S. H. I. T.

Joke: Man gets on an elevator with a cute young woman and they hit their floor buttons.
Wanting to break the silence she looks over meaningfully and says, "T-G-I-F!" and smiles.
He glowers at her and says "S-H-I-T."
Thinking him very rude she turns around and says, "For your information, T-G-I-F means Thank God its Friday!"
He sighs and says, "I know what T-G-I-f means, S-H-I-T means, Sorry Honey, it's Thursday"

It's day three of the great  cold epidemic and last night I slept, again, sitting straight up holding Pumpkin so she could breathe. If I needed a nap yesterday, today I need a full 8 and some wine, and maybe some chocolate.
I watched a few episodes of favorite shows last night, Glee, Fringe, Ghost Adventures and Hoarders.  After Hoarders, at oh 11:30 pm I felt the need to clean, so I straightened my closet, did 2 loads of laundry and added to the wall'o'fat clothes, I now have 7 (diaper) boxes full of fat clothes that either do not fit or no longer look good on me. Today on my way to work, to celebrate this achievement, I bought myself two new cardigans and a pair of corduroys from the Goodwill. 9 bucks baby! I love the Goodwill! I also got the munches each a set of jean overalls for our trip to the train next weekend. Pumpkin loves trains and I think the pictures will be magical if they look the part with little red shirts and jean overalls, so cute!
I have a trip to the gym planned today in spite of the fact that I am operating with one nostril and feel like someone has shoved 6 pounds of pudding into my skull. I am also queasy which is not un-common for me but is disconcerting because hitting the elliptical for a half hour on a queasy stomach is like asking for "an incident"


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You mean it's not Friday?


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

HA! Good news. Surgery today means Friday came early. Well, good news for me I guess.

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