Out of the Frying Pan

Tonight Jeeves and I are headed out to a concert with my BIL and SIL. We are going to see Skillet, a rock band with some christian tendencies. They rock pretty hard and so will we. We went to see them back in April at Agape Fest in Illinois, which was a christian rock festival. I am anxious to see them in a different kind of venue: smaller place, more rock folks and with a non-christian opening act, Papa Roach. I fear I may embarrass Jeeves, poor guy, he;s not very, um, effusive. I really get into music, to the point of having folks stop their cars to gape at me while I dance down the road when doing my neighborhood walk workouts.

Beside the night out I am also pretty pumped because I'm going to look kinda hot, not that I'm conceited or anything. I am just excited to put on my smallest pair of size 14 pants and have them zip with no problems. You may recall last week it was a bit of a time to get them to zip. I bought these in July and they would not zip, barely came up over my hips. Well, 2 pounds later here I am wearing the smallest pair of pants I own and not sucking in at all. (I put them on from time to time to see the non-scale impact of my new lifestyle, and when I went to button them I had this bizarre fluttering feeling in my stomach, weird huh?)
(excuse the awful shirt, I really have no excuses)
I'm not wearing these pants tonight, because they don't really say "rockstar," but they do say, "HEY! look at the girl who made it to a goal a full month ahead of her timeline!!!!" Mini celebration: bought myself a pair of pretty rockin shoes.


Amanda said...

I own a few "I have no excuse" clothes myself... LOL.

Congrats on the pants!!! Gotta love it when something fits :D

Randy said...

I think I'm a bit like Jeeves when it comes to non-effusivity. Concerts overwhelm me into submission and sometimes I'd like nothing more than curling in front of the laptop and browsing Wikipedia for useless information.

Excellent feeling when you wear something that used to be tight and you can now fit into it no problem. I have had to shelf some of my larger clothes, and I recently moved down to a smaller belt size..woohoo! I don't normally like buying clothes, but if they're a few sizes smaller I may not mind! Have fun at the concert!

Cynthia said...

congrats again on the size 14, so awesome!! i just caught up (mostly) with your blog again. :) still super impressed

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