Frohe Montag!

That's Happy Monday in German.
Today on Mrs. Ninja's neighborhood: Tell Me Something Good!
1. Dulce De Leche Skinny Cow Ice Cream Single (Z.O.M.G!!!!)

Lets pretend for a moment that I don't dream about ice cream on a weekly basis and wish there was a way I could eat it for days at a time. This stuff is amazingly good. The serving size is perfect and at 150 calories it easily works into the calorie restrictions I have set for myself. Today this, a ginormous peach and a salad were my lunch, yum!

2.Monday Morning Weigh in result: 198!!!!
Yep that 8 ounces shy of 200 last week morphed into 2 pounds under 200 this week, Hot Damn! Feeling pretty great about life today and got a 3 mile hike planned this afternoon. I could call it a walk because its around the neighborhood but my neighborhood consists of a series of 45 degree hills so it really is like hiking and I can do it in right at an hour so it burns some calories.

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday as planned and the only one who cooperated with pictures was my niece. My monsters munches were petulant and irritating, making the whole affair a nightmare for me. I love this season and hope someday that they will let us take photos of them without wigging out and being horrid. But then Booger fell asleep and Pumpkin got some chocolate milk from her grannie and dinner went much more peacefully, and deliciously. nothing like fried chicken and saucy noodles to make the world look better.


The Fat Mom said...

I haven't bought ice cream in forever! I usually end up eating the whole pint, so I stay far far away.

Take the horrid pictures. My hellions would never take good pictures, but at least I have them. I plan to use them for blackmail later on in life. When they get about 10 then you MIGHT get a good picture. :)

Amanda said...

Those single serving ice creams are awesome. In addition to helping keep me in check (I need all the help I can get) I've also used them to get the kids when they want to try a couple different varieties of ice cream. Yeah it's more expensive per ounce than buying by the pint or half gallon or whatever, but a couple of the little ones are still cheaper all in all than a couple full-sized containers!

Randy said...

So proud of your weight loss... 198?? When I crossed that line, I made myself a promise that I would never cross it again, in either direction. It feels so good to be in the 100's, doesn't it??

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