Hot Ninja Update: 1

So I joined the hot 100, and one of the rules is that you have to post each week and talk about where you are with your goals.

1. Size 14 pants: no, not yet. But I've got time.

2 Workout 3 hours per week: Well, I did 2.5 hours from last monday till now, so if I fit in an hour today I'll be one track, last week was a bit aquiffy for me, so I didn't make it to the gym as I would have liked.

3. Recipe Post: Well, not yet, but going to do it today. The munches and I came down with a cold So I think I am going to create some form of soup today, probably a corn chowder with chicken and cauliflower. I love soups with tons of veggies, filling and healthy!

In really not so hot news, I watched a kid barf up like two gallons of crud in church today, she was just sitting there and then she got this really panicked look on her face, she grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulled it out in front of her and seriously just heaved up her entire stomach, into her outstretched shirt. It was terrifying and yet I couldn't look away. I gotta give the kid credit for quick thinking, I don't know that i would have been able to work that out the way she did. Poor Kid, but hey, interesting Sunday??? Now I am going to start a load of laundry and lay down for a nap, ain't Sundays great?


Randy said...

UGH!! That episode in church you described made my feet tingle. A similar incident happened at school the other day (fortunately not in my class) except the kid involved was much less quick-thinking. He decided that instead of leaving the room that he should go up to the teacher to ask permission to leave. He walked up behind the desk, positioned himself right next to the teacher, printer, and other miscellaneous electronic equipment, and then proceeded to lose the contents of his stomach right then and there. Gawd.

So yes, I think the girl in question did the right thing at the right time. She should definitely get a pat on the back--and maybe a new shirt.

The Fat Mom said...

MMMM, Chicken with cauliflower sounds yummy!

I have 3 kids, I can handle boogey noses, running snot, farts, and poop but OMG I can NOT deal with throw up. BLAH!

Anonymous said...

I love Sundays! There is nothing quite as good as an afternoon nap. :-)

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