

Today started out kinda sucky, with Jeeves and I having a little "everyone's just too damned grumpy and sleep deprived" tiff before I left for work. Then when I got in and started reviewing my emails I got one from the Big Boss, asking me to come to his office and discuss salary. I wasn't concerned because I knew that due to the new changes coming down with my job, that salary was going to be reviewed. However, I figured the conversation would be a short one, in which he said nothing was going to change, wrong.

I'm getting a raise.

A significant raise which will almost completely cover the difference in payroll deductions for the Munches medical insurance. Also I was told that in the next year, if the government approves it, we'll get a COLA increase and my caseload is one marked for expansion which means another bump in salary! What a blessing!


Whole Lotta Drunk, A lot

for serious you guys, drunker than ever last weekend and I realized the reason I don't drink that much, it's because I tend to be a total asshole and verbal vomit (and literal vomit) all over the place.

Friday evening we all gathered at Aimee's house and caravan-ed down to Fredrick-town where the beautiful Patty Creek Farm is located. We got there after dark and the proprietors already had a fire lit. We spent a few hours marveling at the massive number of stars shining over head and then watch a bit of the Breakfast club before everyone decided that it was late and we were tired.

Saturday morning we got up, ate some great breakfast and got started with hanging out in the creek. The creek has a damn built into it and there is a great floating pool supplied with lots of rubber floaty things. We floated around for a few hours, took a trip in town to the country Wal-Mart (awesome) and then floated around for a while longer. Then we went on a hayride and then I started feeling bad, got sick all over the place and made a huge ass of myself with my best friend. It sucked and I don't even remember most of what I said, which makes it worse. I hate that it happened, and I would never have been "that girl" if I hadn't had so much to drink so, moral of this story: I will not be drinking like that ever again, and I hope that Red will be able to forgive me because I hate myself for doing damage to the relationship with my oldest and best friend.

Sunday morning I woke up on the floor of the bathroom feeling slightly sore and queasy but not bad, then we all packed it in and got our buts home, (Way to go Nellie, destroying the damn weekend) Jeeves was sweet to me when I got home, he let me take a nap and then we went over to Mutti's for dinner, which was really good, I usually cook for her these days and it was nice to have a Mom cooked meal like when I was a kid.


Answered Prayers

The munches and I had nothing going on yesterday, (Well, I had a huge stack of laundry to do but I had gotten home early and knew I'd have time to work that out later). So I packed my wallet, phone and keys into a backpack and we took a walk. About a half mile from our house is a Sonic so we walked up and had ice cream cones. They had a ball, talking about all the dogs we saw and telling about how getting shots keeps you from getting sick but it's "poke-y" (this walk was genius, for two dollars they were engaged and having a good time and they were so worn out at the end of it that the house was nice and calm for quite a while afterward.)

A little while back I told you all that I was feeling crazed and mean, which startled and scared me. I'm not a mean person. Well I decided that I needed help and I asked for it, I prayed. I feel as though my prayers have been answered, I am able to handle my stress much more calmly and it seems like all of the anger has been drained out. Like as soon as I gave up the fight for control, someone just grabbed the stopper and the pool of angry and awful just went away. It's lovely feeling so peaceful and I'm noticing a change in the girls as well, which proves that something needed to be done. Our little family was headed down the wrong path and I believe we have been set back on the right one.

In other answered prayer news: The girls have been uninsured for quite a while and starting July 1st we will have insurance for them. We went with a plan that may be very difficult for the first year or two, but could also be remarkable after the initial hardship. We have chosen a plan with a Health Savings Account rather than a Flexible spending account. The rub is that it is a high deductible plan, the balm is that after you meet the deductible for each year, you don't have to pay anything until the following year. We are a remarkably healthy family and preventative care is free, so well woman exams, physicals, and the girls yearly stuff, including vaccinations = free! It costs less per month than the other options and if I ever leave the company, the money in the savings account goes with me, the savings account is mine and it will be usable for any health related cost. This is all music to my mother's ears, and honestly helps me breathe a little easier. They are toddlers after all and I lived in fear of the day they broke something or stuck a bean up their nose and ended up in the ER.

I'm going to jog again today, I'm going to the bigger gym and jogging on the good machines (the one's that don't have the hair trigger emergency stop button that cancels out your whole run) I didn't do too poorly and as long as I wear supportive shoes when walking long distances my foot isn't giving me too much trouble. It still is a bit sore and tight when i first get up in the morning and when walking around barefoot, but the NP said that would ease in time. blerg!

I'm going out of town with my girl friends this weekend, I should have a wealth of pictures and regretable beverage decisions to confess to you all when I return on Monday. When I go to the Farm, I spend the whole time wearing the most comfortable (read: ugly) clothing I own and eating things I know I should not, but don't care. I will take advantage of the long winding road up to the main road and walk it at least twice while I'm there, get some workout going, not much, but some.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Bis Dann!


The Soundtrack of My Life

Did you ever picture your life as a movie, I do from time to time, and inevitably I find music that seems to fit perfectly. Driving, Working, Playing, Sleeping, Fooling Around, Running, and even just reading a book in my living room has a song or style of music assocaited with it in my mind. I have an Ipod that Jeeves gave me when I graduated from college with my Master's degree. It has my music, the soundtrack to my life. 

So many songs bring forth unbidden memories within seconds of hearing the first few notes. I can get lost in music, I need it like some poeple need chocolate, and I thought since it's so important to me I would share some of my favorites with you.
Each song listed below is linked and will take you to a you tube video, keep in mind, calling it high school doesn't mean that's when it came out, it means that's when it touched me.

Country: Yeah, it's country and yeah, I know all the words and yeah, I'll sing it at Karaoke; You wanna make something of it...
Lucky One - AKUS
Gravity- AKUS
Grandpa - the Judds
Deeper than the Holler - Randy Travis
I told you So - Randy Travis

From Mom: Sing really loud in the car songs.
Maggie May - Rod Stewart
You're So Vain - Carly Simon
Second Hand Rose-Barbara
You Never Called Me By My Name - David Allen Coe

From Dad: Songs for when you are drinking
Money - Pink Floyd
Tom Sawyer - Rush
Lost Boys and Golden Girls - Meatloaf
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - George Thorogood.

From High School: Yeah, I've got no excuse for some of these
Omaha -Counting Crows
Pretty Piece of Flesh - One Inch Punch
Santa Monica- Everclear
Real World - Matchbox 20

For the Chicks: Dance and Sing to my babies songs.
You're Gonna Be - Reba McEntire
Baby don't you cry - Quincy Coleman
In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride
Somewhere over the Rainbow - Issak K

For Jeeves:
Thank You - Bon Jovi
Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
Hanging By A Moment - Life House
Yours To Hold - Skillet

I'll stop there, it could go on for three days, but I'll spare you, I hope you had some time to enjoy and hear some new songs.


Faith: A Conversation with a 4 Year Old.

Hannah: Mommy, I love our house!
Me: That's good sweetie
Hannah: Jesus built this house for us!
Me: Yes, love, Jesus gives us so many things.
Hannah: Jesus built us this house out of bricks so the big bad wolf can't come in, but the tooth fairy can come in, she's my friend.
Me: Yes, Dear, Jesus built us this house

My little girls are starting understand faith, in the way children do. The world of a child can be magical, because they believe in so many things, faith in God comes so much easier to them than to adults. I believe this is because they don't have to get their brains out of the way, it is easy to see God's love everyday because they've never had science class and don't know who Darwin is. Perhaps this is one of the reasons people who grow up with positive loving relationships with God find it easier to have faith as adults.

Fragmented Whatnot

-In other news, I am at 175 today, ick. I am jogging this evening, and hopefully my foot will cooperate, I haven't had much trouble with it, just a little soreness after my walks. I am doing a 5K on the 4th of July and I need to get in the groove this week to be prepared.

-My hormonal issues combined with blood loss have taken a toll on my energy level, I feel like I could sleep for three days. Nothing feels normal in my body these days, but I am dealing with the docs and following up as I should because I need to get back to good. I think now that my foot has mostly healed and I can get back into the swing of working out perhaps my energy might amp up a bit. I hope so, cause this sucks.

-My 10 year high school reunion is in a month and a few days, I'd like to be down to 170 for that party, looking good will just make the night that much more fun. Thanks to face-book I still have contact with lots of folks from high school and it'll be nice to see them all again. While not a "popular kid" in school I was on the yearbook and newspaper staff and I loved every minute of high school. Well, every minute except for when I left an "I really like you" note on the desk of a guy I wanted to marry. I didn't sign it and he read it and threw it in the trash, I was crushed, I was 15, but I was crushed. Ah, memories.


A Day for Father's

Me, Felix, and Dad

I'm an army brat. We lived in Texas, Maryland, and Germany twice. When I was born my Dad made Mutti go to a grocery store on the way home so he could show off his new baby. He was always a Daddy. Dad used to use leave days to go to school field trips with Felix and I. He made beer one summer and let Felix and I help him bottle it, much to Mutti's dismay. He was always good for a few marks (German money) to buy gummy candy from the Imbiss(like a lunch cart) next to the school before walking home. Dad would climb on playground gyms, take us to drive go carts, and he loved candy as much as most kids I know.

I was always a Daddy's girl growing up. Dad made me feel special and loved. Both of my parents have always showed us, and never had to tell us that we were the most important things in their lives. Dad taught me how to fish, change a tire, do an oil change, and expect that a guy would treat me right. I don't see my dad as often as I'd like, we have different schedules and life has a way of getting in the way, but I feel loved and I always have.

I couldn't tell you anything about my childhood that I would change. I had such a happy life, and that is a true testament to my parents, both of them. It isn't easy to make a child feel grounded and safe while moving around the world. But they did it and I only hope that Jeeves and I can create such a happy life for our Munches. Thank you Dad, I love you.

And for Jeeves,
My husband has met and surpassed every expectation I have ever had of him as a father. He works a midnight job so we don't have to put the Munches in day care. He is more than I could have imagined as a co-parent. Every bit a Daddy and as in love with our kids as I am. My girls and I are lucky to have him in our lives and we are grateful for his love and support. Pumpkin is a daddy's girl too, another way she and I are the same. She crawls up into his lap and puts her face next to his and says, "Daddy, you're my sweetest" His babies love him, he's a good daddy. I hope his day is awesome. We are letting him sleep in and then taking him out for lunch at a family favorite restaurant.

I hope all the fathers out there have a lovely relaxing day.


I am not an Animal!

The dentist was a harrowing experience. I had three cavities filled. I will give you the play by play because I feel like sharing.

First I sat in the chair and the dentist's assistant put the little paper bib on my, which was too tight, and made my neck itch. Then he stuck this long q-tip with a topical numbing agent on it into my mouth where the needle for the Novocaine was going. The icky tasting topical ran down my throat and instantly my stomach went, "Oh, no, this is gonna be bad" After the first two shots, which were not too bad, he began drilling, which was also not bad until I began to smell something burning. The burning smell combined with the pluthera of fingers in my mouth and the constant light infuriating spray of water made me start to gag, which was not pretty.

At one point the assistant with the spit-sucker thing got a little crazy and started getting it stuck to my lips and tongue, which gave me a serious case of the giggles, which as you can imagine aren't good when a guy has a sharp drill in your mouth. I would get myself under control and then he would start giggling too, which would set me off again. It was like a dental bloopers reel, only not as funny as in the movies. 

After the first two teeth were drilled he decided he was going to fill a third but he was going to fill one of the first two before drilling the third. But before filling the tooth he gave me another shot of whatever and then he stuck this bizarre flexible metal thing around my tooth which he called a "fence" to help the filling do what it was supposed to. It wrapped around my tooth and was attached to a 3-4 inch metal rod which housed the tightening mechanism. so while it was around my tooth I couldn't close my mouth. that had to stay there for awhile, which would have been fine, but the dude kept talking to me..
Him: "How many kids do you have?
Me: "Phu"
Him: "two? boy or girls"
Me: "Urls"
Him: "Oh, how nice, I love kids, Wait, weren't yours the cute little ones in here a week or two ago that were super excited about being at the dentist."
Me: "Es." (thinking Wow, you are like 30 and you remember kids, either they made a really big impression or you are a creeper...)
Him: "They were so great, I love it when kids are so happy to be at the dentist." (Phew, it was a big impression, i think...)
Me: "Eh, ey ere appy" (dude, shut up!")

Anyway the packing of the filling was like torture and the dentist kept saying stuff about the noise of the drill and the tooth impaler instrument.
Him: "That's the worst noise isn't it?"
Me: nodding but thinking, "Yeah, it's the noise and not the yanking on my face and the growing worry that I am going to be able to star in 'The Hills Have Eyes 3' sans makeup when you are done...dude shut up!"

But he didn't, he started talking about my eyes and how they were a very neat shade of green, with some brown, and how pretty they are, yada, yada, yada....Dude. Shut. Up!

So they finished, it took about an hour to fill all three teeth and at the end of it I felt like a stroke victim, the entire lower half of the left side of my face was completely numb. I could barely talk, or lick my lips and forget drinking anything because my tongue was numb too, which made the cool water I tried to drink feel hot on one side of my tongue but normal and cool on the other. Disconcerting, to say the least.

Then I went over to Mutti's and she asked me order a pizza for dinner (still sick to my stomach at this point), I get on the phone with the kid at the pizza place and I felt like Joesph Merrick, the poor kid could not understand what I was saying for half of the conversation. It took almost 6 hours for me to be able to speak normally and not look crazy when I spoke.I ate one piece of pizza because by the end of it the pain of chewing, still being sick to my stomach and the weirdness of only feeling the food one one side of my mouth got to me.

All I have to say is Thank God it's Friday, I need a break from this week.


Ultra Sonic Ovaries

Ha that sounds funny. I went to have my ultrasound today and no abnormalities were found, so the problem is probably hormonal (whoopie) at least fixing hormonal issues tends to be cheaper than fixing something structurally wrong with the lady bits. I drank a crap ton of water and I didn't pee before I went to the appointment but they still had to do the internal ultrasound (joy) I am really happy that there is nothing visually wrong, but I want to have a baby and the likely first step of treatment for this issue is to go on birth control for a few months. Have I ever told you about me on Birth Control? lets just say it wasn't pretty (and I'm amazed Jeeves put up with it for as long as he did, dude's a saint in that respect) Needless to say I'm concerned; going on BC, not ideal.

Last night when Jeeves got home he woke me up saying he smelled gas, turns out the pilot in the oven had gone out, and my long lighter (the safer one) had been ruined last summer so after the procedure this morning I bought a new lighter and crawled around on the floor hoping to god my face wasn't going to get melted off and re-lit the pilot. Poor Jeeves stayed up all night because he was worried the house was going to explode and we were all going to be blown into fiery chunks. So that's fixed. 

This afternoon I am headed out to the dentist for another type of invasive procedure. Fillings! Boy it's a banner day in the life of the ninja. Hopefully it won't be too traumatic. I am getting 2, and I've only ever done this once before. I figure I'll be able to drive myself home, if not we live close enough to the dentist that Jeeves can come get me. After the dentist I'm going home, and finishing laundry while watching The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Julia and Julia. I figure I'll need some guilty pleasure (the movies) while being unable to eat and needing to finish the laundry (the munches are running out of tiny clean panties, not cool)

I feel a fruit binge coming on, I have a grapefruit, peach, banana and bowl of grapes sitting on my desk, I have a feeling they will all be gone in about an hour. But that will be probably my only food today, so maybe not such a serious binge...Foot is still to sore to run, but I am going to the gym tomorrow, and I'm going to walk and do some weight training, maybe I'll jump on the crazy mountain climber elliptical thing too, we'll see. I am out of my groove and I worry if I don't do something soon I descend back into pre-weight-loss sloth-dom.

Pumpkin and Booger, April 2011


Tuesday, damn it's not better.

Yeah, so yesterday was really no fun. Today the bruising on my foot is almost all gone, however I went grocery shopping last night (bad call) and cleaned out the mommy-mobile (really bad call) and then didn't get to bed until well after midnight. (stick a fork in me)

So the pain is back as well as some swelling which is making me crazy. I am feeling out of sorts, out of control and like everyday I am gaining 5 pounds. It's not true, although I have gained 2 or 3 because of a week or two of really, really poor food choices. I really am missing my activity level being what it was, I don't like being injured. Normally I just walk through pain, I don't let it get me down, I'm a tough broad. But, I'm terrified that this is going to become one of those constant reoccurring issues for the rest of my life, so I'm trying to let it heal properly but I really am feeling crazy. I have an appointment with the Worker's Comp doctor tomorrow and I'm hoping she'll tell me it's alright to start walking/jogging again.

I feel like a rant about marriage and our society is coming soon, not sure when but I've been doing some reading and I feel very strongly about it. I highly recommend the book the 5 love languages, it has made such a difference in my life, and I believe it ought to be required reading for anyone considering marriage. The man who wrote the book has written others and I believe I will be buying and reading them as well.


Um? Happy Monday?

Yeah who am I kidding, it's gonna be an awful Monday. I'm still limping and stairs cause me to gasp in pain. The swelling has stopped and I am itching to get back into the gym (I'm lying, but I can at least pretend I want to be there). I am having more trouble with my reproductive system which is going to land me back in the doctor's office this week (joy)

I ate too much frosting this weekend, btw do you know what's in frosting? lard and sugar. (gross right?) Yeah and somehow I can't keep myself from eating it. It's like freaking kryptonite, every ninja has a weakness right? (Dum-da-dum-dum-dummm...It Creeps. It crawls. It expands your ass. Run, don't walk from, Buttercream!) Anyhow, I feel slovenly and ugly and so even if I can't get to the gym I'm going to instigate a de-tox this week. I am going to stay under 1200 calories a day, get all of my water in and get moving (when the Dr. releases me to do so.) In preparation for the detox I've got to stop at Wal-mart to pick up some slimfast and then I'll be hitting up the produce stand for some peaches and grapefruit.
Ninja Family: at the Vow renewal. 

So I hope everyone's weekend went well, mine was...well it just sort of was.
Ugh, I can't wait for Tuesday...


Pictures - My week in review.

The wedding cake I made yesterday. It's not a traditional wedding cake but the bride really liked it. And most importantly it tasted really, really good. I slathered on tons of frosting and made a super moist cake. It was totally in keeping with her theme as well, the hall was decorated with lovely bright colors and there were daisies on the tables.

Booger came out of her room the other day and said, "look mommy, I have pants on my head." She's so goofy.
Jeeves and I on our anniversary at Yo-My Goodness. I have better pictures, but they are on Mutti's camera, I'll get them this weekend.

Apparently the bruises don't translate well onto my camera, but you can see how puffy my foot is. It's feeling much better today, and as long as I don't over-do it, I should be better by next week which is good cause I'm starting to go a little crazy.

Oh! and an apology to my readers who prefer to remain anonymous (Aims in particular), but I've had to disable commenting from anonymous readers thanks to some crazy Eastern European bastard who kept spamming my comments. Really, really pissed me off.


All the Pretty Colors

The pain has lessened thanks to some Vicodin, ice and elevation. But my foot looks like Micky Mouse's. It's so swollen. And now the bruises are starting to come through, there is a soda can sized blue stain on my foot. It's kinda creepy. In the middle of the bruise is red, and it's darkening by the hour. Maybe I'll take a picture and post it (cause you guys all want to see my feet, right?)

Not much else going on except that the wedding cake i thought I was making on Saturday is actually for a wedding on Friday, so now I have less time then I thought to get it done. It's all good though, I've got it under control. I am going to take Jeeves out for dinner with the cash from the cake. We are going to Red Lobster, they are having a really good deal right now and it's one of our favorite places to nosh. (mmmmmm, biscuits....)

I am going to buy the supplies for the cake tonight and start baking. I'll make a round of white frosting for the crumb coat and get everything but the actual decorating done before I go to bed tonight. Luckily the decorating part of the wedding cake is super simple; just daisy's, dots and stripes, all made of fondant. I'll be doing the daisies tonight so they can harden enough to stand off the cake the way the bride wants them to. everything else is going to be gravy.


Hi, my name is Grace

While climbing out of my car today I stepped into a grassy area next to the parking lot and right into a big hole. I didn't know the hole was there so I fell, twisted my ankle and have ended up with a sprained ankle and foot. Since I was at work I spent the morning at the workman's comp doctor and came home with a compression sleeve on my foot to help with the swelling. The Nurse practitioner said to expect some bruising and swelling and lots of pain. I have some PT exercises to do each day and I am borrowing Mutti's cane to help me get around for the next few days.

I feel so stupid for having done this to myself, but the doc said to keep off my foot as much as possible to let it heal, so no gym for me for at least a week. (sad face)

So. Post lots of interesting things cause I'll need reading material for the next few days while rotting on the couch. You don't realize how much you move until you can't do it anymore. shesh.


Drills that made me sweat!

Last night in a heroic return to being a gym rat I attended the Monday night drills class. The problems were these:
1. The floor was SLIPPERY and we had to jump a bunch, which was really, really hard, people were slipping all over the floor.
2. It was 4 zillion degrees in the group workout room. Seriously 4 minutes in and my whole shirt was soaked. I'm not a big sweat-er. I usually get a few dark spots but for serious, my shirt was dripping, and it was miserable...but in a good way. I got home and ate some leftovers for dinner, then felt sick to my stomach all night long, it was a rough night. But I'm doing better today.

I'm back on track calorie wise, staying under 1500 most days and keeping up my fluid intakes. My weight is still sitting around 172, which is really fine for me. If I never lose another pound I'm actually okay with that, not that I'm going to stop working out and watching calories, just that I've reached the threshold of acceptance. There's nothing magical about the numbers that modern science gives us. I feel great, I am happy with my body and I'm not going to obsess about pounds anymore. I'm moving on.

My original plan for running is working out well, I can do 5K in about 40 minutes, and I'm building up to jogging the whole thing outdoors, which is really difficult, but I'm getting there. I am also doing a challenge for myself in conjunction with my plans to both run an event a month and a marathon in January of 2013. I am going to try to do a marathon a month. I am going run/jog/walk 26 miles every month. We'll see how it goes.

I'm bound for the gym again tonight to jog a bit and do some ab work, I'm feeling flabby,, so maybe some planks and crunches will help me feel a little more tightened and toned. It's amazing watching the changes in my body, I feel muscles where I never realized I'd have definition. People probably think I'm insane, I'll be sitting at my desk poking and prodding my arms because there is a new hardening of muscle when I flex a certain way, it's so foreign and yet so cool!


Radio Silence......

This has got to be the longest I've gone without posting in awhile. Things got out of hand, I got stupid busy and then decided I would worry about this today, when the world slowed down a bit.

Sunday (yesterday) was my 7th wedding anniversary. Jeeves and I got married on 6-5-04. It's funny, we picked a date that was significant for many reasons. Jeeves mother passed away three years previously on 6-5-01, and when she passed her best friend (and my boss) became the pseudo-MIL. She is a lovely person, and has taken us all into her heart as though we were her own children. Had she not been divorced, her 25th wedding anniversary would have been the day we were married. Also it happened to be one of those funny dates (6-5-4) that people try to do now. I didn't realize that was a thing until a few years after we were married.

Jeeves and I renewed our vows to one another in a small ceremony with our close family. Our little girls were there (Booger was doing evil kenevil jumps off the alter, but she was there) and we got a chance to have our union blessed by the pastor of our church who we love and respect. It was very emotional, and it seemed to mean so much more this time around. Not just because of the where it was being done, but also because we knew what we were promising this time. The first vows we spoke were promises of people who didn't know what they were agreeing to. We didn't know how crazy, hard, wonderful and scary marriage can be. This time we were saying that we've seen it, we've done it, and we would do it all again. Words can be so powerful and my whole heart filled with love at the sight of my husband holding my hand, with our whole family watching again, and telling me he was going to love me forever, again. I also was struck by how different it felt. It was so casual. No wedding dress, no flowers, no suits, and yet it seemed so perfect for us. Our love for each other was made all the more the focus because of the lack of pomp and circumstance.

Afterward we had our family over for food, which was awesome. Mutti made a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and she decorated it to look like our wedding cake. It was SOOOO good. I gave a huge hunk of it to my dad and we kept two pieces one for Jeeves and one for me, to enjoy sometime this week. Apart from that, the rest of it was devoured by our guests who raved about it. It was such a great afternoon, visiting with family and friends.

Then we had our first (non-family) baby sitter and Jeeves and I went out for frozen yogurt and to see the X-Men movie. The movie was awesome, but I have a huge soft spot for comic book movies. They are my kryptonite, like Julie and Julia I will sit for hours watching my comic book movie DVD's.

I could not have asked for a better day, it was lovely and such a great way to commemorate our anniversary. Family, Faith, Fellowship, Food and Film. Pretty much perfect. 


Aw Shucks

So my good buddy Ana, you can see her awesome blog and cute young-uns here, gave me a blog award. She is such a sweetie and always has supportive, kind things to say. I feel like we are a lot alike and if we lived in the same state we might hang out all the time and let our children run circles around us while we sat with our feet up wishing we could be eating chocolate bon-bons (love that image)

The Rules:
1. Thank the Person who nomiated you (thanks, doll!)
2. Tell us ten things about yourself
3. Nomiate some other awesome folks for the award.
4. Contact your fellow Adorable people and let them know that you've nominated them.

Ten Things:
1. I don't like nail polish. I can't wear it for longer than a day before I start to feel like my fingers can't breathe. I have very strong, very nice nails which, if properly manicured, would be the envy of many, but I chop them off and only pay attention to them if they break. 
2. I love the smell of freshly bleached sheets. I only have white sheets, because I like to be sure they smell clean like bleach when I put them on my bed. My pillows are the same way, I am in heaven when I climb into bed with my clean, cool, bleached sheets. It's like being on vacation for me.
3. I have never enjoyed making out. I get really freaked out when my face is too close to someone else's face. I can't concentrate on how much fun it might be to be kissing someone because this panic rises up in my body and I feel like I can't breathe.
4. If tortilla chips had no calories I would be the thinnest person on the planet. If there was a way to get the salty, grainy crunch of a tortilla chip in a no calorie variety I would give up chocolate and beer. for serious.
5. I still hate sweating. I figured after losing weight and feeling awesome, sweating would become more tolerable. But it seems that even though I have lost 60 pounds of insulating fat, I am still heat intolerant. I am also pretty intolerant to cold now, which makes living in Missouri hard because we have SUMMER, fall, WINTER and spring. Fall and Spring last about a week and sometimes you miss it because you are working or since the seasons changed so quickly your body is going through raging allergy induced PTSD.
6. I want very much to be a full time writer and crafter, but lack the discipline to do what needs to be done to make it happen. I have so many great ideas and yet I watch Julie and Julia on Tivo instead of getting things done. 
7. I work very hard to teach myself how to make and do things, and as soon as I feel like I've got it down, I stop doing it, unless I want to make something for a gift. It's like I'm collecting hobbies. The only one I do just to do it is crochet, and it has given me CTS, go figure. (I found a T-shirt that says, "I don't have hobbies, I'm developing a robust post-apocalyptic skill set." I want that shirt)
8. There are times when I will eat sour patch kids until my tongue actually hurts and is raw from the abrasion and sour sugar. It hurts so good.
9. Music has more pull on my emotional state than I believe is normal. I can be both taken to excitement and drawn into depression by music. Even more than smell, music can transport me to places and times in my history and bring back memories that I would have a hard time accessing on my own.
10. I would sit and eat peanut butter off of a spoon until I get sick. In fact I avoid PB&J sandwiches because I am afraid that I will go crazy and eat 4 a day until I get back to 250 pounds. *shudder* I have to be super restrictive with peanut butter in any of it's forms. I buy packets to limit my servings and I buy single serving Reece's cups because they are less of a temptation one at a time. )I know many people will buy 100 calorie packs and eat 7 of them, but I've never had that issue and single servings are an effective portion control device for me.) 

And the Nominees are:
Dr Fat to Fit
-I love each of these blogs, they are fantastic and inspiring ladies.
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