The Stagnation

Okay, so this has been a very off week for me. My posts are not consistent, I am having hard time putting together sentences and I am just plain frazzled. I have been out "in the field" at work and unable to lurk on my blogs. I miss you all and I am feeling some differences in the blogging, it seems the tone and frequency of the posting has changed. seasonal depression maybe??

I am frazzled at my own doing, I am something of a procrastinator (say it ain't so, right?) and I have allowed a few things at work to build until I really have no idea how to crawl out from under them. I'm plugging along but it is sometimes so mind numbing, just...ugh!

I am making an appointment tomorrow with my endocrinologist, as my hair loss and chronic fatigue have got me concerned that my Grave's Disease is flaring up again.

Also I am stuck, I have been unable to work out the way I had planned this week, and it's making me feel like my ass is full of pudding. I have to go to Zumba on Friday and I am going to force myself into the gym tomorrow at some point, I have to salvage this week.

Also, I have committed vile sins against the clean plate club guidelines and poured out an entire 12 pack of soda, down the sink, I couldn't give it away (no one would take it, trust me I asked)and I couldn't leave it in the fridge anymore, I am going through a rough patch and if it's there, I will drink it.

Cripes! What a day.
Oh! I forgot, I promised to show you the " Wall'o'Fat Clothes"
NBA2 028


Erin said...

Oh, my, I know what those weeks are like! Hang in there. I hope you feel better soon!

Remember that you're awesome and can do anything, as proven by that huge Wall 'o' Fat clothes you conquered. (Well, almost anything - I'm assuming you haven't figured out time travel yet, unless you're just keeping that from us.)

Call Me Ishmael said...

Hey Ninja, sorry to hear you are in a rough patch. Hope it's not Graves Disease flaring - that doesn't sound fun. I commend you pouring out the soda. Good on you!

Randy said...

Who needs liquid calories anyway? Hope you're doing okay.. I didn't notice any difference in your posts... but of course, guys are clueless, right?

Sheesh... I only have a small pile of fat clothes to discard... you have a whole wall of them! Be proud, woman! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW I can't get over how many clothes you don't fin in anymore. My wardrobe would consist of one box lol. Hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. And well done on putting the soda down the drain!

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your yuckness and I -really- hope it's not the graves! If you want to get together, we can take the kiddos to the park and jump in the leaves with them. That's one of those things that always makes me feel better emotionally and I always get a good workout doing it! :)

The Ninja said...

Thanks Everyone, kind words really make more of a difference than one would imagine. I feel better today than yesterday, but today is still a hard day, 12 hours of work and then home to take care of the munches.
I may take you up on that leaf thing Brit, that sounds like a ton of fun and the Munches would love it.

Amanda said...

Rough patches are a drag, but I've gotta say that the wall of fat clothes is awesome!!!

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