Felix fixed the dryer. The part came in the mail, we put it on and it didn't work. So unwilling to wait another week for another part I found a dryer part supply place in town, sent Jeeves to go get another new part and that evening relished the clean smell of freshly laundered sheets. mmmmmmmm, it's done wonders. Also I have made pretty good strides in getting the laundry put away, I've got two loads at home right now that if I get them put away tonight, I'll officially be "caught up" with the laundry. I have one hamper, it is half full. When it fills I will do two loads of wash and be caught up, that's the new plan.

In other news: the verdict from the Endo is a good one. He is not putting me on meds, and is doing blood work now and in 4 months to determine if I have "postpartum thyroiditus" which causes a few big swings but typically settles down at about 12 months after the baby comes. I'm sort of wondering if that was the issue last time, because the timeline of this surge is pretty dead on to what happened before. I'm not symptomatic and my thyroid gland is not enlarged so I'm not looking at any time of permanent removal right now. (Yay, because both options for that suck like crazy, either take poison and don't touch people for a week or have someone hack into your neck and try not to nick your jugular. awesome)

Pumpkin is doing very well in Kindergarten and is learning at the speed of light. She went in with no letter knowledge and now knows almost all of the uppers, lowers and sounds. She so smart but may need some additional help with staying on task as she gets older. When working on letters and sounds at home we have a hard time keeping her focused. She wants to have a drink, talk to her brother, kick her feet, go potty, watch TV, etc, etc, etc...I get that she's been doing a lot of paying attention and sitting still all day but it's a little frustrating when I'm trying to fit homework into the schedule of the evenings activities. (dude, when did Kindergarten stop consisting of storytime, snack time, nap time and duck, duck goose?)

Did anyone else wake up this morning completely surprised that it's already the end of freaking august. Time is supposed to march, not sprint, what the french!

Stay Thirsty My Friends

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