That's Hot...well not really.

So, if cool means awesome, and awesome means pretty great, the fact that I have to miss Trunk or Treat to attend a wedding for two people I don't like and don't believe give two sheets about me is, hot?


Aside: How is it that hot and cool are opposites except when used to describe things that don't have anything to do with temperature and then they sort of mean the same thing?

Anyway, a friends (and I use the tern loosely) is getting married on a Friday night to a girl who at best is unkind to her future husband and at worst is the worse possible stereotypical bit of lunatic crazy face I've ever come across. After dating for a few years in what can only be described as an exercise in mental health issues and forcing the guy to basically sever all contact with any friends aside from her own, they are getting married in a Catholic ceremony (neither one of them attends church).

Now, I don't care if the spineless wonder wants to marry she-crazy but I am now being forced to sit through a service that means basically nothing to either of them and then expected to come to a reception where I will know 3 people including the two being married.

I'd rather be dressed as a yard gnome handing candy to cute kids from my church out of a wishing well made from cardboard while people tell me how cute my kids are.

So, now I'm hoping Sunshine's school will have a Trunk or Treat, or something fun and fall related.

This blows.


Obaid & Emily said...

Sorry, but that is sooo funny--the BEST hatchet job I've read in a while. A complete evisceration of the bride. I LOVE it! You mean I actually have to wish yard gnomage on someone?

Good luck with it!


Amanda said...

Oh what a miserable time! My sympathies.

Julie said...

Free food and just stare at your hubby and see if you can make him laugh. maybe the music will be good.
Take care. Blessings!

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