Losing Face

Last night rocked so hard my face literally fell off, and so when I went to work today I looked pretty rough. My stomach and I are not on speaking terms today thanks to an enormous gyro and 2 (yep count em, 2) beers. They had Sam Adams Oktoberfest on tap, soooo goooooood! My ears are still ringing... Which is actually kind of disturbing, new experience and not one I'm happy about. Ear plugs definitely in order for the next concert I attend.
NBA2 393
The venue was a standing room only thing so about 4 hours into the evening my awesomely cute terribly uncomfortable shoe choice began to wear on me. Jeeves and I stepped outside to sit on the patio and give my tootisies a rest and when I stood up again I felt like someone had been beating my feet with a bat. So as I limped back into the concert hall I found myself in the spotlight. One guy in particular...
guy: " Hey whats the matter?"
Me: " Oh, my feet hurt, ha ha ha" (trying to make light of it, because really it's not a big deal)
Guy: "Why, whats the matter." (stepping away from the wall to come closer and offering me his hand even though Jeeves already has the other one and is doing a fine job of helping me.)
Me, " Nothing out of the ordinary..." (walking away wondering why limping invites conversations)

During a typical week today would be a workout day, however with the standing, dancing, rocking and drinking that occurred yesterday, combined with the fact that I don't like to vomit, I'm gonna skip it today I'll catch up tomorrow and Friday. But I'm pretty sure the dancing yesterday, about 2 hours of it, counts as exercise. I definitely broke a sweat .

What do you think?
Copy of oct 09 018NBA2 332

Do you think 225 pound ninja in October 2009 (orange shirt) looks much different from 198 pound ninja in October 2010(purple shirt)?


Ruth said...

Isn't it amazing what a difference those pounds make?..Congratulations on your wt. loss and your followers!!

The Fat Mom said...

Cute shoes = horrible blisters and tired feet (usually). It sounds like ya'll had an awesome time despite the shoe issue!

Your pictures are amazing! You can TOTALLY see a difference!

Randy said...

Yeah, looking good! That was pretty clever how you juxtaposed the two pictures to make the railings line up behind you. It's like time travel. Nice to finally see what Jeeves looks like. The man does exist!

The Ninja said...

Ruth- thanks, its good to hear from you again.
TFM-Unfortunatley I now loce these horribly uncomfortable shoes, dammit! Now my poor feet are going to hate me more often then they already do.
Randy- I didn't even realize I had done that, but you're right it is pretty cool. Of course Jeeves exists, did you think he was a figment of my imagination?

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