Bye-bye, fat clothes.

I am working late hours this week thanks in part to an assignment from the newest head honcho and also partly to help Jeeves out. He works midnights and has some sort of viral mutant head squeezing illness and I figured he'd make it through the week better if he got to sleep after work rather than before. What that translates into is getting to sleep until 8:30am, it was like heaven. Then I woke up and piled all of my too fat clothes up, took a photo of them and piled them into the guzzler and took them to the goodwill. It was a very productive morning. I am officially no longer a fat clothes hoarder.

I carved pumpkins with the Mutti and the Munches last night, and once I get my camera to stop being a whiny pita (pain in the a##), I'll post some photos. Pumpkin kept telling Mutti she wanted her pumpkin to have "hot eyes" which made no sense so we thought it would be funny to do a sexy pumpkin with "hot eyes" This irritated my pumpkin and she grabbed a book of pumpkin designs and pointed to one with flaming "hot" eyes, we understood our mistake quickly. Then she had me rolling on the floor because we were up late watching an old movie, and I used the DVR to fast forward a bit. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, you are making this difficult." I seriously couldn't breathe.
NBA2 008
Then this happened! One seriously angry Booger
I have a confession, since this is all about accountability, I had two regular sodas yesterday. Then I couldn't sit down for like 6 hours, everytime I would try to relax my body would get so jumpy I had to just get right back up again. I havn't logged my calories yet, but will soon, I'm fairly certain I went over, by alot yesterday, but in the grand scheme of things, going over calories two or three times in 6 months, really isn't that bad. Besides I hada  good time and I deserve to have a pass day once in a while.

So it's Monday, and here's what makes me smile.
1. I made an enormous pot of chili yesterday and now I get to eat Chili leftovers all week for lunch, yum.
2. We had our first good fall storm last night. I put on my flannel jammies and drank sugar free cocoa in my kitchen watching the lightning.
3. I am finishing up my costume and will soon have dino-ninja-family photos to share with blog-land, yay!
Your Turn, Tell Me something good!


Drazil said...

Freaking sodas....I can't give them up!

Call me Ishmael said...

What does a Ninja dress up as for Halloween? Must be something good. Can't wait for the dino pics! Don't sweat the sodas...yesterday's news.

Randy said...

Something good: taking yesterday off of work to laze around upstairs watching scary movies and eating soul food. ;)

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