It's been an "ack!" sort of day. Caloric-ally I was not disciplined but it was intentional, and the damage minimal; additionally I have not stopped running since about 7:30 this morning so I am fairly certain whatever excessive cals I took I probably also expended somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 million.I feel like that dude spinning all the plates on the sticks

My eye keep drifting crossed because I am so freaking sleepy, but as long as the munches are awake and I can't sleep; if I get some laundry moved along and half of the work I brought home for the weekend done tonight, tomorrow will be so much better. 

I need to get to work but find myself unfortunately un-motivated to move from the nice leather swiveling office chair, it's so comfy here, bathed in the soft glow of the computer screen. Alright, I'm gonna shake it off and get some shit done :0)


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Oh, I bet you burned way more calories than you think. You were chasing all of our kids all over the place at the pumpkin patch! I feel you, I'm so exhausted, I went to bed at 8:00- SO lame!!

Amanda said...

See, what solves that "soft glow of the computer screen" is having one's computer go on the fritz.

No, we were not amused. We did, however, accomplish much this weekend (and might eventually stop referring to ourselves in the third person).

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