Jeeves is Cool!

I got home last night and found Jeeves sitting at the computer with a huge smile on his face. Thinking he was watching something..erm..."controversial" I decided I would give him a minute. But when he saw me he motioned for me to come into the office and was very excited to show me that he had purchased the Cookingitoff.com domain name. Now If I ever have a reason to have a website apart from my humble blog here, I own Cookingitoff.com!!!

So yeah, he doesn't suck.

Maybe I should develop a cook book and sell it (like no one has ever done that before), or try to market some of my crafty-ness. Anyway that's kind of fun, right?

Its I Wish Wednesday, so my wishes are as follows.
1. I wish my babies were not sick. I spent last night sitting straight up in bed with the feverish sweating coughing pumpkin plastered across my body trying to keep her upright so she could breathe and sleep at the same time. Booger, who is less sick, settled across my legs and made it impossible for me to move much. Needless to say I need a nap.
2. I wish I could shake off these last 2 pounds and get under 200 pounds. it's becoming a bit irritating to be so close and not get to my latest goal.
3. I wish I had enough money to do something really cool for Jeeves for Christmas this year. The dude is like a present genius and always manages to come up with things that are thoughtful and unexpected. One of these days I am going to knock his socks off with a gift, but it's harder for me, I am not a grand gesture kind of girl.

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The Fat Mom said...

HAHAHAHA, I totally would think the same thing if my hubby was sitting in front of the computer with a smile on his face. That's pretty awesome of Jeeves to surprise you with that!

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