Quick Post.

I went to the gym today and have about 500 calories to play with at the end of the day( and my deficit will still be around 800)  today so I am going to play with fresh homemade salsa and chips, I have been drinking water since noon anticipating this and feel that as celebration is in order, this is the correct course of action.

Quick Poll: Am I overeating if i stay under my calorie intake?


Anonymous said...

I think if the rest of your diet is balanced and you still come in under your calorie limit, why not reward yourself for your excellent calorie budgeting? Especially if you're going to reward yourself with something like salsa, which is good for you anyway.

The Fat Mom said...

I say if you don't binge on the salsa and chips then it isn't overeating. Especially if you stay within your calorie intake for the day.

Goof job with the water and gym! I'm still struggling with the water.

Amanda said...

You had me at homemade salsa.

Just make sure you've got a reasonable balance and I think it's all good :)

Juli's Journey said...

My daughter grew up on Backyardigans. lol. I am going to start following you. Great blog.

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