Daily Living Skills: Laundry Therapy

Here's the thing. I hate housework. I really do, hate it,
can't stand it, don't wanna do it, not gonna do it.

Problem is, I also hate having a messy house.

When things start to go squiffy and the clutter begins to heap, my blood pressure goes up a little. I get really snitchy and can't seem to find a way to get less well, awful. (see above for the reason I can't fix my own problems, I realize the hypocrisy, don't judge me)

Thank God for Jeeves
Dude. cleans. house. fo realz
He is my shining armor clad knight armed with a swiffermop and dust rag. I love that guy.
Anyway, he doesn't do dishes or laundry.
Okay, I got that, I don't have to like it, but I'll do it.

Okay the point of this little cleaning rant, my dryer broke last week. I was at work and got a call from Jeeves saying the house was on fire. He was being dramatic, the dryer was smoking and there was a burning plastic smell permeating the house. So we put the dryer out of commission. I was unable to do laundry all weekend, and one of my munches had a few, um, potty incidents. Nothing big IF YOU HAVE A WORKING DRYER.(can you see that this is not having a positive impact on my emotional well being?)

Yesterday, Felix and I pulled the dryer away from the wall and he climbed behind it to discover that a bit of linty-fuzz had made the cord start melting into the wall which caused a short or something and resulted in a fried high limit thermostat. (look it's all very technical but the chap on the Tube of you's says he can show us how to fix it) Ug! At least it's fixable, however the part has to be shipped, I can't just buy one at the local sears.

So, no dryer for about another week. After a remarkably irritating conversation with the customer service lady (and 32 dollars for a part the size of a kumquat) I decided that the piles of laundry simply could not wait until next week, just couldn't do it. I was starting to feel meth-level twitchy

So I packed up my munches, and the endless baskets or dirty clothes, and drove to Mutti's house where the de-yuckifying appliances are still in working order. I did laundry and folded and played with my sneezy and leaking baby until almost 11pm and went home feeling far less psycho and a little better smelling. (bliss)

Also, yes, de-yuckifying is a word, because I just said so.

In related news: I'm going back to finish the laundry tonight, for serious, I have about 4 more loads to complete because after I got home and began putting things away I discovered more stuff lying around the house. Dear God how can one family create this much laundry....


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