200 Pounds of Hot Ninja Awesome.

I have reached my goal of 200 pounds. Now I can use my food processor!!! I weighed myself this morning and the scale was very kind to me! I am going to Zumba tonight and have another wacky crazy event filled weekend planned, so lets all keep our fingers crossed that I get to 199 sometime next week. I know that a pound a week is normal and I am sustaining that loss really well, some weeks I don't lose but I haven't started gaining anything back, but I am feeling impatient.

Thanksgiving is looming and I need to do something about the size 14 jean goal. I gave myself until the end of the year, but if I got there before thanksgiving I would have to do a happy dance. I put on the tightest pair or 14's I own last night and they still will only fasten if I do that lay on the bed and pull the zipper with pliers thing, yeah I actually did that. :0( <-- sad face.

The munches slept better last night, thank god! So I got a few hours of rest myself. Also I found my Afrin and solved that whole one nostril problem, yay! I am going to take my fellow blogger's advice and do the saline nose spray tonight, I don't like how jittery the Afrin makes me feel.

Hot 100 Update
1. Size 14 jeans: see above, but I'm closer
2. New Recipe: Yes but without a photo, on Nellie's Cook Book
3. Work out 3 hours: Yep, I made it this week, did one hour on Mon, Thurs, plus zumba tonight.


Erin said...

Congrats on 200! Also, saline spray can work wonders, but it sure does feel weird.

Roxie said...

Hooray for 200!! You are going to see a 1 soon. I just know it.

Saline works wonders. Have you ever used a neti pot?

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

yay, congrats! I just got down to 200 too, which is probably more morning sickness-related than anything else but I'll take it anyway I can get it! :D See you tomorrow!

Drazil said...

Way to go on 200!!! Onward!

Anonymous said...

I second Roxie's comment about the neti pot. They are kind of weird, but they work, and you don't have to take cold medicine and worry about the side effects.

Congratulations on getting to 200!!!

Call me Ishmael said...

Third voice in on the neti pot. Congrats a thousand times over on the 200 lb mark! What an accomplishment. 199 is just one pound away!

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