Tastes Like Teen Spirit

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While reading my buddy Randy's Blog, over at The Low-Band Width Diet, I engaged in some conversation about Ramen Noodles. Randy eats them alot, and posts his pornographic pasta all over the blog, which makes me a little green,
with envy,
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Love me some Ramen.
However the skinny Ninja inside of me does not allow them because for one package I burn through 380 of my 1700 calories for a day!!! The salty slurpy goodness is good but it's not that good. Since the age of 2 ramen had been a staple in my house, I ate it at least 4 times a week for roughly , erm, 25 years.
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Anyway, during our back and forth I mentioned my 4th grade tendency to consume the ramen sans cooking, raw, with the seasoning packet sprinkled over the top. Yeah, gross right? Not as much as you'd think, really! So Randy, the raw-ramen virgin suggested an exercise in new experience for him and a return to my roots by way of a challenge, eat raw ramen and blog about it.
So I ate it, and now I'm blogging about it.
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Crunchy, salty, blast from the past?....Yes
But, It wasn't the ambrosia I remembered. Ramen, dry or cooked, always felt like a warm hug, like climbing into mom's lap after a heartbreak, like that snowman Campbell soup commercial, I was the frozen kid and the Ramen would cure the cold awful crap. 
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(Don't you just love the slouch here?) The staple of my childhood has lost it's place in my life. I should have added Ramen to my don't list, as in I don't consume hateful enriched noodles from hell anymore. It's so liberating to shed a bad habit and not feel the sting quite as sharply. I also realized that the super salty broth probably added to the sponge-like tendency for my body to hold on to water, so double score!
So Randy, my man, thanks for the memories, and the knowledge of yet another I don't.
I like this game, lets play again.


Thrice Blessed said...

I never cared much for Ramen, except for a small amount of noodles raw, crunched up and sprinkled on salad.

Randy said...

That's the most awesome thing ever!! Thanks for taking the challenge and reliving some of your youth... I think you should come up with the next food challenge that we try together and blog about... something new (maybe a healthier option) each week, perhaps?

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