Ninja meet Dragon

Dragon-ass that is.

I'm deep in a period of:
no-sleep, ugly hair
looking like a zombie,
too much shit going on in my life,
when the crap did it become the middle of the summer,
why don't my pants fit,
I need a drink,
I've got to stop eating pasta at 11 at night,
Why is my baby going to school in 4 weeks,
an addiction to meth might be nice
HOLY SHIT I weigh 195 pounds!!!!

Um, no.

This is just not working for me.
I'm slipping big time,
back into eating candy all the time,
shoveling fast food in my face, not sleeping,
not drinking enough water,
no working out and really, really looking bad.

Again, no.

So here's the deal folks, I'm going back to the plan.

-I hate fast food, I'm cutting it out of my diet completely
-No more energy drinks, period
-sleeping more
-drinking 100+ ounces of water a day.
-going to the gym 3x per week

I've got a goal people, an I want to be 175 by Halloween goal.
Then I'm going to have another goal, an I want to be 165 by Christmas goal.
I'm turning 30 next year and I will not be the fat, slouchy mom of three with a flabby rear end, no thank you.

Can I lose 30 pounds in 6 months, maybe?


Laura Belle said...

Yes, yes you can!! You can do this!

I'm at the same point too. I've been beyond shoveling crapfood in my mouth for months. it's gotta stop!

We can do this!

Julie said...

Yes you can. I know you can. I know you will. I have faith in you. You've done so well before you will do it again. It's just you have so much on your plate it's hard to do it all. So one step at a time and you will be at your goal. I am routing for you. I too need to really get it back but I'm having issues with time. Real time to get things done but I too will get there, maybe when school starts and I don't have 6-7 kids 14 hours a day and then activities that need doing. But I can control the intake so am working on that now.
Good luck my friend. Blessings!!

Erin said...

Make me do it too.

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