Happy Monday

The zumba worked in conjunction with a well earned nap yesterday and in spite of the cold looming in the horizon I feel pretty alright today. I have plans to spend an hour in the gym this afternoon, and then I'm going to tackle my kitchen when I get home, I'll be so glad when my Saturday classes are over, they just seem to eat up my sanity and my weekends.

I got home from Church yesterday and after puttering around the house Jeeves told me to take a nap, so i went and got in bed and relaxed, pretty soon both munches were snuggled up next to me and we all snoozed for about two hours.  Nothing quite as relaxing as being draped with sleeping toddlers, they get all warm and you just wanna keep them there forever. I could go into the sensory reasons why it feels so nice to snuggle babies, but I'll just call it love instead and move on. Woke up feeling slightly more congested than before i went to sleep but overall, way better, Jeeves is a pretty good guy.

Whats Good!
1. The Zone Perfect Cinnamon Roll Nutrition Bar. Its like the diet gods have answered my prayers and given me something that remotely resembles a typical breakfast food in the form of a health food, Woot!
2. Naps on Sundays, hell yeah!
3. Chilly fall mornings, I got to break out my favorite turquoise sweater and snuggle with a great cup of coffee today, It's going to be a great week!

Okay guys, your turn, Tell Me Something Good.


Randy said...

What's good---
1) It's 59 degrees outside and rainy. Great contrast to last week's 110 degrees.
2) Next week is a short work week.
3) I stepped on the scale and saw 188.6 this afternoon--a promising weigh-in.
4) Going camping this weekend for the first time in ages!
5) Imagining who would win the fight: the Geico gecko vs. Flo from Progressive.

p.s.: is "mirishog" a dirty word?

The Ninja said...

depends on how dirty your mind can get...

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