Do You Smell That?

No, you don't, my kitchen has been sadly neglected. It is clean, but no good smells have come out of it for quite a while and I am sad about this :0(

On the upside, I am making T-shirts! I am member of an online group that serves an inspirational purpose and we support each other in trying to bring back the sexy in our lives. One of the ladies has this saying; Peace, Love, and Water Bottles! and she puts it at the end of her posts. We all think its great, so I am putting it on a shirt. If they turn out well I will post some pics here and maybe consider making some for anyone who might be interested??? I have a lot in the works for this week, so we'll see how it goes.

I am also going to start making aprons, first for some of my fam and friends for holiday gifts and then some for me that are fun, and maybe I might sell a few. I have this great idea for an apron made with terrycloth on the bottom so wiping wet hands is easier and less soggy!

I had intentions of cooking last night, but daughterly duty called and I ended up taking my mom to the mechanic to get her van inspected so she can have it licensed. Then we went out for some food and back to her house so the munches could watch Mickey Mouse Club House.

So I had to cook in my mind, what I came up with is a fall treat that I will be putting to the test probably today. Creamy Black Bean soup. Made with black beans, turkey ham, veggies and yogurt it will be creamy and filling and only have 311 calories per serving!!! I think It sounds to die for. And I may add some pasta to bulk it up and that will be delicious too!

I am also working on squash latkas, pumpkin bread and a fall garden plan. I hate that I give myself so many projects, but I also can't stand being idle, I need to move.


Randy said...

The food sounds good! I'd like to see your T-shirt creations, unless they're all meant for the ladies.. ;)

Cynthia said...

I love the apron idea! I have a cotton one that Paula Dean gave to blood donors once upon a time.. it's all right but not my favorite.

When you say fall garden plan, are you planting things just now??


Nellie Moellering said...

yeah Cyndi that's the plan, some lettuces and broccoli are great fall plants.

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