Introduction: This post is in-cohesive.

-I have had a short story posted at the Peanut Gallery today, so if you have a minute please go check it out. Be warned, it a little warm and fuzzy, but it's about the days after pumpkin was born, so I'm allowed to be mushy.

-The butt kicking I had planned in the gym yesterday did not happen, but I kept my calories way down, so the impact should be small, hopefully I will be able to kick my butt in gear for zumba tonight.

-It's casual friday today and I am wearing my size 14 jeans at work. Yay!

-I made a chili-ish type of dish for dinner last night, it had black beans, ham, red peppers, tomatoes, cumin, chili powder, garlic, onions and othe ryummies in it. Tasted different, not really like chili but good enough to eat and low cal enough to be saved and frozen for lunches next week.

- Happy birthday to Drazil, a bit late.

-Thanks to Jeeves who let me veg and read all evening yesterday, then snuggled with me for a bit before letting me go to sleep. It's so great to have someone who enables your occasional sloth. I love that guy...


Brigitte said...

Yea for in-cohesive and for getting to be slothlike from time to time!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Mmmmm black beans. I love it!

Call me Ishmael said...

Size 14! Good for you. Looked at your pics in the other posts -- you look very happy and very fit. nice to see!

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