Jessie's Girl

Anybody else really wish they could be Jessie's girl. I sort of like the idea that my hotness could inspire music and make someone jealous of the dude who gets to take me home. Yeah, I realize it's shallow, and I'm sort of okay with that. I also realize it's a reach, I'm a mom and the only people (aside from jeeves) who have ever hit on me have creeped me out to the nth degree.

Moving right along, is anyone else really tickled by the letter combinations that the random word generator comes up with to ensure that real people are posting on blogs??? It seems like the last couple of weeks, whoever is inside the hamster ball there at the word generator place has been watching crazy cartoon alien porn because all of the words just look naughty. They are not naughty but they sure make you look twice...

I have developed a new soup, Its a sweet potato soup with shrimp and crab and liberal doses of butter and old bay seasoning. I made it for dinner and it was amazing, less than 300 cals for a giant bowl too, I think that may be my hot 100 recipe for the week, if I can get the stupid camera to work, damn thing.


christina said...

Can I put some suggestions in for needed recipes for the top 100 weeks to come? :)
-A healthy yet yummy easy strogonoff
-something breakfast-y that my 4 year old will like but still good for me
-something mexican

hehe - thanks!
oh and my word verification isnt dirty or fun... totally bummed here!



The Fat Mom said...

This weekend while at a bar my friend asked if some guy was hitting on me. I told him I wished. The only looks I get are the rolling of eyes or the sudden threat of throwing up. LOL I wish I turned heads in a positive way!

I haven't gotten any naughty alien porn words. But recently I did get "fattie". Even the computer mocks me. Geez. :)

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