A Hot Stinky Mess

My Hot 100 Update.
1. Size 14 pants, hells to the yeah, baby!
2. 3 Hours of workout: Check,
3. Post a recipe, not yet, but will later tonight, my zucchini pancakes.

Okay I am a -bad- housekeeper, I have clutter, I have lots of stuff, one room in my house looks something like a scene from hoarders and often my laundry gets re-run more times than not becuase I forget it and it ends up smelling less than fresh. Apparently this happened today with my workout clothes because mid-zumba I started feeling less than fresh myself. I used my shirt to wipe my face and thought, "Yikes! I smell like a gym sock!?!? GROSS!!!" awk-ward

Zumba was great today but then very little in the world doesn't get better with the addition of apple pucker, yep, drunken Zumba, thanks to the folks who came along with me to class tonight. They were late so my jolly rancher flavored booze didn't happen until post workout but we had a great time and planned an all out-middle-school-style slumber party for next month, Sweet!


The Fat Mom said...

I think the only way I would try a Zumba class is if I were drunk. That sounds like a plan! :)

And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who forgets laundry and has to run it again.

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

If you are in the middle of zumba should you smell like anything BUT a gym sock if you're doing it right?? Who cares. YOU did zumba. Great job on the goals this week. A slumber party sounds awesome, especially if there's booze and such.

Anonymous said...

Wow well done, three hours of exercise. What exercise do you do? All at once, at the gym??

christina said...

Great job! Cant wait to see the recipe!

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