One Freaking Nostril!!!

I made it to the gym, spent 45 minutes there, and came out sweating, tired, jittery and still only breathing through one nostril! The constant failed attempts to breathe have my eyes watering, my chest smarting and I'm starting to fee like a fish out of water, or like that elephant in the animated Robin Hood Disney Movie (he raises his trunk to trumpet and someone squashes his trunk resulting in a Sort of ERRRRRR- MURPH!)

Whoa! I can breathe out of both nostrils! Oxygen! Holy Crap! Heaven!

Oh...Wait...there it goes again, dammmit!!!

Un. Fair.

Okay, can someone tell me if there is anything to my supposition that being sick you burn more calories than when you are not. Right,  because in addition to breathing, digesting, plotting world domination and thinking about who the next person getting kicked off of survivor is going to be, your body also must fight the sickness....So more calories burned, yes???please *sob*

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Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Actually your calorie requirement does goe up when you're sick and you burn more calories to fuel your immune system. Feel better? nasal saline spray. Try it

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