Stealth Veggies

For some time I have been lamenting the fact that my Munches don't dig the veggies. They won't even try them yet, they sit on the plate and sometimes turn into weapons at the dinner table. Fed up and feeling like the poor nutrition of my girls was going to land me in Bad Mommy Jail I did something a little desperate last night. I pureed a zucchini and mixed it with whole wheat flour, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, eggs, and baking powder to create pancakes that were not only really, really good, but also packed about a third of a cup of veggie per pancake. Each of the girls ate two of my new invention and I slept well last night, secure in the knowledge that the girls were digesting something good for them.

I have never been a huge fan of tricking kids, I like to be honest and forward with them, but in the face of scurvy I caved and hid some veggies. It turned out okay, because I ate one too, and it's a recipe I am going to make again. So rather than a doctored dish to trick the munches it becomes a healthy addition to our family-meal-go-round (that revolving selection of meals that everyone makes weekly in their home because everyone eats and like them)

What kinds of stealth veggies do you use if any?


Anonymous said...

We love boiled cauliflower! Broccoli, carrots and squash are another one of our favorite. Love your blog. Great to meet others with the same health goals. Love your exposed picture. I'd love to have courage to try that next year. Please feel free to pop by my blog id love a new follower!


Kendra said...

Haven't tried the going all stealth yet. But the time is coming. I have that cookbook "deceptively delicious", but something about it just seems so wrong...

Laura said...

Nicely done! I don't have kids but sometimes cooked for my friends kids when I babysat and added shredded carrots to hamburgers, and found a cauliflower "dough" pizza that was delicious. They loved them!

Rettakat said...

Hi, I'm coming from Steve's blog to say hello to another Hottie!

Since my hubby is a picky veggie eater, I make Zoodles and once he finally tried them, he was surprised to find he likes them!

You make them with a spiral slicer, so the zucchini is turned into spaghetti noodles. Then just do whatever you would like with spaghetti noodles.

Yesterday we had them with spaghetti sauce, some cooked hamburger thrown in, some sauteed mushrooms, and parmesan cheese on top.

Some people microwave them... but I like to pan fry them to make them a little dryer, and not so soggy, which dilutes the sauce.

They aren't exactly hidden, but maybe the kids would have fun helping to turn them into the zoodles??


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